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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=np6vAuS0KNs
  2. If it's not the refs, it's bounces. If it's not bounces, it's the other team doing stuff beyond stupid. If it's not the other team doing stuff beyond stupid, it's some combination of the above. Are the Patriots a great team? Yes. That I can handle. What I can't handle is the other stupid garbage that leads to them winning 99% of the time. Meanwhile, we swim in a sea of stupidity of our own. Nice knowing you guys, I quit the NFL.
  3. At least Ghost's missed PAT will put it to overtime. THEN ATL will probably blow it by fumbling the return or something equally stupid.
  4. That's like the 4th should be INT tonight. Of course, Edelman catches something absurd.
  5. Phenominal throw, too! There should be 3 minutes and change left...this clock mismanagement is maddening
  6. So just to clarify: -1 yard to go for a 1st (RUN) -Leave 16 seconds left on the clock you could have run off -Fumble All on one play. What the actual hell? Why do teams always do this stupid crap against NE?
  7. 4 TD's for GB is far from improbable with the time left. GB's defense preventing ATL from scoring the rest of the night? Ehhhhh...
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