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Colts Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread


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Uhh dive out of plane with motorbike... Did he open his chute?!

Btw it's a fun game for me watching US truck ads... 22mpg is not something I'd advertise!



For all Whalen has done for the team and when he has one bad game we want his head on the platter? SMH

One mistake, I can understand.  Two, sure, but it's troubling.  3?  Get your head in the game.  Returning it from 9 yards deep in the end zone is a huge mistake.  Chances are you won't get to the 20

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He's been incredibly reliable all ear returning. But today, he really isn't getting it done

He's been reliable. But he hasn't really done anything special. Today the wheels just came off the bus. My guess was he's trying to make something happen because of his fumble. Very careless.

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