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  1. Don't you know, all GM's outside of Ballard, hit on everything. Not sure why we keep Ballard? . Ballard is doing a hell of a good job, and I wouldn't trade him for any GM in the league. We went from the worst GM to the best GM, be thankful Colt fans.
  2. Chiefs are so undisciplined. Penalties everywhere.
  3. 10-3 Chiefs. Why return the ball out of the end zone, refs are going to throw a flag anyways. Refs are busy today.
  4. I really do think it depends on how much mobility Mahomes has. Taking KC in my pool though.
  5. Go away, you are making life miserable for everyone on this board.
  6. I like Reitz, but he is made of glass. We need a center and a RT. There is really no argument for keeping Griggs. TRich and Werner were also two huge mistakes where we couldn't afford mistakes in trying to rebuild this franchise. The grease ball needs to be gone.
  7. Grigg's Oline destroyed our 2nd and 3rd string QB's and couldn't run block for crap. I guess my expectations are much higher than yours. Griggs is not good, Irsay made a mistake in retaining him. To me, his number one job was protecting the franchise, he failed miserably. Most of the guys you mentioned were journeymen or lower round draft picks, that doesn't cut it when trying to protect the best player and only hope for this franchise to win a SB.
  8. Everyone on your list, outside of Mewhort, and possibly Thornton suck. Castanzo, the best Olineman was not even his pick. You just made a great argument for actually getting rid of Griggs. Thank You.
  9. I'm not. Griggs is a cancer and needs to be gone. Nobody, except Irsay likes this guy and his moves are so baffling. OL has not been addressed properly to protect the franchise, this alone should have been enough for Irsay to fire this *.
  10. More horrible play calling to start the 3rd quarter.
  11. Poor play calling & dumb mistakes will do that!
  12. How do you figure that? Cam is winning too, how will it not at least be close? Totally disagree!
  13. Ridiculous that this is not remotely close. Cam & Brady are neck and neck as the MVP at this point.
  14. If anybody goes, it needs to be Griggs, not Pagano.
  15. Fire Pep now, he is an *. Lacks the brain power to be an NFL OC.
  16. Duke got robbed by the refs, now the Colts get robbed. Hold these *s accountable for being dumber than a fence post. Sick of this incompetence.
  17. Refs decide too many games. How lame are they? Obvious pass interference and they don't throw the flag. Sick of these incompetent *s.
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