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  1. I know this is SO RIDICULOUS!! I can't tell you how much this pisses me off. Whenever people say that I instantly get enraged and want to storm off. It's not supposed to be used for this, like why would a GM threaten another. I don't think those people know anything about the NFL.
  2. Being a fan going all the way back to the great year of 2011 I can surely say this is the best team the Colts have ever had.
  3. Sign either Allen Robinson, David Moore, or Kenny Golladay Sign Romeo Okwara Draft Samuel Cosmi at 21 Draft Greg Newsome II in the second round
  4. If time were to be an answer all of us could dream of living. Though if the suns rise in the north and set in the east. Can Carson Wentz be good, Yes. Can Carson Wentz be bad, Yes. Can Carson Wentz be average, yes. Can Carson Wentz be bleh, yes. But time will tell us if I know one thing and that's cooking spaghetti in the rain during a thunder storm on mount chu chu. Good heavens are those who wants Wentz to be goods. But I think wentz will be successful. Maybe he pans out but if he does, God only knows what kind of destruction this world will have.
  5. I really wonder what his trade value will be. For some reason people have been saying that they'd have to give a pick to get rid of him and I always thought that was a little ridiculous. They'd probably only take a first or second right now but maybe as time goes on and Wentz make it more obvious that he wants to leave they could perhaps move to something like a 3rd and a day 3 pick. If Reich thinks he can salvage his career I'm all in but if he doesn't it's a big pass for me.
  6. I don’t like this, I was really hoping it was just gonna be QBs coach but I think he’s passing game coordinator. He was responsible for a lot of Carson Wentz regression and I know Eagles fans hated him and we’re ecstatic when he was fired. He called some plays and was a really big person behind the eagles offense last year. Uhh
  7. Yeah but Jimmy G played a lot worse this year than he did in 2019.
  8. Not very indepth look at the Colts FA/Draft Options at QB FA or Trade QBs -Dak Prescott: Definitely the best QB out of the entire class. Although paying (most Likely) 40M for a good QB that most likely won’t bring a team to a SB is too much. I also think the Cowboys will bring him back. Move Grade: 6/10 -Mitchell Trubisky: This is intriguing but I don’t think Mitch will ever be anything special. If he goes to a good team will most likely have a career like Kirk Cousins or Derek Carr where they’re good but nothing in terms of winning a conference chanpionship. Move Grade: 7/10 -Jameis Winston: Very talented but definitely has character issues and that takes him off my radar. Not like terrible character issues, but enough to where the Colts wouldn’t go after him. I also think the Saints will retain him. This won’t happen Move Grade: 4/10 -Ryan Fitzpatrick: This is a really good move if the Colts are really confident in Jacob Eason (or draft a QB/trade for Darnold) and hope to have Fitzpatrick to start out the season and play about 8 games then give it to Eason. Although I think it takes us out of real contention. Maybe (really big maybe) we go 10-6 and make the playoffs but we’d be much worse than last year. Move Grade: 7/10 -Jacoby Brissett: No, just no. At least with other QBs on this list it’ll be some what entertaining to watch. Move Grade: 4/10 -Cam Newton: Has a lot of talent, but did not look good last year at all. As well as Character doesn’t fit with the Colts. Move Grade: 2/10 -Andy Dalton: This would be the same situation as Ryan Fitzpatrick. Move Grade 6/10 -Marcus Mariota: I don’t think he’s good at all. When the Titans traded for Tannehill I knew he would take over at some point the following season. He’ll be a journeyman the rest of his career. Move Grade: 1/10 -Sam Darnold: I could really like this move for maybe a third but anything more and you’re just giving up too much for a young QB to develop when you already have one. What I would like is to get someone with a little experience like Dalton or Fitzpatrick and let Darnold sit for some time until he’s ready. I could really see this being a realistic scenario and wouldn’t mind it if we traded a third and maybe a 2022 6th or 7th. Move Grade 8/10 -Jimmy Garapolo: I don’t want a QB of mediocrity. This move makes us a 10-11 win team every year but will never advance in the playoffs. I also don’t think the 49ers will part ways with him now that Stafford is gone. Move Grade 2/10 Draft QBs - Justin Fields: I think he’s the best QB in this class not named Trevor Lawerence. He has great character, great mobility with a really talented arm. He showed a lot of toughness when he played through two injuries, one in the big ten championship in 2019 and the other against