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  1. Barry Sears

    Obscure Colts Game

    Kerwin Bell (University of Florida) played 2 years in the World League of American Football for the Orlando Thunder in 1991 and 1992, then played one game for the Colts in 1996 completing all 5 pass attempts for 75 yards and 1 touchdown. Passer Rating of 158.3 and never played pro football again.
  2. Barry Sears

    Desktop wallpaper/ Mobile Wallpaper

    I always look for those, too. Hopefully, we'll see some before the season starts!
  3. Barry Sears

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    Just saw this...probably for entertainment purposes only
  4. Barry Sears

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    I see your point and like all things, it would depend on that current player on our roster. I wonder what current player we have at a position of depth? Maybe a d-lineman so they could try and replace his spot on their roster?
  5. Barry Sears

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    This is not the time to "break the bank" on a trade, albeit for an incredible player. This would cost us draft picks, which we can't afford to trade away during this rebuild process. If we are truly 2-3 years from being championship contenders, then making a deal like this makes no sense right now. This is the type of deal you make if you're 1 or 2 elite players away from making that last jump from playoff team to serious championship contender.
  6. Barry Sears

    Injury update: Marlon Mack

    big difference between a "few" and a "couple" so I hope the latter is true.
  7. Barry Sears

    Take away from Seattle game

    I haven't watched the game yet, had to DVR it this morning. But, I've read all the comments posted here and it appears our offense will do well this season with the new scheme and AL behind center and healthy. OLine will be better, especially if AC gets healthy and plays to his usual level. I see lots of negative comments about the defense, but I also know this was the side of the ball with the most ground to make up. We have young, inexperienced defenders. This will take longer to fix and may not get fixed until after the 2019 draft and free agency. Chris Ballard had an almost complete overhaul to accomplish and is only part of the way toward getting this all fixed. We need to be patient and understand that we're better today than we were a year ago, and we'll be better a year from now when more pieces are added and our entire scheme on offense and defense is fully utilized and we have the talent to make it work. This is going to be an exciting season with a new coaching staff/philosophy, a healthy QB, a better OLine and some exciting, hungry players.
  8. Barry Sears

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    2-14 only happens if Luck goes down again and we also lose our back-up QB to injury. And, suffer lots of other injuries and lots of bad luck. Also, the Charger-Falcons Super Bowl is an off base prediction to get attention. In the unlikely event that happens, he can say he was right. Predictions are fun and for entertainment purposes only...the games have to be played.
  9. Barry Sears

    Supplemental Draft Preview

    Anyone with a prediction on whether or not we make a selection? If we do, who do you think we'll pick?
  10. Barry Sears

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    Nope. It may be the firewall at my office...not that I get on there while I'm supposed to be working
  11. Barry Sears

    The new is SLICK!!!/Questions and problems (merge)

    Is anyone else having trouble seeing photographs/images on the new site? I've tried Chrome, Chrome incognito mode, and Firefox, but cannot see any images, just little icons. If I go to Photos, I don't see anything in the galleries, just blank white sections.
  12. I don't think there's any doubt that the OL talent has been upgraded pretty significantly. Couple that with the new offense that will likely use a short, quick release passing attack and the new blocking schemes, and we should see a BIG improvement in pass protection and in keeping Luck upright.
  13. Barry Sears

    The NYGs

    Why do they have to draft a QB for the future? It's New York and when Eli is done, they can just sign a veteran free agent QB who can step right in and take over. Makes more sense than waiting for a drafted QB to develop. They had a chance at drafting an incredible RB and they did it. If he pans out, then they'll look smart. Yes, it's a gamble, but take advantage of having Eli now and surround him with weapons on offense.
  14. Barry Sears

    Colts Sign UDFAs
  15. Barry Sears

    [Roster moves] Colts waive seven players

    Interesting news on Matt Jones