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Colts Vs. 49ers Game Day Thread


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4 minutes ago, HungarianColtsFan said:

2 scores lead, and 10 minutes left... I hope no cardiac ending for this game...

If this game is still hanging in the balance and comes down to the last play  I will be upset and everyone here should understand.  We should be able to close this win out comfortably. 

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2 minutes ago, JCPatriot said:

So here is a Lamey quote from the radio play by play....


"Vinatieri is looking at a 10-point day if he makes this extra point."


He already had 10, didn't he?  Three FGs and one PAT.  This last PAT made it 11.  Am I wrong?  Did I miss something, or is this just Lamey being Lamey?

Lamey being Lamey, you are correct Vinny has 3 FG's and 2 extra points for 11.

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Just now, ColtsBlueFL said:


If you get beat on a move, it could be a quick TD for the 49'ers.  Of coverage is supposed to keep things in front of you, at least.

I understand that but we always give up the big play on off coverage  no way he beats Davis and hooker if Davis presses him

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