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Colts @ Steelers Preseason Game Night Thread


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be honest.

you'd be overjoyed if we looked half this good.

this display is promising.

players looked ready to go.  0playing with fire and intensity. Smart play calling. Im excited to see what this team can become.

gore looks like a stud.  Even dorsett is ballin.  

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4 minutes ago, bananabucket said:


"outstanding" is a big stretch.


There are 7 minutes left in the first half, and I will go on record to say that up until this point our pass defense has been OUTSTANDING!!!


We have only given up 64 yards passing and have created a turnover. 

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5 minutes ago, Chucklez said:

Will everyone calm down now about the 1st game of the season vs the Rams? People are getting healthier and this team is coming together. The D is only going to get better with more playing time as well.

Goff and the Rams look terrible right now. Just getting destroyed by the Chargers. Back to back turnovers to end drives. 

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    • This take is wild to me.   Imagine Tua being 'cleared' by the medical staff and then insisting that he doesn't feel right and refusing to go back in. Imagine the way that everyone - fans, media, teammates - would react to that. We've already got * fans of this team insisting that Leonard should be playing because he was able to stand on the sideline and cheer the team on against the Chiefs - people questioning his commitment.   Almost every player is likely to *want* to go back in because they're competitive and relentless by their very nature. It's tough to get to the NFL if you're not a little crazy like that. But even more importantly, every player is *forced* to want to go back in because their entire livelihood depends on it. Tua hasn't had a great start to his career. He's just getting hot and you expect him to say, 'Nah coach, stick Teddy out there. I'm gonna sit this one out. He can win the game as well as I can so it's all good.' You need a little head wobble of your own if you think that constitutes lying or if you think any player is going to say something like that.   It's the players that put their lives on the line when they take the field. They make a fantastic living doing it, and they do it by choice, but there are a huge number of people who also make a great living in the NFL without ever having to place themselves in equally dangerous situations. It's the responsibility of those people - owners, doctors, NFL staff, etc. - to safeguard the players on whom the league relies because they're not always in a position to safeguard themselves.
    • I want him to play but I absolutely want the medical staff to err on the side of caution. A random win in Week 4 isn't worth trading Leonard's long-term health for. You can't be messing around and rolling the dice when it comes to the back/spine.      It's the job of the NFL and its organisations to try to keep the players safe though, not place them in harm's way intentionally. At least, it should be.    That's like saying people shouldn't have to wear seatbelts when they drive because there's a chance that they'll crash and die anyway. I think that's silly.   He didn't pass the rules that were in place, which is a huge part of the problem. Gross Motor Instability is supposed to be an immediate removal from the game and he's placed into concussion protocol. Gross Motor Instability is exactly what Tua displayed but he returned to the game anyway. The only way this could happen is if his instability was proven to be orthopaedic rather than neurological, and there's simply no way that that was the case. 
    • Yeah, the last time Buckner was out vs. Henry - that went really well.  It was a demoralizing 2000s style rush defense performance.
    • taylor is mot running as well since glow is gone
    • I am betting Leonard plays.  The fact he hasn’t been ruled out means he’s very close.  Buckner I think the signs are pointing to him not playing and that’s concerning.  The one game he missed vs the Titans they ran wild.
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