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  1. I don't post much but this topic seems to be so defiant for most where I'm more in the gray. The issue I have is welllll... the Jets are a terrible as team. Most importantly they are a poorly ran organization. I believe the organization failed this kid from day one. How can Darnold be consistently good when the organization is consistently bad. What weapons does he really have? I love Frank Gore but the guy is far past his prime. He has a O-line that lets opposing D-Lines feast in the back field (At least every time I watch ). He either has to run or force the ball down the field. I don't beli
  2. I actually agree with you. Once a QBs arm strength weakens you start getting dimensioning returns. Why pay a guy 25 million to manage games...JB can manage games for 15 million. The biggest issue with JB is he doesn't trust his eyes...it drove me crazy last year. He will only throw when he knew a guy would be open instead of throwing a guy open (if that makes sense). He would just tuck and run with it. However he rarely made huge mistakes with the ball. It has been huge mistakes that have cost us this year. Honestly at the beginning of the year I didn't want Rivers but the organization seemed
  3. I guess I choose not to look at it like "the Colts aren't giving this guy a chance". I look at it at being responsible GM-ing. Correct me if I'm wrong but Phillip Rivers is under contract for only year. At his age his production can just fall down a cliff. Heck he can trip over one of his kids and suffer some sort of injury. Jacoby is also going into his last year with the colts. So potentially going into next year 2021... we will have no quarterback with experience on the roster. You are suggesting not drafting another quarterback only to give Kelly a "chance". Good GMs normally don't gamble
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