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  1. I don't see how anyone could think this team can make the playoffs at this point. Our last game literally was the breaking point for the team. The wheels clearly came off in Sunday's loss. I don't want to see this team in the playoffs.... It would be a disservice to myself, Colts fans, and fans of the NFL. Their play is not deserving of January football, and that is just the truth. Sunday afternoon you saw a team with a huge question mark at QB, no reliable WRs, special teams dysfunction, and way too many injuries.
  2. Tennessee have been trending upwards ever since Tannehill got the start. That's a QB that has always given us fits. I already have next week's game as an L. Titans are my pick to win the division, their play has been very impressive over the past few weeks.
  3. Contrary to the above posters, I hope hes played his last game as a Colt.
  4. Exactly. So not doing this again. Relying on the Saints to beat the Steelers last season was a headache.
  5. I sense a big game from either Pascal or Hines......TEs should feast.....and just when Houston adjusts, TY bites them again.
  6. Take another look at HOU's past TNF opponents. Lol.
  7. The catch against the Chargers in clutch time where he fought like crazy to get out of bounds. That play impressed me too.
  8. This. If we beat New England, I want it to be in Foxboro. No where else. I want to see the Gillette Stadium stunned and in complete disarray when the team they've bullied for years are the ones that ends their dynasty. By a quarterback who they've once had in their depth charts. By a head coach who wouldn't have been here had their OC played nicely.
  9. I like grind out wins, but not all the time. I need a few blowout wins over sub .500 teams every once and a while to make me feel like this team is capable of dominating an opponent. I absolutely love this (with what I'm hoping to be) identity change with the team. A top 10 defense with a smash-mouth offense can fare well greatly come playoff time. Luck would be putting up MVP numbers right now, but this team just hits different when Jacoby is under center. No more finesse....love it. I hope Thursday is where we really solidify this identity change on national television.
  10. Same. I think our defense is fast enough to contain Lamar if we ever match up in the future. Don't care how scary Baltimore looks in the regular season. Records reset in the playoffs and it's a whole 'nother ball game. We need to beat Houston on Thursday. I cannot take the Texans seriously as a playoff team with BoB coaching and no Watt anchoring their defense.
  11. Andy Reid would have a great time scheming up plays for Hines. It's crazy how underutilized he is here.
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