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  1. He didn't slap Dee Barnes I hope.
  2. My prediction is that whatever happens, a portion of this forum will find a way to complain about it.
  3. Man. Ballard is really going to regret not drafting one while he had the chance.
  4. So is the implication there won't be any more first round quarterbacks in the future?
  5. Yeah, worst case we cut him. Best case he and TY ball out of control and our offense stops sucking.
  6. That's the benefit of not knowing any of them. I get to sit back and wait 3 or 4 years before I decide how the draft went.
  7. Oh I'm definitely with you here now I'd shocked if we didn't draft all of those positions sometime today or tomorrow. Stoked for tonight. I get that gaurds aren't sexy (except to maybe me) but think of it this way. We didn't draft a gaurd, we drafted a way to keep Andrew Luck healthy. And when Luck is healthy, we're a playoff team.
  8. I don't understand how anyone wouldn't be thrilled by this. For the last how many years now we've been complaining about the interior of the line? Our franchise QB missed all last year because we couldn't protect him. We haven't been able to run the ball since...geez I can't even remember when. We draft an amazing prospect on the interior of the line, hopefully finally stabilizing our biggest weakspot and some of you are.... Upset about this?
  9. I used to be firmly on team tradeback, but the more I think about it, what we need are difference makers. The kind you have have to be drafting early to get. So for now I'm hoping we actually pick at 6. Unless we don't then I'll get back on board the tradeback bus.
  10. Lol. "I didn't communicate with media enough." No dum dum, you got fired because you assembled a roster of hot garbage and mangled the only reason you can crow about a winning record in the process. Boo this man.
  11. Yeah that wasn't my best English lol. To that point, I'm not wasting a single bit of mental energy worrying about if Luck plays or not. It's out of my hands and whatever will be, will be.
  12. The only reason I care is because the NFL drug testing is a bad joke and amounts to little more than an intelligence test. They only catch dummies and we don't need dummies.
  13. Those of you freaking out do know your anguish won't make impact the way this resolved right?
  14. I would love for the Pats to try and make Dorsett a significant part of thier offense.
  15. Considering we seem to have gotten the better of the last two trades we made with them, we should probably run out of the casino before it's too late.
  16. Muh bad. It's obviously a coincidence his urine samples look like old school Ecto Coolers. Totally unrelated news, Luck was spotted military pressing the entire offensive line.
  17. I'd hope so. We've had him sleeping in a vat of HgH and Chinese supplements. It's be weird if he didn't come out of that jacked.
  18. No coach admits to being in a rebuild. We sucked last season and have completely new offensive and defensive schemes we have to fill with players. It's a rebuild.
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