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  1. Barry Sears

    Significance of #32

    Yes, that thought about Edgerrin James crossed my mind when I posted.
  2. Barry Sears

    Significance of #32

    I was just thinking about the #32 ranking the Colts received prior to the 2018 season. In one post-game locker room video, Coach Reich held up a sign that read "#32" and used that as motivation and confirmation of how hard this team worked to make the playoffs. So, with that number in mind, I sure would LOVE for us to have the #32 pick in the 2020 NFL draft as the result of our win in Super Bowl LIV!!!!
  3. Barry Sears

    AAF league

    I copied and pasted that info from the AAF website, because I saw penalties on the defense for illegal formation. I'm guess limiting pass rushers is a safety concern, and it also is part of the development goal of the league. However, even with limited pass rushers, the offensive lines need to step up, because there were a lot of hurries and a few sacks...especially the hit on the San Diego QB...he got plastered!
  4. Barry Sears

    Colts hype video

    2019 season can't come soon enough!!!
  5. Barry Sears

    AAF league

    Did some research on the defensive rules and Illegal Formation penalties and found this on the AAF website: On defense, no more than five players may rush on passing plays. Players that line up on the line of scrimmage are designated as one of the five players eligible to rush, regardless of whether they rush or not. No defensive player may rush from a position of more than two yards outside the widest offensive lineman and more than five yards from the line of scrimmage (defensive pressure box). The exceptions would be play-action or run-pass option plays and if the ball leaves the tackle box. Any player who aligns on the line of scrimmage either prior to or at the snap is designated as one of the five players regardless of whether he rushes. A flag for "illegal defense" carries a 15-yard penalty. This is to help protect the QBs and develop OL since most haven't seen complex defensive formations and blitzes, according to Hines Ward, Head of Player Development for the AAF.
  6. I really enjoyed what I saw in the two games I was able to watch portions of. The offenses will catch up with more practice time and reps, too. Does anyone know the details on the Illegal Formations the defenses were getting flagged for? None of the announcers explained the calls, but I guess they didn't know, so they didn't try to explain. I really believe this is a legitimate league...not the quirky stuff like other leagues in the past tried. This league is obviously NOT competing with the NFL and seems to be trying to work with the NFL to make this a developmental league, much like the NBA is doing with the G League. Looking forward to seeing Memphis this weekend...I picked them as my team and, of course, they get pummeled!! I don't have CBSSN, so couldn't watch them yesterday.
  7. Barry Sears

    AAF league

    I watched parts of 2 of the games (SD@SA, SLC@AZ) and enjoyed it a lot. Obviously, the offenses are slower to develop than the defense. There was really no game tape available to prepare for the opponents, so I expect next weekend's games to be better quality. Hard to really grade the QB's since most were hurried due to lack of pass protection. Offensive lines need more work together. Lots of credible people as coaches, GMs and front office personnel, so I expected quality. I wasn't impressed by the TV announcers, especially the game last night in Arizona. Seems they were chatting too much and not paying attention. I'm curious about the Illegal Formation penalties on the DEFENSE. Two were called fairly close together and the announcers didn't mention them or explain why they were called. I'll try and do some research. There were some technical glitches, but that's to be expected, I suppose. However, it's not like they were being broadcast on was CBS and NFL Network. I'll be tuning into the games when I can...just glad to have football to watch!!
  8. I believe I was the first to mention Bill Brooks and I see lots of others have named him, too. He's the only WR in the Colts Ring of Honor not named Harrison or Wayne, so that pretty much rests the case. In fact, he was the first Colts player on the Ring of Honor after Robert Irsay was the first person to get that honor in 1996. Brooks' name went up on the Ring in 1998. With the Colts from 1986 - 1992, Brooks had 411 catches for 5,818 yards and 28 touchdowns.
  9. Barry Sears

    Darius Leonard vs Dwight Freeney

    The title of the thread reminds me of a boxing match, ha ha. So, I'd give the edge to Leonard because he has longer arms
  10. Barry Sears

    What can we learn from the pats??

    We can learn that you don't change a classic looking uniform just because other teams are doing it. Those unis with the white helmet and Pat the Patriot on the sides were awesome, then they changed to the crappy USFL look, which still looks crappy. Don't mess with a great thing!
  11. Barry Sears

    Peyton Manning Does It Again

    I didn't turn on the game until kick-off, so I missed this.