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  1. Yes, we have been able to avoid trading and releasing players and the core is still there (minus Molina and Wainwright at the moment). We have some young talent that continues to develop. I expect more changes and movement next year after some bad contracts come off the books to free up $$$.
  2. Glad he at least did it now and it gives Ballard extra time to work on our 2021 QB situation, although I'm sure Ballard was already preparing for this possibility. I'm not going to speculate on what direction we go, but I know Ballard will leave no stone unturned to fill the QB position.
  3. Meanwhile...nothing but cricket sounds out of St. Louis. There apparently have been offers made to Wainwright and Molina. So, we'll see what happens. But, if they both come back, there's been nothing else done to improve the team. And, we let Wong go, too. However, the Reds and Pirates are worse so far than this past season. Milwaukee has done nothing and the Cubs are losing players. So, I guess maybe the Cardinals will be okay...we shall see and there's lots of time before the season starts.
  4. Get a left-handed QB and let Smith protect his blindside from the RT position...problem solved!
  5. Not surprising and I wish AC all the best. He was such a pro and had a great career. Glad he announced now in order to give Ballard time to address the big hole we now have at LT. I doubt Nelson moves over and would be surprised if they decide to move Smith to LT. Big difference in making Smith a RT from a Guard and making him a LT in the NFL. Our draft and off season plans are greatly altered now.
  6. Just the opposite...they are trying to win the division. They have been able to get Snell and Darvish without trading away any of their top prospects. They still have lot of talent in their minor league system. They have done a very good job in acquiring talent without trading their top young talent.
  7. I'm not happy about losing Snell, but that's the way the Rays operate. Keep payroll down and try to get the most return on a trade. They get 4 players for Snell...the one pitcher looks pretty good and may pan out, but he's not winning a Cy Young Award, most likely. Couple of catching prospects included, which is one of the Rays weak areas on the roster. Then, they also trade Alvarado in the 3 team deal and get a first base prospect and player or cash to be determined later. Again, this deal was to reduce payroll. So, they now have Morton, Snell and Alvarado off the
  8. Off to a good start!!! I haven't been able to watch the games, just highlights afterwards. Sabonis is just getting better and better!
  9. Once Tony Romo said the Colts are for real on the Pascal TD catch, it was all downhill from there...so, blame Romo!
  10. https://www.colts.com/news/deforest-buckner-afc-defensive-player-of-the-week-houston-texans-week-15?fbclid=IwAR3QoDf2mJqwAkl1jerO5A8RccvhUX9g0FyFZkOk1i12pRdD8MlZASrhsB0 Have we EVER had players win this award in back to back weeks?
  11. I'm going to say the Bills. Like others have mentioned, they have been 4 times and are 0-4 in Super Bowls. Would be happy for their fans. Also, wouldn't mind seeing the Browns win a Super Bowl, even though they do have championships from the pre-Super Bowl era. No to the Packers, Bucs (we all know why) and Steelers.
  12. Jim Brown Walter Payton Barry Sanders Emmett Smith This is NFL Mount Rushmore
  13. Overall it was a good performance and a big win. Always room for improvement and so glad to see Taylor break out. I was impressed with his breakaway speed on that 62 yard TD run. Now, I have one issue with the Colts using Brissett on short yardage plays. I understand the thinking and he's certainly more mobile than Rivers. BUT, has anyone noticed that when JB gets under center and has his left leg planted sort of behind him that he always runs the QB sneak? If he gets under center and his feet are parallel, then it's not a QB sneak. I'm sure defenses see that, too.
  14. He is on my keeper fantasy league and has really come on the past 2 seasons. Not sure about his defensive metrics, but when he gets a chance to play, he put up good numbers. He will hold his own offensively and this allows the Mets to pursue other free agents. McCann was a lot cheaper that Realmuto would have been.
  15. I'm happy for the IU program and Coach Allen is top notch! Big wins over Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State, but we now know all three of those teams are down this year. The REAL TEST for Indiana is this Saturday against Ohio State. If the Hoosiers win this one, then they are 100% legit!!! GO HOOSIERS!
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