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  1. I will be incredibly disappointed if we don't take a WR in the 2nd round. Just like you said and while I'm hopeful of Cain and Funchess kicking @$$ for us, they haven't played a regular season game yet in a Colts uniform so there's no telling how things will go. I've been hearing about how the coaching staff is in search of that dog WR to be paired alongside TY. TY being out a game should never be the end-all-be-all for our WR corps. We need another WR to lessen the pressure off of him. I'm definitely putting that on top of the priority list over what is already a top 5 offensive line unit in the league.
  2. ….who hurt you? Need to get something off your chest? I'm here for you buddy.
  3. Even without the blue tinted glasses on, I can see this happening. New England will still be a challenging opponent but father time is undefeated and Brady/Beli are near the tail end of their careers. Kansas City regressed over the offseason. Let's see how truly good Mahomes is after an offseason of film. Time and time again we have seen promising teams make it to the AFCCG only to fizzle out the following season.
  4. Facts. Cain is going to be huge next season.
  5. The likelihood of that happening is slim.
  6. @ 1:57, 2:20, and 4:32
  7. We need to draft another WR like Deebo Samuel or Harry. I really hope they aren't gonna go out next season with the WR core we have now.
  8. I mean the man is 41 years old so
  9. Eh, the receivers need work but I have faith in Cain and Funchess to turn that around. It was a straight up dropathon those first five games last season and it really seemed to come back to bite us in the butt against the Chiefs.
  10. MVP season for Andrew Luck tbh. I may look like a complete * come December but I'm just going off what I feel.
  11. Brady can't play forever and Bill can't coach forever.
  12. Shades of the 2015 offseason and our season opener against the Buffalo Bills. Makes me want to throw up thinking about it. But nah, Ballard is doing the exact opposite of Grigson, and we actually have a coaching staff worth a damn that can maximize players' potential. I'm excited for this upcoming season.
  13. Not likely, Browns are on the upswing and didn't have a losing record last season.
  14. Peyton should hop on this potential dynasty train and collect the Super Bowl rings he should've won in 2005 and 2009.
  15. I honestly think Luck is going to end up with more Super Bowl wins than Peyton. That's how much faith I have in this front office/coaching regime. I just wish we had them in 2012.
  16. Call me crazy, but I think Deon Cain will be major for the offense next season.
  17. No idea who we would even target?
  18. Were you referring to Dwayne Bowe?
  19. Really think it's gonna be Collins we're gonna land. We would have one of the greatest safety tandems in the league.
  20. Manning also won Comeback Player of the Year before that magical 2013 season too. Leggo.
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