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  1. To be honest, it will stick with me for a while how Devin Funchess drew the comparison between Cam and Andrew, you've got to watch that one. It was the last question of the whole video as the reporters became stunned and just ran out of words... :-))
  2. Budapest, Hungary, Europe I watch all games live except the ones in primetime on Game Pass. When we lose my family has to endure a day of mourne or anger but if we win I’m the best father and husband. Worst thing is that there are way too many Pariots fans around here...
  3. Just for the record, we have 2 non-conference games remaining: against DAL and NYG as we are 1-1 against WAS and PHI respectively.
  4. Bill Tobin would ask: Who the hell is Jason LaCanfora? I mean really, did he ever do anything in the NFL other than silly tweeting and writing half-thruths and stupid “stories”?
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