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  1. Idk, that still looks like a pretty good draft. Getting 3 solid starters and one rotational piece is all you can ask for from a first year GM. That's better than Grigson could draft in his entire tenure, leaving out Luck for being a no brainer and basically Jim Irsay making that pick.
  2. But I could never see any of them becoming a great NFL running back, I could see Dobbins becoming a top 8 RB. Although I know a lot of people would say that we don't need a great RB and that we would just have to pay him 15 mil now the CM just signed.
  3. Literally I've loved him since he came out of college and I've brought him up on this forum a few times. I definitely think he would do well with our team. Let him sit 2 years behind Rivers and give him something he hasn't had his entire career, an o line that isn't ranked the 32nd every year he's played.
  4. Hmm, I really wonder if Ballard will take Xavier Mckinney and then trade away Malik Hooker. I wouldn't be too happy with that considering you're literally just making a hole for the team and then immediately filling it when you didn't need to in the first place. Still possible
  5. Have you ever watched a bears game. If you have you would be able to see that their o line was one of the worst last year. Not to mention the lackluster performance from the defense, due to Akiem Hicks being hurt. Trubisky has had to deal with 2 different head coaches and now 3 O coordinators in his short 3 year career. As well as Nagy's offense being a very complicated playbook and basically a rookie season for QBs who play in it the first year. He also didn't have anyone to throw to other than A rob. Trubisky has showed tons of promise of being a good QB in the NFL, now I don't think he'll ever be elite but he isn't a bust. If he had a better situation, IDK like Pat Mahomes. Let's just say his career would be far different. I would love to have Trubisky sit behind Rivers for a year or two and then let him take reins.
  6. Yes, that doesn't mean he is a better prospect than herbert, I just think he's the most talented. Patrick Mahomes was the most talented QB in 2017, but Deshaun Watson was the best prospect because he had a lot less of a chance to be a bust than Mahomes did.
  7. I think love is the most talented QB in this class. His accuracy and zip to the football is unbelievable. I just seem him make throws that are comparable to Aaron Rodgers and I have never seen Herbert make throws that just blew me away. I mean I like Herbert more just cause I think Love has a very high chance of being a bust but he is definitely more talented.
  8. Yeah, I've liked him for a while. I also really like Jonathon Greenard from Florida. Those two are definitely my favorite edge prospects outside the obvious best.
  9. Ok sorry, I didn't understand what you were saying. I hadn't heard that about Mahomes.
  10. I meant to include this in my last comment, guys like Love don't fall because they have so much talent that teams will see that and forget all the bad things about him and they'll immediately think they can coach those bad things out. Guys like Herbert are the ones to fall cause they don't have as much talent as Love and prospects like Herbert just give GMs and scouts a bad feeling about whether they just don't care about football, they're too introverted, or they wouldn't be a good leader. I know I had a weird feeling about him as well as a lot of people on here. I mean obviously anything can happen but I just don't see it as a likely outcome considering Love is being compared to Mahomes and some team will definitely see the small resemblance and take the shot considering all the QB needy teams.
  11. Inside info, so you're saying he received info that Love wasn't worth taking? So why would he take him at 34.
  12. Jordan Love is not falling to 34, nor would the colts even draft him if he did. I know I wouldn't want the colts to get him, they clearly didn't like him enough to keep their 13th overall pick to take him. If they truly loved him they would have traded up to 7 or 6 to take him.
  13. I feel this signing would really affect the amount of playtime for Turay and Banogu. I believe this is Turay's year to break out and I think he'll definitely be a better player than Clowney, who to me is evidently one of the most over rated pass rushers in the entire NFL. I don't care how much pressures he got last year(I don't know if he got very much, just saying this in case he did), he only got I think 3 sacks. That is utterly terrible for a guy who wants 20 mil a year. I don't care that he got 2 TDs, when you sign a pass rusher you expect him to get sacks and he hasn't had a year over 10.
  14. The reason their o line wasn't much worse is because the air raid offense doesn't need that great of an offensive line so it makes the o line look a lot better especially in terms of run blocking. The best pick for them would be Derrick Brown cause Corey Peters is starting to get really old and they need an anchor to make sure Chandler Jones can keep getting 15+ sacks a year.
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