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  1. Your Optimism is miss placed Asgardian.
  2. Absolutely, I refuse to believe that our o line(with all our starters in) had that many holdings in one drive. It's just insane. ha, I remember losing my mind during that game and then just start laughing and waiting every play for a flag to show up, and surprise surprise, it did. hahaha, it was so funny just seeing a fifth consecutive flag come out. Very aggravating but also very funny, can't top that.
  3. I don't think it's predetermined, I just have a strong belief that some games the refs will purposely try to throw more penalties at one team to sway it a particular way. And sometimes that doesn't work, like how they tried to throw the Packers game.
  4. It absolutely baffles me how bad some refs are. I mean you know which crews are terrible and which are good. When I saw this crew was doing our game I got very upset. Ha. I don’t understand why you can’t challenge flags nor why they never pick them up. It’s ridiculous and makes zero sense. There has to be a conspiracy or something cause it’s only common sense for you to be able to challenge a flag, I mean they’re literally watching the same time we are at really fast speed. So they’re bound to screw up. Gosh, it’s soooo dumb, I’m getting so mad writing this. I’m also convinced that they try to
  5. This is a nice one. After such a terrible loss and the Jags getting Lawerence. Though it won’t matter if the Titans win next week against the Texans. So fingers crossed.
  6. Yeah, Ik that would be a game winning drive in most eyes but to me it would be your team is down by a few points and it’s the two minute warning and you have to go 75 yards. Where the drive is the last part of the game.(not including overtime)
  7. That's absolutely right, this team doesn't have much consistently good players that just do their job well every play and just has really good play makers that will make a play and win the game because they'd been sucking the whole game.
  8. This was one of the worst ones in a while. I haven't been this upset and mad for a very long time. I don't want to look at anything football related until 1 pm next Sunday. Started off by deleting my fantasy football app cause I was just getting smoked in the Championship. ha
  9. I'm saying that none of our D lineman could get past they're guys.
  10. Yeah I know Frank was terrible today. But Rivers can't lead a game winning drive, he just can't. And when you're QB can't do that you need to part ways. This team will win nothing if we don't get a franchise QB soon. I miss Luck......
  11. It's always a coaching issue if you can't play 4 quarters.
  12. That's just how our defense is, they're terrific one half and suck the other. I don't know if it was the play calling or the players but I sure as hell am not gonna find out cause I'm not rewatching this one. The most pathetic stat line was that they ran the ball like 15 times and passed it 40. That is beyond insufferable. How do you lose to that... UGHHHH
  13. I'm already looking to the offseason and if we can keep Brissett(as a bridge QB to mentor the rookie QB and to start the first 6-10 games) draft a QB high to sit for a little bit that would be great, unless this team is confident in Eason. I mean I was looking at this season before it started like a 10-6 maybe get a win in the playoffs but that Rivers would just help us not have a losing record and keep our confidence for the next future QB. So that's looking like what might happen I just hope this Rivers thing is a one time thing.
  14. I almost couldn't believe we were about to beat the Steelers(the STEELERS). Then like always the Colts will always fall to them because history always repeats itself.
  15. There was also zero pressure on our d line. The one sack came from a play where no one was blocking Khari Willis.
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