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  1. TKnight24

    Colts Inactives vs Jaguars

  2. TKnight24

    Final Injury Report vs Jacksonville Jaguars

    Yes. Confirmed by Frank Reich himself. How much he’ll play? Remains to be seen. But he will play Been okay. Injured now so won’t play tomorrow
  3. Hush. I gotta get you guys to click the thread
  4. TKnight24

    B/R: Worst Contract on Every NFL Team

    Yeah. If the “worst” contract still has the Colts with $100mil in cap next off-season then they’re in pretty great shape
  5. The final injury report should be dropping soon, I’ll post it
  6. TKnight24

    Injury Report 10/25/2018

    Side Note for my fellow gamers here on the forum Red Dead Redemption 2 drops at midnight!!!!!!
  7. Brissett & a 6th for Saquon & Odell
  8. TKnight24

    Before you go all I told you so

    Was definitely a good win, but wouldn’t put a lot of stock into beating Derek Anderson But then again, the Colts do make unknown people look great
  9. TKnight24

    Bruce Arians on the Call

    We all know the admiration and love Bruce has for Andrew Luck, this should be a good commentary session today
  10. TKnight24

    Dismal Colts

    That’s how I’m feeling Expecting to be picking Top 5 possibly #1 at this rate, but still hoping for some crazy miracle and win SB53
  11. TKnight24

    Too Many Holes

    Browns when they were 0-2,000 these past 2 seasons weren’t getting blown out. Still stunk though
  12. TKnight24

    Marlon Mack

    I’m liking the Clemson DL group Gary from Michigan Trade down and stockpile. I need a minimum of 6 new OL on the team via FA and Draft. CB and WR desperately needed. Sign Le’Veon and replace Geathers
  13. TKnight24

    Marlon Mack

    Wilkins runs hard but they’ve buried him on the depth chart. Not sure what that’s about