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  1. And the Cardinals freefall has begun. Most everyone in the starting lineup is back and healthy, then we start losing. No idea why they extended Carpenter...I think he's toast, for the most part. Ozuna says he wants to stay in St. Louis, but he's become injury prone. Nothing done of significance before the trade deadline, while the Cubs got better. There needs to be a major shake up in the front office in St. Louis if they don't make the playoffs for a 4 straight season. Their formula isn't working.
  2. I'm just hoping I can "see" it...but, I'm guessing I'll have to watch a replay on NFL Network
  3. https://www.colts.com/news/colts-bring-back-rb-aca-cedric-ware-place-wr-steve-ishmael-on-ir
  4. I know it's far from over and we have some guys coming back from the IL. I do wish they would go back to at least a 3 game series for the Wild Card teams. All the effort to get a Wild Card birth and then have it be a one and done seems useless.
  5. The Cardinals are going down as fast as they went up last week...ugh! I went to Cincinnati last night to see the Angels play. Wanted to see Mike Trout in person and also see Pujols one last time. Albert didn't start, but did pinch hit in the 9th, but I had already left for the long drive home. Listened to the rest of the game on the radio. Trout hit a line drive into the second desk of seats in left field in his 3rd at bat. Walked and stole a base in the 1st, then singled his second time up. He is an amazing player and I'm so glad I got to see him. He stopped and signed autographs for a few kinds a few minutes before the game after he did some sprints, and whenever he caught the 3rd out of an inning, he'd throw the ball to someone in the stands. Everything I've seen and read about him shows he's so humble and gives back a lot. Great example to young people...just wish he played for an east coast team so I could see more of his games. Those 10 p.m. eastern time starts are way too late for me.
  6. He signed my football last week, so he gets my vote
  7. Thank you...much appreciated.
  8. Yes, after he got the gloves, I said, "I guess you have a new favorite player" and he said, Yep! We sat over at Field 1, but I wish I could have seen your little man dancing. The adoption has been fantastic. He's been with us a little over 5 years now. My wife lost her only daughter from a previous marriage, and my daughter from a previous marriage was off to college. So, we had an empty nest and decided to adopt. Congrats to you and your wife. Unfortunately, there are so many kids who need good homes, but I'm glad there are folks out there willing to give a child a new home.
  9. My son with his gloves from E.J. Speed.
  10. I wish I could remember his name. He's not on the roster on the website, but was listed in the program they handed out. He was nailing kicks and I recall last year we released our camp kicker and he ended up with the Chargers, I believe. Honestly, I know we're committed to AV this year, but he didn't look great yesterday.
  11. I took my 13 year old to camp yesterday. It was or first time, but won't be the last! What an experience it was for both of us. Disappointed that Luck wasn't even on the field, even though I knew he wouldn't be practicing. A lot of current starters didn't practice due to maintenance days for them. However, it gave us a chance to see a lot of the rookies and younger players in action. I can tell you that Darius Leonard keeps things loose on the field. He was singing and dancing and having a blast! Funchess didn't practice, but was engaging the fans and his teammates quite a bit. Seems to be a real team player. Got a few autographs afterward from rookies - Jackson Barton (super nice guy), Hale Hentges, the rookie camp kicker whose names escapes me now (he looked very good kicking FGs) and E. J. Speed. Speed looked very good yesterday and he handed my son his gloves after he signed an autograph for him. Very nice young man. If you haven't been, please plan on attending sometime...it's well worth your time!
  12. Luck talks about his injury...good to hear there's nothing involving the Achilles. https://www.colts.com/news/andrew-luck-not-where-i-want-to-be-with-calf-strain
  13. I'm at Training Camp Thursday and one of my priorities is to get the Maniac's autograph! He is a special talent and a really cool dude, too. Watched A Football Life episode on Lawrence Taylor last night. Not comparing Leonard to Taylor at this point, but watching Leonard's highlights reminded me of similar plays made by Taylor early in his career, too.
  14. IF for some reason Luck can't start the season, then I have confidence in Brissett. He knows the offense and will be much better protected than he was a couple of years ago. It's an entirely different situation for him now, compared to when he first arrived. And, I don't believe we are being lied to, at all. What would be the reason for that? Excitement for this team is higher than it's been in a long time, and it's not all because of our QB. I just think the setback was unexpected and they said from the beginning that Luck would be eased into training camp. So he misses some pre-season game time...as long as he can come back and practice, I'm sure he'll be ready for week 1...and if not, then it would be due to another setback, not because the team is lying and hiding something.
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