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1 minute ago, James said:

Letting a below average QB like Hoyer throw for 340 yards shows how pathetic and embarrassing our defense is. It's no coincidence Hoyer only has these games against the Colts.

That's why you always start the other team's QB in fantasy.

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    • your Top 100, you would have made Top 50 if it weren't for all the "sad emojis" you gave me.    Because of brutal summer heat here, I was thinking about San Francisco when I was younger since it always seemed 65° in weather reports.... and a girl I adored  was there before and really liked it there. We came so close to moving there, even checked air plane flights and apartments. But it would have devastated my mom moving so far away was one reason it didn't happen. ....but after further research I decided Frisco was too cold, had fog, and was like NYC, very expensive.    I go to Vegas and sometimes rent a car and drive to Long.Beach, which I like and its only 40 miles from L.A.....Long Beach would be my California destination if I left west palm beach, but I like it here more now, even our.summers. I love the beach and our surf temp is much warmer than Cali's. Now,, I would never leave my baby grand daughter Emma and our favorite thing to do is go to the beach and surf fish. I live on a fresh water lake and we go bass fishing too and watch football, baseball, and some horse racing. And every Tuesday is movie night lol.  I've lost my share of people but thank God I have her in my life and get to share my interests with her which she loves. I don't know where I would be without her.  One day I'd like to bring her to Southern Cal for a.visit, like maybe when the Yankees or Colts play on the west coast.  Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to vacation in Hawaii.... like you    
    • When the team isn't playing well, and when things seem to be getting worse, it's understandable that a lot of the discussion would skew negative here.    On the other hand, there are posters who are only here to be negative. They show up after a loss and call out every person who didn't have a good game, they call the coach a bum because they didn't like a decision, they call the GM a loser because they didn't sign a player they liked, and they call any poster who disagrees with them a blind homer. They don't engage in real discourse or debate, they never acknowledge when they're wrong, and they play victim whenever they're confronted. And of course, they disappear entirely when there's nothing for them to call out. This is not new, it's been going on for years.    And it's not unique to this site. Misery loves company, and mobs form very easily.    There are some posters who do the same thing on the opposite end. Someone recently used the term toxic positivity, basically referring to someone who doesn't acknowledge reality when things aren't going their way and who won't make needed changes, delusional to the point that it starts to have a grating effect on people around them. But this is nowhere near as rampant as the people who show up to complain and take shots, and nothing else.    I understand the sentiment in the OP. I don't think people need to be labeled as positive or negative, as those labels tend to be poorly received. I don't think fans should have to pass some kind of purity test on this site, like if you don't completely agree with everything the team does you're not a real fan, or if you're not willing to criticize your team you're a homer. But there are times when it's a terrible experience trying to engage with people here. 
    • Yup, can't beat the trilogy. High Plains Drifter too. And later movies... Hell or High Water, Unforgiven, No Country for Old Men, and Pale Rider... Honor Mention Tombstone... 
    • But you are really just wasting time on an internet message board talking about a team you dont even really like. I'd hardly call that productive.     And there it is.    On the positive side, i hope by releasing frustrations here at least some can be more positive in their daily life. I sincerely hope so.   
    • Yeah me neither.   I am not a keyboard warrior at all. I think a keyboard warrior is more like the guys on here saying things about professional athletes they would never say directly to their face. Who are the people I am talking about.   There are fair questions to ask and there is childish negativity and I dont think any of you seem to know the difference between the 2.    I assure you I dont say anything here Im afraid to say in person. I just give people what they put out there themselves.
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