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Special teams throwing back to the days before 2013 - god awful. Can we please start a drive outside the 10? Then again our offense is one dimensional and the passing game isn't getting it done, so it's kinda moot. Luck is off and the O-line is, as usual, dreadful.


The defense is keeping us in it, but still getting run on. We still have a shot, but man oh man. Hopefully Hoyer keeps us in it.


Credit Cleveland at the same time for playing their butts off.

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dreading to see what would happen to the colts in the playoffs

With no run defense, no run game and a garbage O-line? I think we all know.


We have a decent shot at a divisional round game where DEN or NE will murder us.  At least Denver we kinda have a chance against....but not if our special teams play as bad as theirs do. They've been the strongest part of our team all year...and look awful tonight. It's just one game, though. Yeah people praise the offense but it's so one dimensional it's not even funny. It's not a strong offense...it's lopsided. When you run in to a team that can stop the pass, well, look at this game.


Who knows? Maybe the run defense will show up for 4 games like it did in 2006. Not counting on it. Need a run game, too. We can get by with crap protection since we have a good QB, but that would help.

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