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    • Come on, dude! Spending time with your son is priceless! Make the best of it because it could be great to experience and remember. I bet there are dads out there that wish they had that opportunity. Win or lose…you WIN   
    • Some of you did but my point is nobody in here had us starting 4-8-1 and I can't recall anyone in here saying Matt Ryan would be a turnover machine either. Also go back and look at the Poll, how we would do this season before it started. Most had us winning the division and a playoff game. Hindsight is a man's best friend. - Homer says so 
    • I actually think Herbert can still be good. Something isn't right in LA. I think their coaching doesn't help. Herbert has been better than I thought because I had him average at best coming out of the draft. I will admit he had a good year in 2021. He has just regressed this year. I don't think they make the playoffs again.
    • Ok.  We all know that anybody who is drafted or even signed as a UDFA has a chance to become an All-Pro.  It goes without saying.     To me, the question is more complex.  If the QB isn't there, and the EDGE isn't there, do you pass on a "franchise LT" at pick 7 because Raimann looks like he can be a starter?   I say pick the LT, swing BR to RT and slide Smith to RG.  Now since you couldn't fix the QB position or the pass rush, you've at least fixed the oline with one pick....and you still get to see Raimann improve if that's what you want.  The alternative would be to hopefully find a RG somewhere (not at pick 7...LOL) while hoping Raimann is more than just a starter.   Bottom line, there are not very many positions worthy of a top 10 pick.  QB, EDGE, and LT and maybe Z WR are pretty much it.  IMO.  So you take one of those positions if you're drafting that high, especially if your LT is still a question mark.  And the reason you're drafting that high in the first place is probably because at least one of those positions is grossly deficient.
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