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  1. It's almost impossible for a 1st round QB to bust in today's NFL. Considering the new rules about hitting the QBs. If you look back at the last 4 years of QBs taken in the first round. 2016: Wentz and Goff are franchise Qbs 2017: All 3 QBs will be great nfl franchise QBs 2018: I think all 5 of the QBs will be at least above average to Elte QBs in the NFL This is why you see so much teams this year with what looks like they're main guy.
  2. Hey buddy 

  3. I don't think you guys know that madden hates the colts.
  4. The Madden 20 ratings will be much different, the game developers said that there would be 50 overalls starting. Just the overall player grading will be much more critical and harsh. It will most likley be like NBA 2k, how there is like 1 90+ and 4 80+ and the rest 70's.
  5. I've always wanted to know how future Hall of Famers were drafted
  6. Usually a 2nd round from the Giants.
  7. I'm excited to see his career, considering whenever I trade him in Madden 19 he wins the MVP
  8. You just want Tate because he's from Notre Dame
  9. I bet if we lose he'll start saying Luck is a choker and can't win big games against good teams
  10. Colts 45-44, we are down by 28 and come back to beat them. I know that's just pure ridiculous and unrealistic . An ever better game would be down 35-3 and we make a great comeback with Brissett, am I in fantasy land.
  11. QuenTON Nelson doesn't forgive you
  12. Well I'm not mad about the call in fact I liked it, but yeah I didn't like not going for the points vs the jags,on the 4th down attempt inside the 5, we had been doing terrible that entire drive and were only in it cause the penalty on the field goal. We didn't gain a single yard for the 3 plays before the 4th down. That 4th down I'm mad at
  13. Prescott is better than Luck just look at the stats Luck 3900 yards 34 TD 13 int 98.4 QBR Prescott 3300 yards 17 TD 8 int 94.0 QBR Luck is turnover machine If only Prescott had Lucks o line - Skip Bayless (sarcasm)
  14. Oh of course I realize that it doesn't cost us a playoff spot, but I'm just saying that it would make it even easier, and what I said in the post, an almost lock. I do like the decision, I think it really set our team motto to everyone in the NFL.
  15. Aren't the espn rankings different than the actual NFL.com rankings, correct me if I'm wrong But yeah it's cool to see the Colts get some Praise other than Kyle Brandt and Colin Cowherd. By espn too, they're the ones who projected Luck to not make the NFL's top 100 list before the season
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