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  1. Don't know how I feel about being happy that our opponent's players are potentially out. Seems weak.
  2. Maybe if that OL coach wasn't acting like such a *, he would still be employed by the team. I'm all about winning football, but not when our own players are being alienated and harrassed.
  3. Gotta say it's funny seeing the national media desperately try to keep this non-story on its feet.
  4. I really want to play the Patriots at Foxboro moreso than I do at home. It would be poetic to have the Colts be the team to dethrone the Patriots in front of their fans after all these years of ridicule. Not the Chiefs......not the Chargers.....them damn Colts.
  5. I see us losing to the Titans under Luck finally in Week 2. That's gonna be the punch in the mouth that motivates this team to get that first round bye.
  6. People are going to bring up that 2013 road game against the Chargers too, but we still don't know how a Reich coached team will do against them. Night and day difference from when we played them under Pagano.
  7. Media is really sleeping on our secondary this season....
  8. I wish he was involved in the FO in some way.
  9. Fighting in front of Peyton and other fellow alumni. Embarrassing.
  10. End the * practice, what are these guys doing
  11. Any update on Luck vs. Manning's Rock, Paper, Scissors game tho?
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