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  1. I was waiting for someone to say something, cause after I said that I rewatched the game and saw that Glasgow didn’t make the FF. Thanks
  2. You know what I'm gonna comment again and say just how amazing our rookies did today. Blackmon with the game winning forced fumble. Jordan Glasgow with the FF on special teams. Pittman and Taylor both played really well on offense and Goggles of course making the game winner.
  3. Nice to see both our rookies winning us the game. With Goggles putting it straight through the uprights means I think he just bought himself the kicking job for years to come.
  4. Now I think they're gonna lose next week. Calling it, the jags are winning this week against the Steelers.
  5. What do you expect? It's Nashville. No one smart comes from there...
  6. Does Frank Reich brush his teeth before or after he eats his breakfast?
  7. Colts 31 Packers 27 Phillip Rivers 320 yards 3 TD Aaron Rodgers 240 yards 2 TD Darius Leonard 40 tackles This is the first Great throwing QB we've played all year. The key to this game will be trying to neutralize AA ron. Another key part of the game is that they're pass offense is really bad forcing a 106 QBR to opposing QBs and allowing 8 ypa, so I hope to see Rivers hot streak continue. This will be a shootout and I think discount double check will have 1 minute left to win but our defense will get a sack that will take the time down too much and win us
  8. Whoever made that probably doesn't even know who Julian Blackmon is, Lol. Probably hasn't even seen a colts game. There was another post on the NFL website that gave away the midseason awards and Blackmon was about 4th or 3rd for DROY with about 4 votes I think.
  9. Colts 23 Ravens 29 Rivers 220 yards 2 TD 2 int Jackson 180 yards 1TD 1 int 80 Rush YDS
  10. Honestly, I'm just not in the mood, maybe some time later like tomorrow I'll look back at this comment and do it but not right now. I mainly just wanted to say I was joking when I said that.
  11. I mean I was joking but okay... I feel you're being very pessimistic considering this was just one game and we still have a winning record.
  12. I mean I was kind of being sarcastic, but it was very subtle sarcasm.
  13. I'm convinced this colts offense won't put up 30+ points for the rest of the season if Rivers keeps playing like he has. Colts 22 Bengals 13 Rivers 220 yards 1 int Burrow 250 yards 2 int Honestly don't know much about the Bengals other than Joe Burrow looks like a really good QB. So this is practically a shot in the dark guess. If our defense doesn't show up, you can consider the game over cause no way in hell Rivers gets a win without help.
  14. Dave Degug... whatever it is, wasn't the coach last year and the o line was pretty good. The o line was so bad today because we were missing our most valuable o lineman. And the run blocking this season has been so bad because I think teams know that if we can't run on them then we surely won't pass on them. So it's mainly just teams committed to stopping the run game and just letting Rivers be Rivers and that's why we have 2 losses.
  15. ummm, I don't think that's a very likely scenario. But if that did happen, that would be the worst season for a QB ever and I doubt anyone would defend Rivers. I'm not sure if you're just being sarcastic.
  16. I mean, I guess any sub par QB would look like a superstar when you have 4 seconds to throw to Austin Hooper OBJ Jarivs Landry and David Njoku and still throw two picks.
  17. is he actually fired because it doesn't seem like it's final.
  18. Please don't make me watch Jacoby Brissett play again. I'd rather see Rivers throw 5 picks a game than fall asleep watching Brissett dink and dunk his way to an 8-8 record and an uneventful 16th overall pick.
  19. Yes the O line was horrendous, but he was literally terrible, giving the Browns 9 points in the second half and costing us the game. He also had more throws that could have easily been picks or pick sixes. He threw to guys that were somewhat open and the throw was so bad the receiver was now covered. And his decision making was one of the worst I've ever seen(and I've watched Andrew Luck for 6 years). He's a big problem and will never be able to make a comeback win or a game winning drive. I'm still confident in the team(mainly the defense), but I don't see us winning 10 games with
  20. I'm so excited about Julian Blackmon, I didn't even think he'd be playing now let alone for him to be playing at this high of a level is unreal. If Turay can come in and bring solid pass rush opposite of Houston this defense could end up as a top 5 defense this year.
  21. Colts 31 Browns 28 Baker Mayfield 280 yards 2 TD 1 Int Phillip Rivers 340 yards 2 TD One of the best parts of this browns team is their run game, both Chubb and Hunt have 275+ yards each. This will really be the first test for our "#1" defense. They also have an alarming number of targets against our very shallow but good secondary. I think OBJ might have a really good game today while Jarvis Landry is too busy being covered in the slot against Kenny Moore. It's also gonna be very hard for us to stop Myles Garrett who already has 5 sacks and 3 FF! If we can just n
  22. I think we would have a very very good offense with 2 of the top 5 QBs of all time. Our RB would be EDGE cause both Faulk and Dickerson were much better on other teams. We'd have two top 15 WRs in Marvin Harrison and Raymond Barry with Reggie Wayne being a top 30. A top 5 TE with John Mackey(I think #2) and Dallas Clark at like 25. The o line would be very good as well with guys like Glenn, Vogel, Staurday, and Nelson already. Definitely a top 5 offense.
  23. um, ok... Is there something I'm missing here?
  24. Colts 23 DAH Bears 17 Rivers 230 yards 1 TD 1 int Foles 220 yards 2 int It was very stupid and puzzling for the bears to punch Foles in as the starter so early this season after Mitch had already gone 2-0. If Mitchell was the starter I would seriously considering a big chance for us to lose. Foles had a lot of bad passes against one of the worst defenses in football and had the luxury of the Falcons not game planning against him all week. We'll have an entire week of planning against a QB Frank Reich is very familiar with. It'll be hard for our offense to get rolling
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