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  1. I think we've pretty much covered that big win over Houston on Sunday, so let's look at our next opponent. Denver actually scares me a bit...not saying it's a trap game, but after two big wins against two very good teams, it's possible for a let down against a weak Broncos team. Their offense isn't very good, but they do have some weapons in the backfield. I think if we get pressure on Flacco, then he's going to be ineffective. If they decide to run the ball, then we need to be ready to stuff the running game. Defensively, they aren't terrible...they have some very good DBs, so we may be running the running the ball more this week. Reich has done a very good job designing an offensive game plan to exploit the opponent's weaknesses, so I expect the same this Sunday. Thoughts?
  2. As to the references to "elite QB's" earlier in this thread...all I'll say is we just beat two teams with elite QB's with our "good" QB. I think JB is playing great football. Doesn't make mistakes, doesn't force passes in the red zone that are potential interceptions...he's been cool under pressure in the pocket and is making great decisions. He's a true leader on the field and on the sideline.
  3. I'm fine with the all whites and should have clarified that. It's the all one dark color unis that are an eyesore for me.
  4. Ugh...I am in the VAST minority who dislike the all one color uniforms at all levels. Doesn't look good for any team in college or the pros IMO.
  5. Glad to see him stay. We'll see how he and Myles work together and I'm sure it will take time to figure it all out. Sabonis can't be traded until next summer with this extension, but Turner could be traded anytime. I don't see Turner being dealt before the deadline, unless a team desperate for a big man makes us an offer we can't refuse. But, for now, this distraction is over, so LET'S PLAY BALL!!!
  6. I heard the Astros are the most heavily favored to win the WS in several years. I just don't get that with the pitching staff the Nats have. I guess they'll have to play the games and we'll see what happens.
  7. I can't insert a Poll here, so vote with a comment. Who wins the World Series? Washington or Houston? I vote Houston in a 7 game classic. Both teams have great pitching, but the Astros have the edge on offense overall, and they were just in the WS two year ago, so they won't be intimidated by all the hoopla.
  8. I really like Sabonis and he's made that Paul George deal look even better than expected. I'd like to see Sabonis and Turner play a few games to see how this works before a trade is done or not. They are both too good to platoon for each other, so it's play them both, or deal one of them. Like other have posted, I'd be more inclined to deal Turner with the way the league is evolving now. I guess we'll see what happens.
  9. We kept Clowney in check very well, too!!
  10. I got a free year when I switched to Direct TV last year, but then canceled, because the Louisville, KY market always got Colts games, so I couldn't justify buying it. However, this season, two games have not been shown here, I assume because they were not sellouts. I almost ordered it this week, but glad I checked this first. The price has come down, so if I have to, I'll buy it.
  11. Good news for Colts fans in the Louisville area!!! https://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2019&wk=7
  12. If it's the Astros vs. the Nationals....there's not going to be many runs scored. Good to see Maddon get the Angels job and I hope he does well. Mike Trout needs to play in a World Series!
  13. Disappointed in getting swept, but I'm actually happy for the Nationals and it's good to see someone new in the World Series. The Astros and Yankees are like two heavyweights slugging it out, so whoever advances will face a well rested and very potent pitching staff. Almost Hot Stove season and it will be interesting to see what the Cardinals do in the off season. I'm thinking Ozuna is gone...he's a defensive liability now and that money can be better spent elsewhere. Pitching staff will be built around Flaherty and offense around Goldschmidt.
  14. Good point on Harper, and I agree that no one would be hitting Nats pitching in this series, but I think the Braves may have been able to win one of the three games so far. I know Harper's only been in Philly one year and they have other good players, so maybe that big deal will work out. The Padres have some great young talent and a good farm system, so maybe the Machado money will pay dividends at some point, but the Dodgers should continue to dominate that division another year or two.
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