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  1. I was very skeptical on my DPOTY, I just didn't see anyone that stood out. I think Lamar is just a great QB, forget John Harbaugh's great play calling a QB doesn't get 900 rushing yards and 24 passing TDs from that. Although I do think John Har. is why they're so good, in terms of record.
  2. MVP: Lamar Jackson OPOTY: Christian Mccaffery DPOTY: Shaq Barrett OROTY: Kyler Murray DROTY: Nick Bosa COTY: Matt Lafleur CPOTY: Dalvin Cook
  3. No it isn't, the run blocking is one of the best in the NFL if not the best but our pass blocking is sub par. There was no pass rusher worth note on that Texans team last night and I saw Brissett get rushed far too early. In the Dolphins game, they don't have a pass rusher outside of Taco Charleton and if you wanna call Godchaux a Denico Autry type DT(Charles Harris is below average), and they were able to pressure Brissett too often. The reason the pass blocking last year looked so good was because Luck was so good at maneuvering around the pocket. Braden Smith isn't very good at pass blocking as well as Glow.
  4. I don't think Texans are that great, especially with the players that were out yesterday. I think Bill O'brien is really bad and their defense is pretty pathetic this year especially considering JJ wasn't out there. The only bright spots on their team is Watson, Hopkins and maybe their o line, when the day comes when they fire O'brien I will be very sad at the fact that they might become a great team.
  5. Our running game won't be a very big threat to the Texans today so I think we lean a lot towards passing and Brissett throws 40 times. Brissett is 3-0 against the Texans and I think he'll keep that streak going, I think we might see a great game from Brissett, this will be one of his best games this year, I think.
  6. I think we need to go big in FA this offseason, the time for building up through the draft is almost done,obviously it never ends but we need to rely on getting great talent immediately and not focus entirely on the draft. So we can't just take a few veteran pieces/average players. If there is a big player in FA(like top 10 at their position) that will help us, we need to get that player. Considering we just opened up a lot of cap with Luck retiring.
  7. The jets also want to lose The jets also want to lose
  8. Didn't mean to end it right there. Their D line is headed by some guy named Sam (I think) Christian Wilkins and John Jenkins , guys that not many people can even name other than the 13th overall pick. The only competent player in their secondary is Xavien Howard but even he is very inconsistent and loses matchups all the time. This is truly one of the worst teams I've ever seen on paper in NFL history, This game looks like an obvious blow out considering the lack of talent on the dolphins, but I don't think it will considering our recent history. 22-17 Colts Hoyer 190 yards 1 TD 2 INT Mack 160 yards 2 TD Fitzpatrick 220 yards 1 TD 1 INT
  9. The Dolphins are missing Preston Williams(their best offensive player) to ACL tear, and Mark Walton to a suspension. It will be funny to see a guy like Myles Gaskin( 7th round pick) try to run the football. Someone I don't think would make the roster of 20 NFL teams. Mike Gesiki and Davante Parker could really see some action today, but nothing too special. Flores will look to capitalize on Rock not playing well lately. We have about 10 players who would be their best player
  10. I think as long as Leonard plays well and we have Quincy and Rock play a lot of man we'll be pretty good.
  11. I'm not saying he didn't have arm power, it was just the primary concern seeing as that he was a very coveted QB prospect so people will look for any weakness he has. Manning was a great talent but there's no doubt that he got to where he is now because of his knowledge of football. He's not in the conversation when it comes to pure talented QBs but he's in the top 5 because of his football IQ. Like Brady, he isn't that talented of a QB, but he wins(now if that's just because BB is a different topic) and because he wins he's the so called GOAT. I think we may be getting naturally gifted talent and talent that a player has worked for confused. Because someone can get very talented at something, which is what a lot of QBs in the NFL are, but guys like Luck Marino Elway and Rodgers are born with those gifts. I guess what I've been saying is that Peyton didn't have the same kind of naturally born talent that the other QBs I mentioned did, he just worked for most of his, as well as being a football genius.
  12. What people had concerns about Manning out of the draft was that he didn't have a very strong arm. You're probably talking about his accuracy, but when you say someone has a great arm, it's mostly their pure arm power.
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