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  1. In other words, let's see how Brock plays vs Cincy. Their DL should run riot, meaning Brock may drop back 40+ times again.
  2. Mike Klis pointed out earlier this week, after this workout was announced, that it is not a seminal point in his recovery. Either way, my opinion is that this workout gives both an IN and an OUT for next week. If Brock struggles enough in a very close win or Denver loses - Peyton IN. If Denver wins and Brock plays well enough - Peyton's foot will pull up poorly from this session and he is done one way or another. JMO.
  3. Hoyer hasn't exactly been healthy either. I imagine Peyton would sell himself by saying, let me run my system from shotgun and I will stay healthy. It probably isn't a co-incidence that his foot became worse (torn?) after the Green Bay and Indy games as Kubiak started sending him on many more boot plays. He actually looked pretty good vs Indy on them. It was also reported right around those games that he was doing extra wind sprints (knowing more boots were coming?) on Wednesdays which probably helped contribute to the injury.
  4. Agree with everything you have said except any coach that goes into a season with Brian Hoyer as the QB plan deserves to get fired. Have friends down in Houston and apparently radio down there has no belief in him and talks constantly about needing a QB to complete the team.
  5. One of the most reliable reporters in Denver (Vic Lombardi) has been saying for weeks that the only reason Manning isn't on IR is in case Brock has a major injury. He also says Elway never wanted Manning back and the decision to keep him on this year came from above Elway. Today (Brock being named starter and Kubiak saying Peyton will only practice on his own in the mornings, inactive on MNF) has really started to solidify this story. He has gone on to say that some of the leaks from the Manning camp are being put out there so Manning appears "injured" and not "old" because Manning wants to pl
  6. Not practicing today tells me that Brock starts vs Cincinnati unless he really struggles this week. It will be an interesting game with the Broncos likely missing their top 3 safeties. Can Brock keep up with Big Ben if it becomes a shootout?
  7. If you pay attention to the Broncos you would know that Peyton has been nothing but classy to Brock and the organization during the whole situation. He has let Kubiak handle it and Kubiak has done that quite well. Broncos insiders also seem quite certain that Brock will play out the season unless he is injured or has a really bad game. Oakland doesn't come close to qualifying as a bad game for him. There was also photos of Brock and Peyton laughing together during warm ups. Two classy professionals right there. My guess is that Peyton is back at practice (looking spry in a few clips that ha
  8. So many story lines. Going to be a very interesting game. If Denver is for real then their defense should win this game assuming Brock doesn't play like the injured Manning did last week.
  9. I agree. I think all involved thought the emphasis on the running game would make everything easier and we only saw that in one game vs GB. If the running game suddenly takes off with Brock it is going to be a bad look for Manning. The Bears stink against the run so it may this week but then the Patriots the week after will be a much different story, as will Oakland and Cincy.
  10. He's also no longer running the offense and hasn't been for almost a full year now. So without being able to use his mind to its full potential he simply looks very old and probably won't be back playing well again as Kubiak won't be giving up his system or play calling duties.
  11. Don't be surprised if he is playing for Houston next year. He won't want to go out like this and as long as he can run his own offense he can still play well.
  12. To those saying the Manning injury is a cover up, Adam Schefter reported that Manning was getting treatment outside of the Broncos for it throughout the season. It sounds like after it flared up vs the Colts that he could not hide it any longer. I thought he played pretty well vs us. He had his highest PFF rating of the year. He also was pretty good vs GB. Clearly, the injury led to the meltdown vs KC and sadly he may have lost his job for good.
  13. Injured or not all of Manning's struggles date back to a game vs St Louis last year where Elway decided that Peyton can no longer be the "offensive coordinator on the field" as he wanted a physical tough running team. I agree that Kubiak is also showing that he is not that good of a coach, nor play caller but at the same time is struggling due to a disgrace of an offensive line. They also sign Vernon Davis then played the slowest TE in the NFL all game vs KC. I can't blame them for going with Brock because they have set Manning up to fail so why not try him out?
  14. Agree with the suspension but it is hard to ignore other offenses that were just as bad or worse where players got off with just a fine. Suk, Pacman come to mind.
  15. Shane Ray has a chance to be back this week I saw on twitter. Practiced today.
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