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  1. And, you weren't speaking for the Ravens and all of Baltimore with your little dig? I know you say that you only have the best interests of Irsay and the Colts in mind. You have told us that time and again. And, you can keep on telling us that until the cow jumps over the moon on the wings of a raven and I still won't believe you because you have shown a clear penchant for criticism when the topic is Jim Irsay which is why I and others have a hard time taking you seriously.
  2. Awh shucks, here in Indiana we just pat them on the back and say, "Way to go, dude." Note to all Colt's fans: If you see that the Old Crow has posted in a thread regarding Jim Irsay, do yourself a favor and just move on because all you will read is the same old, same old.
  3. Excuse me! Where in my post did I say that changing the name was an evil or wrong goal or that it was unimportant? I'm sorry that you find my desire to have more concentration put on the plight of those in reservations rather than on a nickname to be meaningless. Btw, aren't you the same guy who said that the pic of Lebron wearing a pink bra and a headband with a pink bow wasn't sexist because guys just do things like that . . . they insult one another by saying that the other has female characteristics because that's just guys bonding??? If so, you certainly do blow hot and cold.
  4. I don't want to get into whether or not the name of the Redskins is racist and should be changed. But, I would like to see those who are so adamantly against the name use their time and money for a different priority which is that of helping the American Indian reservations where there is high unemployment, a shortage of housing, homes without running water and electricity, poor healthcare and a very high infant mortality rate, substandard education . . . and those are only a few of their problems.. Then, they can get back to me regarding the nickname of an NFL team.
  5. I probably should have edited your post to shorten it, but I found so much wisdom in your words that I hated to do so. Anyhow, just wanted to say that I am in total agreement and I think Bill Cosby would be also.
  6. I know. You've always been exceptionally kind to me. And, I was just teasing ya. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Sometimes, the ornery side of me just comes out. :GoodBad:
  7. You probably aren't the first guy and probably won't be the last guy who has felt the need to drink me away. But, I still maintain that picking the losers is the same as picking the winners.
  8. Maybe, I am missing something here because it seems like the same thing to me. If you pick the winners, then you have also by default picked the losers. And, if you picked the losers; then you have also by default picked the winners. So, what am I missing?
  9. Even though I haven't decided if I will play this year, I really appreciate your willingness to do this again.
  10. Another great post. So what if Tom loves to enjoy life by doing a few quirky things. Good for him. I wish I was as confident as Tom because I think it would be fun to put a pink streak in my hair to match my new glasses. The reason I really appreciate your posts is that many Patriot fans become defensive when there is a thread regarding whatever new and quirky thing Tom has done and often resort to making a remark in one way or another regarding Peyton's forehead. As if Peyton chose his forehead by going to the local forehead stylist and saying, "Hey, give me a number 8." So, it's refreshing to find a Patriot fan that as I said . . . can just roll with it and have fun . . . especially when it is nothing more than a haircut.
  11. Yes, that's pretty much why I thought you choose the pic. I agree with you that others trying to find some hidden meaning is annoying although I have often wondered about the meaning behind Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater. It's not the spell checker changing that word. It is the filter because that word is considered to be an insulting nickname for the Saints.
  12. What can I say? My children grew up at a time when the Smurfs were very popular which meant I watched a lot of Smurfs. My daughter even wanted a Smurf-themed birthday party. Now, I'm learning a lot about Peppa Pig and the Bubble Guppies as they are my grandson's favorite shows.
  13. You're like the guy who tells the cancer patient not to try chemo or radiation because you believe that cancer is going to kill them anyhow. So, you are optimistic that he/she will die sooner without going through any treatments. As for me, I believe the best thing for this thread would be if everyone would just ignore your posts (which is what I intend to do). I am optimistic that this may happen.
  14. I think I can help you here. SN12 was posting under the assumption that you know your Smurfs and therefore choose Vanity Smurf over say Papa Smurf or Brainy Smurf. There has been some controversy as to Vanity Smurf's sexuality because he is a beautician who has an effeminate voice and his closest friend is Smurfette . . . although he never showed any interest in her romantically. Personally, I never saw Vanity Smurf as anything other than what his name indicates which is that he is a very vain little Smurf who talks about himself all the time and whose favorite pastime is looking at himself in the mirror which is why he always carries one. Although I find you highly intelligent, I rather doubt that you are up on the Smurfs enough to have chosen that pic for any other reason than you thought the image was fitting. Now, why do I feel the need to change my font to Smurf Blue?
  15. And, a great response by a Patriot fan. Just roll with it and have fun. After all, it is just a haircut.
  16. I love the haircut as I always find it amusing how some Patriot fans can get all bent out of shape over something as trivial as a haircut.
  17. Whether or not you think that Trent’s play sucks, has sucked, and will suck is not the point. The point is that most fans would be optimistic that a player (especially one who was traded for #1 pick) would turn into a great player for the team (no matter how much they felt that player sucked) rather than saying they are optimistic that will never happen. I guess that’s where we differ. I define optimism as hope for the best possible outcome even if I think the likelihood of the best possible outcome coming to fruition is slim to none. Whereas you seem to be more determined to be optomistic that you are correct even though it is the not the best thing for the team.
  18. No, that wasn't photoshopped: Is Tom Brady giving us a preview of his Met Gala do? The footballer experimented once again with his mane this weekend, attending celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh’s birthday party in N.Y.C. with a mini-cowlick-meets-fauxhawk look that reminds us a lot of the famous cartoon character Tintin. (Agree? You make the call with the help of the photo above.) It also looks like the New England Patriots quarterback added some blond highlights to his normally brunet hue. And he even dressed similar to the beloved comic reporter, wearing a preppy blue plaid shirt and high-waisted red pants. Brady’s wife Gisele Bündchen attended the star-studded party http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2014/05/05/tom-brady-haircut-blonde-tin-tin-harry-josh-party/
  19. It's very easy. Just copy and paste.
  20. The sentence I have bolded seems really strange to me. Perhaps, it's because I have a different definition of the word, "optimistic". I would think the optimist would want Trent to do so well in camp and preseason that he would take the field in every regular season game where he would continue to play even better as his doing so would be best for the team.
  21. Yes, those who grew up with computers do have an advantage. My first experience with a computer was when the university I worked for sent me to off-campus classes. I can still remember sitting their lost and confused while all the other students were typing away because I didn’t even know how to turn on that blasted thing. Although my computer knowledge will never come close to matching that of so many others, I have come a long way since then and so have you or you wouldn’t even be on here posting. Your age may be a reason as to why you aren’t computer savvy, but never let it be an excuse. Ask questions. As Nadine said, there are many who are happy to help. And, don’t be like my husband who never figured out how to use a universal remote. It’s not that he isn’t intelligent enough to understand. After all, he is the same guy who can tear a motor apart and put it back together. He just chooses not to learn as it is easier to claim ignorance and yell for help. IMO, it is people like him who cause those who have computer knowledge to become angry when giving assistance. It’s not that they don’t want to teach an old dog new tricks. It’s more that they get tired of leading a horse to water when the horse doesn’t want to drink.
  22. I'm not laughing at you. I am laughing with you because it wasn't that long ago that I didn't know what a URL was either. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator (I know . . . those are some big words if you're lost). As Nadine said, it is basically the web address for the page. If you look at the top of this page, you will find the URL which is: http://forums.colts.com/topic/28358-broncos-sign-miller-for-2015/ All you have to do then is to copy and paste the URL as I just did and it will appear as a link. In this case, my link will just take you back to this thread. Hope this helps.
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