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  1. That was Jerome Walton...pretty good player, but never really built much on his rookie year with the Cubs.
  2. This season will be a sprint, and not a marathon like a 162 game season. I agree that a team not considered a favorite for a 162 game season could get hot and surprise. I agree the Reds, Twins and Rays fit that, although the Rays were very good last year. Although every game counts in a 162 game season, they count even more in a 60 game season. And, since all the teams are in the same situation, then the only reason for an asterick next to the champion's name is that it was a 60 game season. Whoever wins will earn it, for sure. And, it should not be viewed as any less of an accomplishment as it would be in a normal year.
  3. A coouple of interesting articles on the start of the 60 game MLB season, along with some proposed rule changes for this year only...at least for now: https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/mlb-universal-dh-2020-division-realignment.html https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/06/mlb-annnounces-2020-season.html
  4. Oh, I agree...just hard to watch sometimes. When those two play any other team, the game moves along. But when those two face each other, it's a marathon. If it's a primetime game, then it will last to nearly midnight, or sometimes later.
  5. Except any Yankees-Red Sox game lasts at least 4 hours...stock up on the popcorn!
  6. I wonder if St. Louis will ever get another chance at an NFL team? There's not many viable places in my mind that would make sense geographically. I can see the Bills in Toronto or Montreal be successful. I agree San Antonio isn't a good fit for several reans already stated.
  7. Looking forward to seeing how he performs...could be a late round gem!
  8. I'm concerned we're picking at 21 and not 32!!
  9. To my knowledge and to the best of my memory, the Colts have NEVER had a backfield with this kind of talent and potential. We've been a pass first type of offense for so many years and now with Mack and Taylor, we can run the damn ball on anyone and everyone, then we the opponent keys on the run game, we'll use the pass to game to it's fullest advantage, because we have a proven QB and an upgraded receiving corps to move the ball through the air, too. I'm really excited to see these two guys put up some big numbers this season!
  10. Same here and I had my fill of Rodman years ago and I don't care to see him again.
  11. Another great episode and series this year! Has anyone checked other team sites to see of other NFL teams do this sort of video series? I just really appreciate how the Colts include their fans on things like this.
  12. Wow! Lightning fast! Those two plays where he caught a receiver who broke away from other defenders and then he forced fumbles on both...he came out of nowhere!
  13. My thinking too. If he's there at 75, then I'm good with taking him...NFL quarterback types are changing...Jackson, Mahomes, etc. It's not just pocket passers who are effective. Hurts is a winner.
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