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Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread


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1 minute ago, Malakai432 said:


For the D to have held the Skins to 6 points thus far is amazing.  The troublesome part is the offense just looks horrendous.  



Amazing indeed.  The 6 points were largely because of good field position after intercepting Luck.

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1 minute ago, Turftoe said:

Whatever the result of this drive, the offense MUST do something on our next possession.

Agree.  Even if the D gives up 3 or 7, if the O can get it back we still run some time off the clock.

Got to get a score regardless of what happens this drive.

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1 minute ago, mahagga73 said:

That's because the offense isn't doing anything in the second half, both games. 

I’m not laying the blame on the defense, just making the point they aren’t getting the pass rush we need to play Tampa 2.  We have to improve on pass defense. Have to. 

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    • I would be really interested in picking him up, at least until we get Campbell back. The guy has some skill, he was just stuck on a garbage offense.
    • Titans definitely have the easier schedule. Cleveland has a great running game, OL, and defense, but Mayfield is below average and OBJ is gone. Jax and Detroit are flaming garbage, the Texans are bad but Watson can win games by himself. GB should present a challenge to Tenn. Regardless of our game this week, I see Tenn only losing to GB unless they fall asleep against Cleveland or Houston.   On the other hand, while we do get to stomp the Jags for a late Christmas present, you can never count out the Texans with Watson under center like I said. LV is a dangerous team, especially when Carr is on top of his game. Pitt is just a loss IMO, I just don't see us beating them at Ketchup Field. I would predict at least one loss, maybe two if we don't play well against LV or the Houston Watsons.
    • He’s not a superstar stud WR. But he’s not bad, either. I wouldn’t be upset seeing the Colts take a chance on him. 
    • Not bad takes, but I would think the loss of Buckner will impact the Colts defense much more than the Titans missing Brown at LB. Not to mention the Colts will also be missing their young stud LB in Bobby Okereke for this game too. He is every bit as good as Jayon. Also missing Autry is huge with Buckner already out. Indy basically will have no one to play the 3tech DT spot which is so vital to this defense. 
    • I hope they win. But I am also realistic realizing without Autry and Buckner this is going to be s very tough game. I never said they would lose. Just that I don’t like our chances very well. This isn’t about losing Buckner but not having Autry either. We are ok without one but both?
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