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Best NFL Name?


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6 hours ago, sb41champs said:

These are some GREAT last names of NFL players.  


Which two are your favorites for the "best NFL-related" names?


1.  Merciless

2.  Funk

3.  Sweat

4.  Heck

5.  Bowser

6.  Slay


I was going to say HaHa Clinton Dix. haha


Of those above, I'll take Merciless but I think he spells it differently. I have not seen Heck or Funk in the NFL. In PGA Golf, there is Fred Funk. 

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@New Zealands #1 Colts Fan I believe it was you that posted names of many players with "different" names. One that you mentioned was "Tim" Biakabutuka. I always liked that name. 


@Dunk I meant to write Jake Butt. haha I liked him in college. Like my guy Bryce Love of Stanford, Jake hurt himself in one of the last games of his college career and was never the same. I still wanted my team to draft him though I did not want Butt Fumble jokes. 


BTW, Bryce Love is a great name. 

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My two favorites have to be:





PS.  There WILL be a round two for names.  Stay tuned.


PSS.  I meant to state that the names are last names and are currently on NFL rosters.  A poltergeist must have made me forget that.  LOL


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