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  1. This isn’t true at all lol. Last I checked a couple weeks ago, PFF had him with an elite tackling grade and having allowed 3 receptions all season. He’s not been tested and he’s been very good in run defense.
  2. Because he was a horrible coach who was carried by Manning, and his Detroit tenure has shown that. This gave me a laugh.
  3. Lowkey leader of the defense, flies around the field with his athleticism. Him and Leonard could both legitimately be captains next year. Needs to refine the coverage and clean up the missed tackles though, I would like to add another good LB this offseason but wonder if Ballard has it low on the priorities list.
  4. Mack has honestly been better than I thought he was, but would really be a better change of pace guy. Love Hines’ electric ability and Wilkins is a smooth runner. But a guy to really be the leader of this backfield, IMO, is still needed. LeVeon, Tevin Coleman, there’s some good backs set to be available, and a lot more good ones in the draft. I wonder if we might use one of our seconds on one if we really love him.
  5. I hate being a Michigan fan. Ouch.

    1. BlueCollarColts


      Could be worse, could be an IU fan like me...

    2. oldunclemark


      Never seen a team give away a game like that. All the kicker had to do was hold the ball and fall down

  6. If you're one of the many guests browsing the forum, take the time to sign up! About this time 2 years ago I found the forum searching up info on FA and draft prospects, and decided to sign up. Browse the forum rules and sign yourself up, it's like a big dysfunctional loving Colts family around here and it's the best way to keep up with Indy football!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nobody


      The Coltashians?

    3. BrentMc11


      Good one Nobody! Luck Dynasty? :)

    4. CR91


      haha. you guys are funny
  7. Happy birthday to me(:

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    2. southwest1


      Another year older & wiser. Should I send over an ice cream cake? Or do you want someone special to jump out of 1? Just Kidding! Happy Birthday Nobody! :)

    3. southwest1


      Happy birthday nobody. Who? nobody. That's what I'm asking ya. It has to be somebody not nobody right? Cue Abbot & Costello. Only teasing! :D

    4. Nobody


      Thank you all for the good wishes!

  8. Just got banned from OS for telling a guy to stop trying to pick fights because he was calling people racist. He offered to give me his address so I could fight him. I was banned, he was not. Come on, Operation Sports.

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    2. BrentMc11


      The video site or a workout facility?

    3. Nobody


      The sports gaming site, I doubt he would haw been man enough to challenge me in real life, Brent. haha

    4. BrentMc11


      Love it Nobody!!! HA HA!

  9. Peppers went Blue!!

  10. Happy Jabrill Peppers day! And happy birthday, Mom.

  11. Oh man that Paul George dunk... I've been a huge PG fan since he was at Fresno. He's my kind of player. Like a young Iguodala.

  12. If Werner has 8+ sacks this year or next I'll buy his jersey.

  13. Ty Lawson with ice in his veins!

  14. Pretty questionable officiating in that game. Sad Burke has to go out like that.

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    2. BrentMc11


      Same with Oladipo for my Hoosiers...and Cody today...possibly.

    3. BrentMc11


      He gone.....to the NBA too.

    4. Nobody


      Too bad, great players

  15. We may have lost, but gosh, Kenneth Faried is a man-beast.

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