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  1. My prediction is that whatever happens, a portion of this forum will find a way to complain about it.
  2. Yeah that wasn't my best English lol. To that point, I'm not wasting a single bit of mental energy worrying about if Luck plays or not. It's out of my hands and whatever will be, will be.
  3. Those of you freaking out do know your anguish won't make impact the way this resolved right?
  4. I was crunk for T-Rich when we first traded for him. Thought the price was high, but I was promised a physical punishing running back and if there's one thing I love it's a physical punishing running back (Earl Campbell highlights still make me swoon). This is of course further evidence that the opinions of fans shouldn't be taken all that seriously.
  5. Correct. And I'd argue that's not a problem, but the proper way for a layperson (like myself) to form opinions on these subjects. Quite frankly, even the most savvy among us is still fumbling blindly in the dark compared to an experienced NFL personnel guy. So yeah, I'm using hindsight. Otherwise I'm probably gonna be wrong. Edit: one thing though, it's not so much that I expect a GM to have the power of hindsight, but rather I expect a GM who gets results. So continually making the wrong decision (even if I can show the math how they got there) will eventually cause a problem (like it did with Grigson.)
  6. You're not wrong although that's kinda the story of free agency. It costs a lot and if it doesn't pan out it's "expensive" Joe Flaccid for example is set to count around 25m against the cap this year. (Let's all pause to let out the lulz). If Joe was the elite qb he was sold as, that contract is fine. But he's Joe Flacco so that contract is laughable expensive. If Landry turned out to be more than a steroid induced bicep we're loving his contract. Unfortunately that was not the case so we aren't. In the end, free agency comes down to the very simple thing of "did the guy perform?"
  7. Along that same lines, those contracts are only "expensive" if the players they're given to don't perform.
  8. Happy Birthday, Jaric!

  9. Jaric!!!! *happy dance*

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