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  1. I don't either. Last time we played them we had half of our roster on IR and still made it a 1 score game in the 2nd half. And that was before the team bought into Reich's scheme too. I really think we'll face off against them come January. It's gonna be one gritty, ugly defensive game. Just how I like it.
  2. Pats defense is looking historic so far. We will be in the AFCCG with them this season. Chiefs just scream one and done to me.
  3. We stalled offensively in the 2nd half of that Wild Card game. I have last night's performance as our most defining win due to the fact that it was a dominant performance on both sides of the ball all game long. To do what we did after what happened in the preseason, missing our starting safety and All-Pro linebacker.....is something special. Like, this could be the turning point of the season. That's how big it is.
  4. Consider this game a foreshadow. If we had Funchess and Campbell, that score would've looked even better.
  5. When Funchess comes back, look out....
  6. He could have 3 picks by now but this dumbo will never turn around and make a play. And all he has to show for it is a afterwards. Get this bum outta here.
  7. Absolute embarrassing performance yesterday from the receiving corps.
  8. I hope he doesn't. Dude is a clown.
  9. The NFL works out in weird ways sometimes 35-28 Colts
  10. Judging by the play on defense so far this season, there wasn't going to be a chance of being a premium contender even with Luck.
  11. I'll be shedding tears of joy when I see Hines lined up on the other side of the field with the rest of our WRs
  12. I don't know about this one.
  13. ....and what's the point of this post?
  14. If Pagano was here, I'd be marking that Raiders game as an L. Thank god for Reich. Oakland is gonna come out hungry but I have no doubt this Colts team will step it up.
  15. This will be a blowout win in our favor.
  16. That mindset is what started their dynasty in the first place, so should we really be surprised that it's still being utilized today?
  17. Oooh how about.......Stampede Blue!
  18. Dude's one of the best cornerbacks in the league, tf you talkin about. I'm doing that trade in a heartbeat.
  19. And suddenly Lamar could look like a subpar QB next week. That's the beauty of this league. KC remind me of the 2013 Broncos. All offense, no defense. Expect the same ending. Coached by Andy Reid too? Definitely expect it. Time and time again he proves he does not know how to win the big one.
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