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  1. Cardinals with the best record in the NL and second best in MLB...I like it!!!!
  2. True, and Ruth was a top notch pitcher early in his career, too. If he didn't hit so well, he may have gone down as one of the greatest pitchers of all-time if he had focused on that and pitched his whole career.
  3. He had it all, for sure. And, on top of all those numbers, he won 12 Gold Gloves and 24 All-Star Game appearances. So, he was the complete player on both sides of the ball. He said he could have been the first, and only, 50HR - 50SB player, but he didn't steal bases for the numbers, he stole them when it was important and helped the team. So, he was unselfish, too!! He always had a flare for the dynamic without being a show-off. He always wore a cap that was a little small on him, so when he ran his cap would fly off and make him look faster, too. And, the amazing basket catc
  4. Every time I see WFT, I instantly see WT* Maybe that's the answer for a new name?
  5. I'm here and thanks for getting this one set up. It is a bit strange to lock the other long-lasting thread. Ironically, it happened on the same day this happened - https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/05/angels-release-albert-pujols.html Not sure if this is the end of his career or not. He will clear waivers and I'm sure the Angels will then release him. Not the way he envisioned his career ending...BUT, someone may pick him up to finish out the season. Would love to see him return to St. Louis for a curtain call, but it's a hard fit with Goldschmidt at first base
  6. Another great episode and good to see they were all excited with each of the picks that were made. Now, for a nickname for our two new edge rushers...it's "Paye-Dayo" for opposing QBs.
  7. That's how it will always be for Indiana and the other smaller market teams. Every ten years or so a small market team will get lucky with a young super star and do well, until it's time for a new contract and they can't compete with the large market teams. Plus, Indianapolis isn't as sexy and exciting as New York or LA.
  8. To answer the OP of Best Colts of All-Time (not favorite), I will have to break it down into Baltimore and Indy, and the into Offense, Defense and Special Teams, too. Baltimore Era: Offense - Raymond Berry Defense - Gino Marchetti Special Teams - Jim O'Brien (not a Colt for very long, but hit the Super Bowl winning field goal against the Cowboys) Indianapolis Era: Offense - Marvin Harrison Defense - Robert Mathis Special Teams - Adam Vinatieri (K)/Pat McAfee (P)
  9. Cardinals tied for first and have won 8 of their last 10. Bats are heating up and pitching has improved...even Carlos Martinez is pitching well of late. Bader is back and hitting well since his return.
  10. Thank you for posting these videos. All these guys are intelligent and very well spoken. Obviously high character young men. Excited to see how they develop!
  11. Amazing story and I'm already a big fan. Freshman Coach was named Manning and Paye wore #19 in college. He was meant to be a Colt!
  12. I really liked this pick when it was announced. Saw his name a lot on the Forum here and he has a great back story. Team Captain and obviously fits our "Character" pre-requisite. Ballard is excited and said it was an easy Pick for him. We apparently had offers for the 21st pick, but they weren't enough in the end to have Ballard want to move down and miss on Paye. Many on here bring up the lack of sacks he had at Michigan. Others have pointed out he was used all over the d-line, not just at DE. Sacks aren't the only measure of the effectiveness of a d-lineman/pass
  13. I agree with an earlier poster about the wrestling part of the video being too long, but I think it's cool they do that and are able to rib each other. The BEST part of this episode was Chris Ballard's shirt. Norman Dale Basketball Camp 1952. I need to get one of those! I notice he wears a lot of Indiana related shirts and hats, which I think is very cool.
  14. That 2011 season is my choice...the World Series was amazing and so exciting to watch!
  15. Yes, we'll find a place for Bryant! We'll trade you Matt Carpenter for Bryant straight up Yadi will be missed...he was having a great start to the year, especially at the plate.
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