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4 minutes ago, BlueShoe said:

How bad do these people want our team to be? And how long do they want the residual side effects to last? 


What residual effects?  If he really wants to play (like he says that he does), they should be able to sign him on a contract that makes him easily cuttable.  He doesn't have to be here long term.  I'm open to giving it a shot.

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    • Its just my opinion. Is it really that offensive?    I dont think so.
    • Whoever it ends up being, I doubt that coach has been mentioned anywhere in this thread.  Harbaugh and Payton?  Little-to-no chance, I would say.    Remember, prior to the last hire, Irsay's daughters wanted a younger coach, someone they could build a long term relationship with.  If Ballard is still here, and I think he will be, think relatively young, in the mold of Vrabel or some of the coaches Ballard was looking at in 2018.
    • Wow tons of commentary here, haven't had time to go through it all but my .02:   It's a tough call and it's still early in the season, but I lean to Ballard needing to go. He is a talented guy and solid talent evaluator who has really hit on some gems like Leonard and Taylor. And it's easy to blame him for the Wentz and (perhaps) the Ryan moves, but that's all hindsight crapola. I didn't see many people ranting about the Wentz move at the time, and almost everyone was high on getting Ryan.   But his overall approach is not a good one. This whole "draft guys who are athletic and coach them up" just doesn't work. You need more than athleticism; you need the skills. He also suffers too much from a "I trust 'my guys' " thing, which is an ego thing. He thinks lesser talent he drafted or obtained will somehow rise to top talent level and therefore ignores chances to get guys who are clearly better, and you can see the results. Allowing key guys at (for ex.) OL and WR go and failing to do a good job replacing them, or having a need there already and STILL not addressing it, esp when you bank on a talented but older QB and are therefore in "win now" mode, is just inexcusable.     I can't stand Reich as our OC, but IMO he's getting too much blame.   
    • Our OL was turned into finesse with Strausser. And soft.  Need more power/man with run game, and become great again.   
    • I can see Irsay getting impatient with both Ballard and Reich honestly especially with all these band-aid QBs. I'm not gonna mention moving up for Tua or Herbert because we don't know if he tried and it takes two to tango, but it wouldn't surprise me if Irsay holds that against Ballard for not making an aggressive move. Stafford is another example. Rumors are the deal was at the 11th hour. So much so that Stafford and his wife were looking for homes and the Rams basically ramped up the price and Ballard pulled out.
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