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  1. To be honest, it will stick with me for a while how Devin Funchess drew the comparison between Cam and Andrew, you've got to watch that one. It was the last question of the whole video as the reporters became stunned and just ran out of words... :-))
  2. Budapest, Hungary, Europe I watch all games live except the ones in primetime on Game Pass. When we lose my family has to endure a day of mourne or anger but if we win I’m the best father and husband. Worst thing is that there are way too many Pariots fans around here...
  3. Just for the record, we have 2 non-conference games remaining: against DAL and NYG as we are 1-1 against WAS and PHI respectively.
  4. Bill Tobin would ask: Who the hell is Jason LaCanfora? I mean really, did he ever do anything in the NFL other than silly tweeting and writing half-thruths and stupid “stories”?
  5. HE'S ALIVE!!! He's thrown the Duke, guys! True, only from below, but still, HE'S THROWN THE DUKE!!!
  6. My thoughts exactly. It saved us the 3rd overall draft pick
  7. He looks good, also the speech thing. Even if he won’t be able to play come September he’ll be a good substitute to talk in the locker room instead of Pagano who had been sent to do what he does best: chopping wood
  8. My balloon of excitement has been blown up a couple of years ago when a bald man called Chuck teached all the players to keep chopping wood and sharpening iron instead of him coaching them up and building a team.
  9. I think the quality got a lot worse since they let Kevin Bowen go. It was a big mistake IMO.
  10. Hát nem tudom... én tegnap valós fizikai gyötrelmet éltem át, míg végignéztem a meccset és ezt a tehetetlen társaságot. Ennél bármi csak jobb lehet. And also, just the change that we won't have to hear again the dumb excuses from Pagano after the games would already be a great relief
  11. Oh, now I see what you are asking. By responsibility I mean that he is in charge and he has to something about it NOW
  12. The best cure for Colts fans would be right now if Irsay and Ballard would have the guts to fire Pagano right away and we could finally see an honest coach in a presser who actually and sincerely intends to make the team better and not just tries to saves his butt week in and week out
  13. I didn’t mention SB with a single word. But the fans of all teams deserve to see their team fight and try like mad to be competent. GM is responsible to not let Pagano to continue to ruin the team
  14. I see your point but I don't agree. Ballard shouldn't have a honeymoon year neither this year nor the next one.He's the GM, he has to take full responsibility right from the beginning. It's us the fans who have to suffer through all these painful games and we would deserve better, we would deserve to see a team that actually crawls and fights to make plays.
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