Clemson in the 2021 semi final playoff game. Both injuries were during the game and the next play he got back on the field, he threw a TD pass! I really don’t see the Colts trading up to 2 to get him nor would I want it cause it would take too much draft capital. -Zach Wilson: He’s such a good prospect for a lot of the reasons Justin Fields is, good character, good mobility, and great arm talent. He too will cost tons of draft capital to get so I don’t think its very realistic. -Trey Lance: I think this would be a great move. The best runner in this class by far as well as he has great character and a really good arm. Ha, all these QBs are a lot alike in the ways I’m describing them. Obviously they aren’t that similar if I were going indepth but that’s not what this is. My main knock on him is that he only played one year so it would take a longer time to develop him(multiple years). There isn’t really any QB we could acquire that could be the starting QB for 1-2 years. If he were there at 21 i think you take him but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get him. -Mac Jones: Nothing about him really gets me excited. First off, he’s an alabama QB and that right out of the get-go is something to look at. Secondly, he was throwing to most likely 2 first round picks at WR as well as handing it off to a possible 2nd round pick. This is definitely the most likely option in the draft but I just don’t see why you would get an average developmental guy using a first rounder when you already have one in Eason who is much more talented and has a lot higher of a ceiling. I would only draft him if he fell to our second round pick. -Kyle Trask: Have only seen about 5 of his games but he doesn’t seem better than Eason at all. At least with Mac Jones you’re getting a stable thrower who can read a defense better. Now granted my opinion of him is a little skewered cause I haven’t seen too much of him but he just doesn’t seem like a Franchise QB. Most Realistic option would either be trading for Sam Darnold or taking Mac Jones with #21. Ballard isn’t the guy to trade 3 first round picks to move up to 2 and pretty much put his entire future into a 22 year old. If either of these guys were brought in there would most likely be a veteran QB as well cause I don’t think either of them are ready to start week 1. Stafford going to LA really hurt us and made so much sense. I trust Ballard to get the QB. Don’t expect the QB to start week 1 next year to be the guy of the future would be my guess. I thank anyone who read this far, I wasn't planning on posting this, I was just kinda brainstorming and thought I kinda wanna see what other colts fans think of the crappy situation were in in terms of QB.
  9. Your Optimism is miss placed Asgardian.
  10. Absolutely, I refuse to believe that our o line(with all our starters in) had that many holdings in one drive. It's just insane. ha, I remember losing my mind during that game and then just start laughing and waiting every play for a flag to show up, and surprise surprise, it did. hahaha, it was so funny just seeing a fifth consecutive flag come out. Very aggravating but also very funny, can't top that.
  11. I don't think it's predetermined, I just have a strong belief that some games the refs will purposely try to throw more penalties at one team to sway it a particular way. And sometimes that doesn't work, like how they tried to throw the Packers game.
  12. It absolutely baffles me how bad some refs are. I mean you know which crews are terrible and which are good. When I saw this crew was doing our game I got very upset. Ha. I don’t understand why you can’t challenge flags nor why they never pick them up. It’s ridiculous and makes zero sense. There has to be a conspiracy or something cause it’s only common sense for you to be able to challenge a flag, I mean they’re literally watching the same time we are at really fast speed. So they’re bound to screw up. Gosh, it’s soooo dumb, I’m getting so mad writing this. I’m also convinced that they try to throw games as well. You can’t convince me otherwise after that packers game.
  13. This is a nice one. After such a terrible loss and the Jags getting Lawerence. Though it won’t matter if the Titans win next week against the Texans. So fingers crossed.
  14. Yeah, Ik that would be a game winning drive in most eyes but to me it would be your team is down by a few points and it’s the two minute warning and you have to go 75 yards. Where the drive is the last part of the game.(not including overtime)
  15. That's absolutely right, this team doesn't have much consistently good players that just do their job well every play and just has really good play makers that will make a play and win the game because they'd been sucking the whole game.
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