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  1. I don't know how many roundabouts there are in Carmel, but I think I went through at least 20 of them today . . . which brought back memories of how hard it was for me to enter jump roping without tripping or being whacked in the head.

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    2. MAC


      Brent - we're both pretty corn-y actually. :)

    3. BrentMc11
    4. alawai


      Corn-y, a-maze-ing, radish-cal in a round-about way!

  2. Stopped to buy gas today. My vehicle said it was 8 degrees outside. There was a young man putting gas in his car. He was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. Is that supposed to be macho? Cause it just seems rather dumb to me.

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    2. Indygal1218


      @Suna I read that as "pass" and not "get" at first. I was a little thrown. lol

    3. southwest1


      Yes shecolt, you are exactly right that fellow is not too smart. I do envy you California people & your warm temperatures 100GFB. :)

    4. Nadine


      That's a thing people do now. I can appreciate not wanting to wear shoes but I'd be too cold

  3. I haven't written a blog for a long time and this is one that may only be appreciated by those with young children or grandchildren; but I wanted to share the story of the smile my grandson, Luke, put on my face today. He was told that he could pick out some books at the library and one of the books he choose was "Sport's Illustrated Kid's Football ABC's". Good job, Luke! When he saw a picture of Andrew Luck wearing his Colt's uniform; he said, "Colts". That really made me smile because I have been working for months to get my almost two-year old grandson to say, "GO COLTS". The only proble
  4. The Fort is #10 of the top 20 coldest large cities in the U.S. which makes me feel more justified for my years of moaning, whining, and complaining. http://www.weather.com/news/weather-winter/20-coldest-large-cities-america-20140107?pageno=11

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    2. southwest1


      It's a spacious room 100GFB & you can have my ticket, reservation, & share the plush surrounding with shecolt if you want. That's how SW1 rolls. Ha! Ha! :)

    3. alawai


      OK shecolt SW1 cancelled his reservation so its yours! lol! miserable day, lite showere and high 60's. Possible thundershowers later.

    4. teganslaw


      After living in Fort Wayne for over 20 years, I never thought of it as being that cold. With the exception of this year, of course.

  5. shecolt


    Awesome picture! I love the face paint and the blue hair.
  6. Baby, it's cold outside!

    1. MAC


      I really don't know.

    2. southwest1


      Ricardo Montalbán sings "Baby It's Cold Outside" from 1949's romantic comedy called "Neptune's Daughter." See below:

    3. alawai


      I can't complain.

  7. shecolt

    IMG 20131230 010437

    That's beautiful! I wish I had your friend as one of mine.
  8. Great game, IU! GO HOOSIERS!

    1. BrentMc11


      A much needed win...1st 'signature' victory. Some commentary in the Indiana Basketball Thread.

    2. southwest1


      I like your Hoosiers basketball team a great deal shecolt! Besides, Indianapolis people are so nice. BrentMc11, Jay Kirk, CM51, Gramz, & all INDY natives that I have come in contact with on this site. :) I feel like an honorary brother blessed by such good, wholesome, funny, & down to earth people. Thanks for allowing a fellow WI Badger into your inner circle. :D

    3. alawai


      Hey SW1 I'll drink to that!

  9. Getting a Colt's poster in the mail was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise cold, miserable week. My thanks to Nadine and the Colts for everything they do to show the fans how much they care about them. Even, the postage to mail all these posters has to be expensive as it cost $2.12 just to mail one to me. Thanks again and GO COLTS!

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    2. shecolt


      Awh, that's so sweet of SW1. Can't post an emoticon here, so I'm sending you some {{{HUGS}}}!!!

    3. shecolt


      oops, *of* you

    4. southwest1


      Thanks shecolt. I just really like to see friends of mine get rewarded for all their hard work. Plus, you are a very kind person & I'm happy to see that selfless generosity get noticed. True, I do not know you personally, but the way you conduct yourself on here I can tell that you are a very understanding & laid back person. I appreciate the hug too. :D

  10. A friend of mine made the news with his robot snowblower. http://ph.omg.yahoo.com/video/robot-snowblower-makes-blizzards-breeze-002824953.html

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    2. southwest1


      Some good old fashioned ingenuity was definitely used there. 1 Question or an observation: That inventor had both a paved, level, & short drive way. What if a person lived at the end of a long, steep, gravel based driveway surrounded by tall trees & thick brush that might interfere with that remote controller successful operational capacity? A remote rural setting as opposed to a urban suburban community etc. etc.

    3. southwest1


      I am not criticizing your friends incredible device shecolt. I am just merely pointing out that the device in question is not ideal or tailor made for every driveway or house location dwelling in a 1 size fits all winter blowing capacity that's all. Still a cool gizmo though. :)

    4. Franklin County

      Franklin County

      That's really cool!!!

  11. A Thursday night without football is rather blah. :(

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    2. #87WayneFanHe'sTheMan


      I thought I liked the idea of Thursday football for the whole year but now I am not so sure. Not to mention it didn't seem like but 2 of the games were even worth watching.

    3. MAC


      How I wish they'd stopped it one week earlier.

      I've always found it uncomfortable - even on Tday. The short week leads to irrational results and is damaging to teams. I've always thought that it should ONLY involve two teams coming off a bye week.

      I love the prime time games, but to me a "Saturday Night football" would make a LOT more sense. Heck, if you time it off the bye weeks you can have Friday night football too. :)

    4. JPPT1974


      Well just relax as you probably need to get your mind off football for even just one day. Love Sunday nights though!

  12. Yes, that's it. But, please don't tell anyone as I have a few more boxes to send out this week to several others whom I think have earned a well deserved break from making their picks.
  13. I was wondering if that box of Twining's tea that I sent you had arrived. And, I'm happy to hear that you have been enjoying it.
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