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  1. Adding additional coaching voices that are Gore fans could very well complicate the situation.
  2. Care to add anything to this? I'm not saying they hired him because of Gore. I'm saying there's a couple more Gore fans in the building, which makes the decision more complex.
  3. Hmmmm. I’m starting to become convinced Gore is coming back. Reich’s eagles inquired about trading for him. And I’m sure Rathman is a big Gore fan as well.
  4. He's throwing now. Next step was to work with the mechanics gurus in LA... And he's in LA.
  5. Two weeks until March and he hasn't thrown a football. It's not looking good. He's been back from Netherland for two months and here we are.
  6. I'm surprised he isn't throwing yet. I'm also surprised to see Rapsheet say, very clearly and definitely, that he doesn't need another surgery. If it's 100% true he doesn't need another surgery, that's the ultimate takeaway here.
  7. Very concerning. They said rehab... And now he's off in Europe looking for other options? Alarming if true.
  8. Wow too bad. He can't catch a break. One of the few young pieces on defense that could develop into a playmaker.
  9. Exactly. The media presents it as: Colts have an issue, Manning is the only one that can solve it, and he will solve it 100%. The way they frame it is ridiculous .
  10. I'm sure I'll get trashed for this, but I'm so tired of the Manning thing. No evidence whatsoever that making him team president is a good thing. He's got zero experience. Being a good player does not equal being a good executive. I'm not against him joining the organization at all. But JMV, Krazitv and others pushing the narrative that he's going to ride in and save the day is just too much.
  11. Not buying this....yet. Not sure why this would be determined now - he's going to rehab and then be checked up again in December. Seems way to premature to say there's a chance he's not going to play again. Also, not buying this Tony has a source. He said Luck was going to IR...when it became obvious this was a possibility after Ballard's press conference. And now this? Meh. Lots of people speculating right now.
  12. Too little too late, should have been done when he originally hurt the shoulder in 2015.
  13. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. Luck isn't stupid, but he's a player - meaning that if given a choice, most players are going to choose to play. The team has a responsibility to do what's best for him and the team, regardless. I realize it's all in hindsight - but the team let him play through the injury, which now has effected the entire shoulder. Presumably, they wouldn't have let him play if they realized this would happen...but they did. And at the end of the day, results have to matter. It's been mismanaged. It's a little speculation on my part, but I believe the
  14. Players always want to play. Colts have to do what's right for him and the team. That's their responsibility.
  15. This isn't finger pointing, it's accountability. Colts allowed Luck to play through the injury, and as a result it's messed up his entire shoulder, not just the labrum.
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