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  1. Cardinals had opportunities...left tons of runners on base and in the end the Dodgers did what they needed to do. Both starting pitchers did well and it ended up a bullpen game. Disappointing, but the Cardinals had a great run down the stretch to get into the WC game. I wish the WC would be a 3 game series...one and done games just don't fly in baseball in my mind. So far, I'm 0-2 in my predictions. Let's go RAYS!
  2. In my mind, the greatest Cardinals game ever!! Freese was a freak in that post season.
  3. My list is: 1. Cardinals 2. Rays 3. Braves 4. White Sox 5. Giants 6. Brewers No rooting interest in Dodgers, Yankees (don't tell my wife), Red Sox or Astros (since they got caught cheating, I liked them before)
  4. Let's Predict the Post-Season: American League Wild Card - Yankees over Red Sox Division Series - Rays over Yankees (Rays have owned NY the past couple of years); White Sox over Astros League Championship - Rays over White Sox National League Wild Card - Cardinals over Dodgers Division Series - Cardinals over Giants (somebody has to pick the Cardinals); Braves over Brewers League Championship - Cardinals over Braves (just going out on a limb...Cardinals are playing very well and getting pitchers back) World Series - Rays over Cardinals (This is finally the year the Rays win it all and the Cardinals Cinderella story ends)
  5. Lamey is a legend in Indy and for Colts fans. I can see the argument both ways as far as the Ring of Honor. An alternative could be to name the Colts Radio broadcast booth the "Bob Lamey Colts Radio Booth" to honor him?
  6. Toronto and Seattle still alive for the AL WC...would love to see both get in and the Yanks and Red Sox watch from home Phillies and Mariners barely alive for division titles, but both facing elimination with Braves and Astros magic numbers at 1.
  7. And with that 17th win we CLINCH the last WC spot in the National League!
  8. I agree we should have run the ball more, we were doing well in the run game. Wentz had no time to throw deeper than 10 yards most of the game.
  9. I admire Wentz's courage and wanting to play in a big divisional game, but the ankle issues were clearly limiting what he could do. No mobility and Tenn. applied heavy pressure all game. If we could have kept Tannehill from running for 60 yards on 3 carries the outcome may have been different. Who knows if Hundley could have done the same for us if he were chased out of the pocket. There are lots more issues than just Wentz's ankles on this team.
  10. !6 straight wins! I saw that when September began, the Cardinals had a 2.9% chance of making the playoffs, it's now at 99% and their magic number to clinch is at 1. They are off today and some have said it will be better to play the Dodgers than the Giants, while others say it doesn't matter in a one game playoff. I just know if the Cardinals win that Wild Card against either the Dodgers OR the Giants, one of those two teams will have a very disappointing end to a 100+ win season. The Rays clinch the AL East Title! Yankees sweep Boston and are 1 game ahead of the Red Sox i the WC, but the Jays are just one back of Boston and Seattle is 2 back. Would love to see either the Jays or Mariners sneak in ahead of Boston or NY.
  11. It's still a one game deal for the Wild Card teams, which to me should be a 3 game series. One and done is baseball doesn't work for me. Here is a link with post season information. https://www.mlb.com/postseason
  12. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Colts game in Louisville, KY!! Although that Bengals-Steelers green is pretty close to Louisville. Seems when we are on CBS the chances of the Colts being on in Louisville increases.
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