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  1. No. I haven't seen a NFL team in LA ever in my life. I only started to watch football for five years and the reason why I picked the colts because of #12. The Stanford vs USC game (watched with my family) is when I see his greatness.
  2. I'm in a tight spot now. I guess I have to drop my colts allegiance to the Rams since they are back here in LA.
  3. Hits build up. Romo got injured quite easily because he was getting drilled in the past. Same as Ben..... Same as Rodgers...... Now it's the same as Luck. Oakland somehow did it right with Carr.
  4. Why can't we have 4th quarter Luck in the first 3 quarters?
  5. Or maybe it's just not meant to be? Because logically the past number 1 picks should be one of the greatest ever if they work hard like Brady? Doesn't work like that.
  6. http://m.pfref.com/m?p=XXplayersXXRXXRodgAa00.htm&t=1Yeah, but Rodgers was sacked over 50 times twice in his career. Lucks's: http://m.pfref.com/m?p=XXplayersXXLXXLuckAn00.htm&t=1
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