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  1. I hope the continuity ends with the first name. Don't want the same results we had with the previous Nate.
  2. I thought I had done it here prior to the playoffs, but I can't find a post. Anyway, I had entered a contest on MLB to fill out a bracket and had the Rays and Dodgers in the World Series. I think the Rays win in 6 games...the Dodgers always manage to choke in the WS and I'm thinking it will happen again. It's also a match up of a low team payroll vs. one of, if not the highest team payroll. I know the Rays will be the underdog, but I believe they prefer that, honestly. LET'S GO RAYS!!!!
  3. He apparently considered Miami and Buffalo, too. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/10/leveon-bell-to-sign-with-chiefs
  4. Bengals o-line is weak, so do you expect us to blitz more to pressure Burrow as much as possible?
  5. No, and there are 25 million reasons why.
  6. Rays up 3-0!! One win from the World Series. I really enjoy watching this team play...great defense, awesome pitching and timely hitting. They've knocked off the Billion-Dollar Yankees and about to eliminate the Cheatin' Astros.
  7. It's been a sad past few weeks with the passing of Seaver, Brock, Gibson, Ford and Morgan. Hits home even more since I saw all of them, with the exception of Ford, play in person and many times on TV. Rays up 2-0!!
  8. Bill O'Brien's available for both job openings in Atlanta!
  9. This one hurts because in years past, the Browns weren't good enough to take advantage of what we handed them yesterday and we would probably would have won that game against the "old" Browns. Gotta give them some credit for taking advantage of our mistakes...AND Garrett is a beast and would have probably dominated AC, too.
  10. I'll say Colts 24 Bengals 13 since we are at home and coming off a loss. However, Rivers needs to make better decisions, we need to run Taylor more and we need AC back at LT. We can win without Leonard to give him more time to heal. My main concern with the Bengals is Mixon...gotta contain him. Not sure if Green will be back for them, but if not, then we contain Boyd and we'll be okay. I want to see more blitzes against the rookie QB.
  11. Never liked Rivers...didn't like the signing of Rivers...we're stuck with him for now and too much $$$ invested in him to sit him. We're going to have to live with it this season and suffer through more bad decisions and a statue at QB.
  12. Same here, but only because it's the late game...otherwise we here in Louisville would get the Ravens.
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