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  1. RB's don't win you games. Countless times, all star RB's have been released or traded from teams and the team doesn't skip a step. Or even the RB gets hurt and then the backup plays very well for 5 games. A RB like that is not worth 10 million dollars extra. That's why I didn't want Le'veon Bell, and he didn't even have locker room issues. I think Saquon Barkley is the most talented RB in the NFL and look at the giants record last year.
  2. I know it's a long shot and not much other teams get players like this but the Colts. But the player shouldn't worry about the money enough to hold out from playing football.
  3. Zeke is one year too early to hold out, especially when his QB wants 40 million. He should take a pay cut because he should realize his QB needs to be paid big bucks. So that his team does good.
  4. I just hope he doesn't retire in the first half of week 1
  5. I know, but I just wanted to see everyone's thoughts on CB's future
  6. Obviously CB has a long way to go to be in that conversation, but it's been since 1965 since a GM has had two all pro rookies. And both of those players(Gale Sayers and Dick Butkis) are considered one of the best players at their position. If ballard can do the same thing and then some, he's definitely in the same conversation. Especially considering he's drafted: Braden Smith - most likely starting RT for 5-8 years Malik Hooker - One of the best deep threat Safeties in the NFL Marlon Mack - Could be starting RB for the net 4 years Anthony Walker - Very good Mike LB Darius Lenorard - Possibly one of the best LB in the league for his entire career/ HOF Quenton Nelson - Possibly one of the best guards in NFL history and other players who could have breakout years such as: Deon Cain Kemoko Turay Tyquan Lewis Quincy Wilson Don't forget about the great signings he's made Ebron, Autry, Sheard, and Hunt So it's not a long shot to say that Ballard could have close to as good of a career as Polian. I know you were just saying it's big shoes to be filled, and I'm saying he can do it.
  7. I know it's stretch and way to early to have these two in the same sentence. But I can't help but look into the future of this team and how good Chris Ballard could be. And I know Frank Reich will tell you to just look at the next game. I mean hopefully we don't have a Seahawks situation with John Schneider, where we have 2-3 amazing drafts and start to plummet. I do feel though that Ballard's patience and knowledge of the game shows a lot about him being a good GM for a long time, even past the colts. I think Chris Ballard could be considered a top 15 GM in NFL history , but of course like I said, he could just start trashing up his drafts. Though I feel the logical answer is that he is considered one of the top GM's every year for 10 years.
  8. It's almost impossible for a 1st round QB to bust in today's NFL. Considering the new rules about hitting the QBs. If you look back at the last 4 years of QBs taken in the first round. 2016: Wentz and Goff are franchise Qbs 2017: All 3 QBs will be great nfl franchise QBs 2018: I think all 5 of the QBs will be at least above average to Elte QBs in the NFL This is why you see so much teams this year with what looks like they're main guy.
  9. I don't think you guys know that madden hates the colts.
  10. The Madden 20 ratings will be much different, the game developers said that there would be 50 overalls starting. Just the overall player grading will be much more critical and harsh. It will most likley be like NBA 2k, how there is like 1 90+ and 4 80+ and the rest 70's.
  11. I've always wanted to know how future Hall of Famers were drafted
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