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  1. Great episode and I'm even more ready for the draft now!!! Bring it on!
  2. Well, according to some on here, Rivers will be comleting passes to defensive backs, for the most part, so it doesn't matter who we have at WR..LOL! How old are Reggie and Marvin again?
  3. I'm curious to see if this trade is discussed when the Colts do their video series about the draft this year like they did last year. That series was verey revealing as far as the thought process and everything that went on behind the scenes prior to the draft.
  4. I really enjoy these features...gives us a closer look at the lives of the players and their families. Looking forward to greater things from Hines!
  5. Yep, not much to discuss. I have had two of my three fantasy drafts go as scheduled...the third has been postponed until there's some new about when the season may start. Nice distractions, but still nothing to do until there are some games in order to set line-ups, etc. Hope eveyone is okay and avoiding this virus...it's just unreal.
  6. I'm guessing it was Haeg's decision and not Ballard's. Most like got an offer from us, but he wants to be a starter and that's not happening here as long as our OL stays healthy.
  7. Broncos To Sign Melvin Gordon - 2 years 16M
  8. I say between 10-15, but over 30 TDs, so I'm good with that. I expect our Defense to force more turnovers to offset the INT, too.
  9. Wish him well...he was our Swiss army knife on the OL.
  10. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/03/falcons-to-sign-todd-gurley
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