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1 minute ago, Malakai432 said:

Sheesh 15 yards off a tiny little check down, the ILBs on this team do a great job at protecting the middle of the field.  

Why is it that every time the Colts throw to a RB its a disaster? Yet other teams have zero problems throwing to their RBs against us.

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1 minute ago, legend300 said:

Sometimes I wonder what Pagano is thinking as he watches this team play 


I can tell you what he is thinking.


Pagano in-game thoughts - I had them ready to play, They gave great effort. Never quit. Not one guy in that locker room quit today. We will just keep chopping wood like we always do. This is the NFL and these players are professionals. We are going to find a way to win. It's on me!

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Just now, Malakai432 said:

It seems like whenever Mingo is in he makes plays............




One of the few bright spots on this defense. 


We will probably let him walk after the season is over. 

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2 minutes ago, legend300 said:

Sometimes I wonder what Pagano is thinking as he watches this team play 

"Keep fighting...gotta keep chopping wood...it's 60 minutes, don't judge...hey guys, it's 60 minutes, don't judge...grit...grit...I said GRIIIIIIIIIIT...dang!"

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5 minutes ago, legend300 said:

Sometimes I wonder what Pagano is thinking as he watches this team play 


I watched Gettysburg last week, and there is a scene after the first or second day of battle where Generals Lee and Longstreet are discussing the battle.  The exchange goes something like this:


Lee:  It was very close this afternoon.

Longstreet:  Sir?

Lee:  They nearly broke this afternoon.  For a moment in my mind, I could see our flags going up the hill.

Longstreet:  It wasn't that close, sir.

Lee:  Our attacks were not properly coordinated, and yet they still nearly broke.  We were very close.

Longstreet:  ***stunned silence***


When discussions of the Colts' performance occur, I imagine Pagano playing the part of General Lee.

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6 minutes ago, Tony6759 said:

We hear the same spill every week when is it going to change. The office of coordinator sucks


4 minutes ago, HOF19 said:

I have been traveling and busy just got home what is with this report by Dan Dakich/ Jay Glazer 20 minutes ago Luck going on IR ?

Not heard a thing about that one.  off to google I go

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