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  1. Barry Sears

    Skip Clueless Prescot > Luck

    Obvious they disagree for ratings purposes, because not even Dak's mother would pick him over Luck. Luck too nerdy to be a I've heard everything!
  2. Barry Sears

    Extending some love to Jim Irsay

    Irsay is completely consumed with making his team a champion. And, as has been mentioned previously, he gives his front office, staff, coaches and players ALL the tools necessary to make that goal a reality. I love the fact that he doesn't meddle, that he seeks guidance from others when making big decisions and that he is all about community and is very charitable. He's a man who realizes he can't take it with him, so he takes care of those who don't have the $$$ he has or the good fortune he's had. He's caring and sharing. Seems to be a great father and is very connected to his players. Just watch him smile and beam in the locker room after a win...on the stage when a former player is being honored. I can't recall ANY former Colt speaking badly of Jim Irsay. That's a rare thing in this day and age of multi-billion dollar sports franchises. Let's all be thankful that he owns the Colts and makes us all feel like we own a part of them, too.
  3. Barry Sears

    Swoope picked up by Saints?

    Look toward the bottom of this post -
  4. Barry Sears

    Peyton's QB analysis of some young QBs

    Very I watched, I saw this as a recommended video and wanted to share. Peyton is a funny guy, too! Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning | SportsCenter | ESPN Archives
  5. Barry Sears

    Why the Colts will put Dallas

    We simply have to hit our free throws!
  6. Barry Sears

    The Browns...

    Glad to see them winning games...those poor fans deserve to enjoy games past the month of September. They are building a foundation and Mayfield has surprised me with his quick progress. This is what happens when you put a football man in charge, instead of a businessman.
  7. Barry Sears

    Beating Dallas

    I think to win against Dallas that Coach Reich needs to keep that beard!!! He stopped shaving and we started winning!
  8. Barry Sears


    Hasn't Q been flagged for holding on similar blocks in other games? Inconsistent penalty calling and I would think it's confusing to the players to be flagged one week for a block and not the other. Just an observation.
  9. Barry Sears

    Why the penalty on Matt Adams Sunday?

    May have just been a case of where the ref was standing and the angle he saw it from. Refs are human and make mistakes...replay has helped correct some of those mistakes. I used to umpire, so I know that any call that is close is going to make half the participants angry. I'd love to see the refs be able to scream at a guy who drops a wide open pass and get in his face. "How could you miss that?? It was right there in your hands??? What a nonsense attempt at a catch!!!" Officiating is a thankless job and I respect the guys out there who make the calls (right or wrong) and then put up with screaming coaches and players the whole game. Maybe if the coaches coached more and worked the refs less, then the refs could focus more on their jobs and makes less mistakes. Now, I hate bad calls against my team as much as anyone, but it's part of the game, too.
  10. Barry Sears

    Beating Dallas

    We did a great job neutralizing Watt and Clowney yesterday, so if we can do the same for the main stars on the Dallas D, then that will certainly help.
  11. Barry Sears

    Running Back

    How about we run Haeg on 3rd and 1? He's become a TE, so why not a RB?
  12. Barry Sears

    So Many Putting This Lost On Frank is Hallarious!!!

    We win as a team and lose as a team
  13. We lost for several reasons, but I believe the #1 reason was the Jags defense. We tried a lot of things and they were ready and shut them down. We didn't have many options, because they weren't working. We missed Kelly and Doyle. I don't have a problem with Reich's gambles on 4th down...he was trying to gain momentum and scoring against a great defense when those opportunities presented themselves. It's a very disappointing loss given what was at stake as far as playoff possibilities. But, it is what it is and we have to learn from it and move on. It's called growing pains and we may look back on this game in the future as a real turning point in our progress in terms of maturity. Hats off to the Jags. Now, let's prepare for Houston.
  14. Barry Sears

    Inactives vs. Jags

    Saw it on the Colts app
  15. Barry Sears

    Inactives vs. Jags

    So, that means we have Ebron, Swoope and Hewitt ready for TE duties.