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Titans @ Colts, October 31, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT


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Just now, gregr507 said:

What an absolute crap holding call. Refs have money on this game

So a guy shreds his knee and goes down giving himself up. Ball should be marked at the spot he started to go down. 
Last week for WFT a QB dives for the end zone and TD is denied because he was giving himself up. 

the Refs really screwed the colts



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Just now, EastStreet said:

Nah man. I watched it like 4 times. Dude was like a cape on his back.


He had his hand on his side but he didn't turn him. Yeah he was all over him, it was good coverage. Not every call that goes against your team is a bad call

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    • Rainman let's us not have to spend an early pick on LT, RG much more pressing. 78.8 passing grade in Dallas game highest on squad.
    • I think that's a stretch. What's going on with the Colts now IS reason for concern. Ballard came in with a lot of premature media hype as being one of the "best" as a FIRST TIME gm. So the sky was the limit for this team. Now SIX years later this team has NEVER been a SB contender nor even won a division title under Ballard. The team has MAJOR holes at KEY positions and on NATIONALLY televised games this season the Colts have looked awful capped off by being outscored 33-0 in the 4th quarter of the last game. Wow! The Colts have EARNED that narrative as of late so STOP deflecting. It is what it is.   I'm quite sure EVERY fan wants their team to win ALWAYS but of course that's not realistic but what they do want is for their team to be in the hunt ESPECIALLY when expectations were set HIGH for the next "great" gm to lead this team as Irsay put it "To the next ERA of greatness with Colt's football." Instead we have a NON contending team with no hc, qb, lt, elite de, explosive wr shall I go on? Oh by the way that SAME gm also has a LOSING record. You're right someone is going to lose or TIE and we did that too with a ONE WIN TEAM.
    • I don’t know. Similar things happened last year too. We didn’t have a single fourth quarter comeback. Even if Wentz would manage to score, the D would give it up. We’re seeing the same things with a different QB, different DC etc. If we went down in the 4th qtr we could never come back. So bottom line we are finding out that when push comes to shove in the 4th quarter, our O can’t burn clock in the 4th quarter with a lead nor can the D get timely stops to preserve a lead.   This is the downfall of having DCs that don’t blitz or force the issues on D, despite having players drafted for their 4-3, plus no extra gears to be found on offense and defense with the players when we have to close the deal.   All goes back to the GM, IMO. We don’t have a Freeney/Mathis type that will get a game changing fumble, we don’t have Blitzburgh like aggression or talent to force stops, can’t run when we really really need to etc.
    • Were not as bad as other teams when they plan their rebuilds but I’d say we’re 2-3 years away.  Of course that means having good drafts and actually participating in free agency. 
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