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  1. The Dodgers...they're getting everyone else, so why not Brady, too?
  2. He's the Main Man on our team!! So great, "What will you be when you grow up? "Big."
  3. This makes me want to stay at #13, because we'll get a difference maker at this spot, whether it's OL or DL, which I would expect Ballard to focus on, or depending on free agency, he could go WR at this spot. Would not want to see Love picked at #13, if he's the only one of the top 4 QBs available. But, if Ballard sees him as worthy of the #13 pick, then I know he has been thoroughly evaluated and CB would be comfortable with him at 13.
  4. According to this, the Chargers really like Jordan Love, so your prediction may come true! https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/02/latest-on-chargers-qb-situation
  5. I was disappointed in the prepared statements and remarks. They've had a month to think about how they were going to respond publicly, and no one really took ownership of it. Closest was Verlander, who said he now wishes he has said something at the time. Seems the pitchers for the Astros would be upset...what if they found out the Dodgers were stealing their signs? It's a mess and it is something we'll be hearing about for a long time...too bad, since this dampens the excitement of Spring Training. I recall being excited for the organization after they did a total tear down and rebuild. They had and still have players I really enjoy watching...Altuve, Bregman, Springer. Now, I can't watch them with the same perspective...much like the juiced up hitters a few years ago. I'm coming around to the idea of making them vacate the 2017 Title. As far as the Red Sox go, we'll have to see how much cheating they did. I haven't read anything about them actually stealing signs using video, just that their manager was involved in the Astros thing while he coached in Houston.
  6. I agree...7 in each league is too many. Wild Card should be a best of 3, not a one and done...seems too "sudden death" for the two teams who earned a wild card spot to have it be just one game.
  7. We sucked for Luck before...so, I guess we Tank for Trevor this season?
  8. I think Bob Kraft bought a replica Colts jet and flew in a Brady look-a-like just to mess with us.
  9. So, more rules changes for this baseball season...what are your thoughts? From the league’s official release: Three-Batter Minimum: The Official Baseball Rules have been amended to require the starting or any relief pitcher to pitch to a minimum of three batters, including the batter then at bat (or any substitute batter), until such batters are put out or reach base, or until the offensive team is put out, unless the substitute pitcher sustains injury or illness which, in the umpire crew chief’s judgment, incapacitates him from further play as a pitcher. The three-batter minimum will become effective in 2020 Spring Training beginning on Thursday, March 12th. Rosters through August 31st and Postseason: Active Roster limits from Opening Day through August 31st and including Postseason games shall be increased from 25 to 26. In addition, Clubs will be permitted to carry a maximum of 13 pitchers from Opening Day through August 31st (plus Postseason games). September Rosters: From September 1st through the end of the Championship Season (including any tiebreaker games), all Clubs must carry 28 players on the Active Roster. In addition, Clubs will be permitted to carry a maximum of 14 pitchers during this period. Two-Way Player Designation: Players who qualify as “Two-Way Players” may appear as pitchers during a game without counting toward a Clubs’ pitcher limitations. A player will qualify as a “Two-Way Player” only if he accrues both: (i) at least 20 Major League innings pitched; and (ii) at least 20 Major League games started (as a position player or designated hitter) with at least three plate appearances in each of those games, in either the current Championship Season or the prior Championship Season (for 2020 only, this will include 2019 as well as 2018). The Club must designate that player as a “Two-Way Player” in advance of that game. Once a Club designates a qualified “Two-Way Player” that designation will remain in effect, and cannot change, for the remainder of that Championship Season and Postseason. Position Players Pitching: Any player may appear as a pitcher following the 9th inning of an extra inning game, or in any game in which his team is losing or winning by more than six runs when the player enters as a pitcher. Extra Player Rule: The previous “26th player rule” will be replaced with the “27th player rule” for all applicable Championship Season games prior to September 1st. The 27th player shall not count toward any pitcher roster limits described above. Thus, a Club may designate 14 pitchers in games under circumstances where the Major League Rules would permit a 27th Active player. Injured List Reinstatements and Option Period for Pitchers: Clubs may not reinstate pitchers or Two-Way Players from the Injured List until 15 days have elapsed from the date of the initial placement for such injury – an increase from 10 days. In addition, the option period for pitchers will be lengthened from 10 days to 15 days. Reduction in Challenge Time: Managers will now have up to 20 seconds to challenge a play instead of 30. ************************************************************************* Some of these are MLB's answers to try and speed up the games. To me, the beauty of baseball is that there is no clock. The game can flow based upon what's happening on the field. Now, I don't hear anyone complaining about NFL games lasting 3 hours or more. I can't stand the last 2-3 minutes of basketball games, because of all the timeouts, fouls to stop the clock, etc. Takes away from the flow of the game IMO. But, if they really want to speed up baseball, then in addition to the pitch clock, they need to deal with the batters who step out of the box after EVERY PITCH to adjust their batting gloves, helmets, etc. I would propose that if the batter didn't swing at a pitch, then there's no need for him to step out and adjust his gloves, because he didn't move his hands to swing the bat. If a player doesn't swing at a pitch, then he CAN'T step out and adjust his gloves. If he does once, he gets warned...a second infraction earns him an automatic strike...third infraction then he's automatically out for that at-bat. Believe me, this would reduce game times by 15-20 minutes, at least! But, they never blame long games on the batters...but they do blame the pitchers taking time between pitches (some are terrible at this), pitching changes, mound visits, etc. But, mound visits, pitching changes, etc. are part of the game's strategy. Now, a pitcher must face at least 3 batters to cut down on mid-inning pitching changes. We'll see what happens, but I don't think these changes will shorten games by much.
  10. I am surprised by the Cubs' lack of off season moves. You have that kind of core on offense, you need to make some moves to take advantage of the window that starting to close. Cardinals haven't done much, either. Yes a minor trade for a pitching prospect and they've emptied out a crowded outfield a bit, and lost Ozuna. I think they are banking on an improved season from Matt Carpenter, pitching, defense and also a few more HRs and RBI from Goldschmidt. Still will be a challenge to score runs, unless we have a breakout year from some of the young outfielders. Brewers could win 90+, or finish around .500. They still need starting pitching and they lost some offense, too. Reds will be much improved and as you say, the Pirates are at the bottom again. Dodgers look better and the Yankees are still strong...but, it's a long season and lots can happen. I'm predicting one of either the Dodgers or Yankees don't make it to the WS this year.
  11. I hope they left him waiting on the tarmac for his Uber, that never shows up!
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