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Further, I am tired of hearing about the OL .... TR cant run because of the OL yet Boom comes in and does just fine .... Luck is atop many of the QB offensive stats being protected by this horrible OL - doesn't make a whole of sense!

IMO you cant have argue the OL is horrible and watch Luck set offensive records while at the same time he makes the same mistakes again and again ...

And if this is the new Reggie - sorry I love you but retire!

Just because Boom and other RBs have a higher YPC doesn't mean the OL is good. Fact of the matter is they can't pass protect, nor even run block. It's pretty much that ever other RB can create for themselves vs Trent cant. We can clearly see that this is pretty much one of the worst OLs in the league.

That being said Luck does make some very bad decisions sometime...

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On fumbles where most are when he trying to drop back and his garbage Oline can't even give him time for that just like we can't run the ball our O would be unstoppable if we had just a average line

He continually tries to do too much when he's taking a sack.  He has the most fumbles out of any player in the league.  Those aren't all his fault, but some of them are.  He's also had a few near-INTs because he tries to throw the ball away when he's running away from a sack

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