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  1. I see Myles Turner is out for quite a while. Too bad, he was playing great defense for us.
  2. Cardinals look bad again...time for Carlos Martinez to go back to the bullpen. He's okay for an inning or two, but just doesn't work as a starter anymore. Kim is off the IL and starting today...hopefully does well. Our starting pitching ERA is the worst in the NL, ugh!
  3. I didn't include football games or basketball games, but those lists are much shorter.
  4. I know you're not, I always stand corrected when I'm not accurate. As I typed that, I wondered about Fenway, but I recall hearing or seeing that Bosse was the second oldest someplace. Or, I'm getting old and forgetful
  5. Since we've talked about going to games in different ballparks, major and minor league, I wanted to post this list I put together last year during the pandemic when I had time on my hands. My Baseball Journeys ALABAMA Huntsville – Joe W. Davis Stadium – Huntsville Stars (Southern League AA) Birmingham – Young Memorial Field – UAB Blazers (NCAA – attended 3 game series as play-by-play announcer for Western Kentucky Hilltoppers) COLORADO Denver – Mile High Stadium – Denver Bears (American Association AAA – only visited the stadium,
  6. Thanks for the correction on it being the 3rd oldest, not the 2nd. Went to a Mud Hens game several years back in the new ballpark, which I think was only 2 or 3 years old at the time. Nice ballpark with a nice view of downtown.
  7. I'd like to go to a game there sometime...also to a game in South Bend. Been to a game at Bosse Field in Evansville, which was featured in the movie, A League Of Their Own. It's the second oldest stadium still in use behind Wrigley Field.
  8. What a great player, coach and man. I've been a Pacers fan since day one and this one hurts.
  9. Yes, it's been a long time since they were the Cardinals AAA affiliate. In 1982, A. Ray Smith moved the Springfield Redbirds to Louisville as the Cardinals AAA affiliate in the American Association. This is when I became a St. Louis Cardinals fan, because I could go see future Cardinals as they were working their way up to the majors. The Louisville Redbirds played in Cardinal Stadium, which was the former home of the Louisville Colonels (Red Sox affiliate) and also the home of the University of Louisville football Cardinals. The Redbirds enjoyed great success in Louisville and
  10. Cardinals drop 2 straight to the Brewers. The NL Central is going to be a wild one this year. Anyone can win the division and it's going to come down to who can stay healthiest and possibly who make a move or two at the trade deadline. Looks like the Cubs, Cards, Brewers and Reds are just going to beat up on each other, so the team that can do well outside the division may be the one to win the Central. I'm going to a baseball game tonight!!! The Reds Alternate Site games are taking place here in Louisville, the AAA home of the Bats, who are the Reds AAA affiliate.
  11. Great opening day win, then the wheels just fell off. Wainwright got beat up and I think it's time to get Carlos Martinez and new home. He's lost it and doesn't have the mentality to overcome his struggles. It's early, obviously, but our pitching has been terrible and we're not able to score 8+ runs each game to give us a chance to win.
  12. Looks like a lot of former IU players are on board with this hire. Here is a story from Rick Bozich, long time local sports columnist for the Courier Journal in Louisville, and now works for WDRB-TV - https://www.wdrb.com/sports/bozich-rewards-outweigh-risks-as-mike-woodson-takes-over-indiana-basketball/article_c5415a32-90b2-11eb-8840-5f92bc38ded5.html
  13. Agreed. A camp body and these two FA signings are for depth, not likely starting LT. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2021/03/colts-to-sign-julien-davenport
  14. Like all coaching hires, we'll have to wait and see.
  15. Good news!!!! And, we have a QB with the ability to throw the ball deep, so TY can just run GhOst routes and rack up the TDs!!!
  16. I understand them listening, but hope they don't deal either one of these two guys. We've had a disappointing season, but have also had injuries. We have everyone back, except Warren, so I'd like to see how we do with a healthy line up and bench before we start another re-build.
  17. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2021/03/bengals-release-geno-atkins Bengals release Atkins
  18. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2021/03/jaguars-cut-rashaan-melvin Reunion???
  19. I see your point and agree, but it also points out the importance of a good OL, and OL depth.
  20. I've been reading all the posts about filling our needs and upgrades, either through FA or the draft. IMO, LT is the #1 priority here. We all know Ballard is big on building from the OL and DL, so to me he will be focused on the LT and Edge positions. I know we have holes at WR and CB, depending on who he re-signs and/or lets go. But, a very good OL and very good DL lessens the need for elite talent at WR and CB. Good protection and good pressure on the opposing QB covers up a lot of deficiencies at the WR and CB positions. Look at al the weapons KC has on offense,
  21. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2021/03/john-brown-eyeing-colts-steelers
  22. WHITE!!! The all one color rush uniforms are hideous no matter what team wears them. Just too much of one color for me...with the exception of a team wearing white jerseys with white pants, which is much easier on the eyes.
  23. I voted for Leonard because of his talent, his love of the game and his story, which is incredible. Wanted to vote for Kenny Moore who has brought so much to the defense and because of his character. Also got to meet him at a fan event and he was so polite to me and my son. And, I like E. J. Speed...took my son to training camp in 2019. Afterward, Speed came over to sign autographs and he gave my son his gloves. Very nice young man.
  24. When it first started I was skeptical. The NL and AL played different styles of the game, and of course, the AL had the DH. That meant that strategies were different, more pitching changes in the NL since pitchers were often pulled for a pinch hitter and also double switches. Each league had their own set of umpires and it seemed the strike zones were also different for each league. NL umpires wore their chest protectors inside their jackets, while the AL umps used the exterior chest protectors they had to hold with one hand. But, I did like the rivalries that were created with
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