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  1. We will have a completely different starter and backup than we did last week. So bizarre.
  2. I'm assuming Werner is a healthy scratch again?
  3. I'm crying. Hopefully he can recover to full strength for next season.
  4. Will we start seeing more performances like this from him? Has Luck's injury inhibited his ability to get the ball to AJ?
  5. We hate Robinson now? Cool. I love seeing how rapidly mass opinion on a player changes on this forum.
  6. Lol good thing it's the Jags. We might have a shot
  7. I think Andre is going to get more looks. The offense will start clicking more. Hard to get him the ball when Luck is running for his life while constantly locking on to TY.
  8. I have been one of the most optimistic people on this board. I was on the "Give Trent a training camp" bandwagon. I rarely react to a lost the way others on the forum do. However, now I am convinced. I blame Pagano 100%. I like the guy, but Peyton's Colts didn't start dominating until we got rid of Mora for an elite coach.
  9. I appreciate Irsay wanting to do whatever it takes to win. Honestly, a coaching change might be necessary if we get blown out in the playoffs again. However, this is terrible timing...
  10. Moncrief sucks now? It's interesting how rapidly the majority opinion of a player changes on a player week-to-week on this board
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