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  1. TKnight24

    Dismal Colts

    That’s how I’m feeling Expecting to be picking Top 5 possibly #1 at this rate, but still hoping for some crazy miracle and win SB53
  2. TKnight24

    Too Many Holes

    Browns when they were 0-2,000 these past 2 seasons weren’t getting blown out. Still stunk though
  3. TKnight24

    Marlon Mack

    I’m liking the Clemson DL group Gary from Michigan Trade down and stockpile. I need a minimum of 6 new OL on the team via FA and Draft. CB and WR desperately needed. Sign Le’Veon and replace Geathers
  4. TKnight24

    Marlon Mack

    Wilkins runs hard but they’ve buried him on the depth chart. Not sure what that’s about
  5. TKnight24

    Marlon Mack

    So, let’s start looking ahead at some mock drafts Who should indy take with the Top 5 pick?
  6. TKnight24

    Running Back by Committee?

    Everyone is available, I’m expecting the run game to be it’s best this season. Take the pressure off of Andrew, keep the defense off the field so that maniac Leonard can rest up and continue to wreck havoc on the league
  7. TKnight24

    Bruce Arians on the Call

    We all know the admiration and love Bruce has for Andrew Luck, this should be a good commentary session today
  8. TKnight24

    Margus Hunt ruled Out vs Jets

    Ebron is playing Whether or not he’s 100% is another story but he’s playing Only ones not playing are these 7 listed below
  9. TKnight24

    Margus Hunt ruled Out vs Jets

    So there’s your inactive list basically. The 5 ruled out yesterday and now these 2. Everyone else is a go
  10. TKnight24

    LB Skai Moore Waived

    Barring a complete meltdown, Turay isn’t going anywhere They’re very high on him and pleased what he’s done thus far Now that we’re nearing Tyquan coming back, they’re raving about him now too. Defensive part of the 2018 draft is starting to shape up pretty well