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  1. This is horrendous. We're going to be stuck in purgatory with no shot at any top QBs. OL is finally good, just in time for this. With our luck it'll be back to bad once we actually have another QB. This sets us back a half decade if we're lucky, decades if not. This is the most painful news in Colts history, counting Peyton's retirement.
  2. This isn’t true at all lol. Last I checked a couple weeks ago, PFF had him with an elite tackling grade and having allowed 3 receptions all season. He’s not been tested and he’s been very good in run defense.
  3. Because he was a horrible coach who was carried by Manning, and his Detroit tenure has shown that. This gave me a laugh.
  4. Lowkey leader of the defense, flies around the field with his athleticism. Him and Leonard could both legitimately be captains next year. Needs to refine the coverage and clean up the missed tackles though, I would like to add another good LB this offseason but wonder if Ballard has it low on the priorities list.
  5. Mack has honestly been better than I thought he was, but would really be a better change of pace guy. Love Hines’ electric ability and Wilkins is a smooth runner. But a guy to really be the leader of this backfield, IMO, is still needed. LeVeon, Tevin Coleman, there’s some good backs set to be available, and a lot more good ones in the draft. I wonder if we might use one of our seconds on one if we really love him.
  6. Reich was by far the best option available after McDaniels bailed, very happy with this.
  7. If you don't like contemporary music, pop/rap/remix kind of things, you are never going to like a highlight video's music. Just annoys me we have to deal with this comment every time a highlight video is posted. Not trying to single you out here though.
  8. Malik Hooker- The Ball Hook? Captain Hook? Quincy Wilson- There's gotta be something there with him being a CB (who put guys on islands) named Wilson (as in Castaway). Can't think of it. QDub itself sounds pretty good. Tarell Basham- easy, Bash 'em! Zach Banner is the easiest, Hulk or Bruce. Marlon Mack- Mack Attack? Mack truck? lots of options here Grover Stewart- The Muppet Monster. I don't know, gotta be a size/athleticism kind of thing. Nate Hairston- Might be the hardest because he's so new to the position. "The Natural" if he takes to it right away? Anthony Walker Jr- already was called "The Franchise" at NU.
  9. QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: LeVeon Bell WR: Antonio Brown TE: Gronk when healthy, Delanie Walker otherwise? OT: Joe Thomas OG: Kelechi Osemele C: Alex Mack? Not sure. NT: Snacks DT: JJ Watt when healthy, Aaron Donald otherwise Edge rusher: Khalil Mack and Von Miller are neck and neck Linebacker- Luke Kuechly CB: Chris Harris Jr. FS: Eric Weddle SS: Harrison Smith Just a quick list I threw together
  10. Playing sports/football was invaluable for me as a kid. We already coddle kids more than necessary, and my kids (if I have any) will play contact sports if they want. It was too fun and good for me for me to deny them because I'm scared of something unlikely happening.
  11. Well obviously it's impossible for a true unanimous GOAT but it's possible for almost everyone to agree, like MJ in the NBA (and LeBron isn't on his level to me but that's an argument for elsewhere.) That said if Jerry Rice or LT (my two top non QB players ever) aren't even in GOAT discussions, I don't think it'll ever be a non-QB. I could see lots of people agreeing Tommy boy is the GOAT because the media says so but for various reasons he'll likely never be in the running for that to me. TL;DR- kinda
  12. Thumping linebackers always have fun highlights but there are real issues there in coverage for Bostic. Maybe he surprises and is a 2 down starter but that's his ceiling IMO, and I don't think he makes the 53.
  13. As a Michigan and Colts fan, I really don't see it happening.
  14. Madden 17 was actually the best one in years IMO
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