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  1. Barry Sears

    Bruce Arians on the Call

    I live in the Louisville, KY market and we are now going to get Bengals games, since they have a better record. This happens all the time. The Colts are winning and we get all the Colts games, but as soon as the Bengals start winning, then it's suddenly a Bengals game market. We are equal distance from both teams, so there is no argument over which one is "closer" to Louisville. We are told it's a network decision and the local station has no control over which game they broadcast...well, I don't believe that for one minute! Seems there should be a way of showing all the games of BOTH the Bengals and Colts, if they worked something out with one of the local independent stations. I can't afford NFL Sunday Ticket, so I guess I'll have to spend money going to a bar or restaurant to see the Colts the rest of the season. Bottom line is I don't care who's calling the game as long as I can see it. I watched the Bengals-Steelers game and it was a good one, but would rather see the Colts, even if they lose.
  2. Barry Sears

    Mathias Farley to IR; More Injury News

    We are using these helmets the rest of the year.
  3. Would love to get Collin Johnson!
  4. Would love to get Collin Johnson!!!
  5. Wow! Geathers at practice and lots of other faces back...things are looking up.
  6. Barry Sears

    Which scenario is better?

    It's hard to fully evaluate this, due to lack of experience, injuries, etc. I do believe our talent has improved overall with much greater future potential than we had before. I'm very confident that our coaching staff is lots better than the last staff. let's get healthy, experienced and add some more pieces and see what happens.
  7. Barry Sears

    Frank Reich Presser

    It's so tough building a roster when you have so many injuries piling up each week. Sure, some guys get more playing time, which will benefit later, but there's little to no chance of building any continuity in any of your units at LB, OL, DB, etc. Ballard has a tough job just to fill a healthy roster each week in order to be competitive. All the pre-season concern about Luck's health has been answered, but we have 15 other guys dealing with health issues now and some may be career ending. Been a tough season to watch, but I credit Ballard and to coaches for having us being competitive each week with a chance to win.
  8. Barry Sears

    This week vs. the Jets

    We have a better idea of who will be able to play this week after the injury report. What are your thoughts on the Jets? Surprised they manhandled the Broncos the way they did. I hope we have Leonard back this week and can put some pressure on Darnold. anything about the Jets that concerns you? I'm looking for a win with some of our guys back this week.
  9. Barry Sears

    Why are our TE's doing more.

    Yes, Ebron has some drops, but he also has LOTS of catches, and 5 for TDs. EVERY tight end and receiver who has ever played in the NFL has dropped some passes. I haven't seen Ebron drop any more than most other players around the NFL. I'm sure the Lions wish he was back in Detroit. All players make mistakes, whether it's fumbles, drops, interceptions, missed tackles, etc., etc. Mistakes are part of the game and lots of times it's the result of a good defensive play by the opponent. In baseball, you can fail 70% of the time you bat, but be considered a great hitter for batting .300. Obviously, football has a much lower failure rate in order to even be on an NFL roster, but mistakes are going to happen. Wish the media would get off Ebron's case. He's been labeled as a butter fingers tight end, but I think he's proving them wrong this year.
  10. Barry Sears

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    right now 8-8 sounds good to me, that means 7-4 the rest of the way.
  11. Barry Sears

    Colts place Matt Slauson on IR

    Curious what the injury is, but I see we'll probably find out tomorrow from Reich. In the meantime, here's our new helmets for the rest of the season.
  12. Barry Sears

    Quenton Nelson......

    I heard somewhere that you can't believe everything you hear. Not a knock on you, but unless there's a link with some concrete information, then I wouldn't believe what you heard.
  13. Collin Johnson, WR, Texas. Big receiver with great hands and speed.
  14. When is the drawing?