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  1. I guess I choose not to look at it like "the Colts aren't giving this guy a chance". I look at it at being responsible GM-ing. Correct me if I'm wrong but Phillip Rivers is under contract for only year. At his age his production can just fall down a cliff. Heck he can trip over one of his kids and suffer some sort of injury. Jacoby is also going into his last year with the colts. So potentially going into next year 2021... we will have no quarterback with experience on the roster. You are suggesting not drafting another quarterback only to give Kelly a "chance". Good GMs normally don't gamble with the most important position on the field. The Colts as a organization have to prepare for the future as best they can. What if you give Kelly his chance and he fails. Now what? I think the Colts needed to draft another quarterback just for this reason. Even if it wasn't Eason. You never want to go into a off season with such an obvious need at quarterback. You can end up with one of these washed up guys that keep circulating around the league. The draft is no guarantee, so drafting a guy and hoping he can develop is just smart. Let be honest if Ballard didn't draft a quarterback and gave Kelly his shot and he fails...river's production drops (or is injured) and jocoby is not on the roster...he would get roasted for not have the foresight to see this coming.
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