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  1. Where have you been? Nearly 2 years!! 

  2. Getting my fingers and apple juice ready for training camp week. Gonna be a busy time posting all the updates :)


    1. southwest1


      You're a definite asset to those of us who will never get into the Twitter craze. We appreciate all the crucial Colts breaking news you provide us daily TK. 


      You tell us everything we need to know in 1 spot. God, I love that. No seriously, I do. 

  3. That feeling when you click on your own Profile and see you have 0 warning points. :default_20smile:


    #CleanRecord #TheyllNeverPutAStrikeOnMe haha


    1. TheRustonRifle#7


      LOL! Tired of viewing my transgressions:thmup:

    2. southwest1


      The Warning Point Club is an exclusive one. Wear it with a badge of honor fellas. 


      I know. We all need to play nice. We're all a work in progress. :D

  4. So I see there's a feature telling you when's the last time you "Won the day". Is there anyway to click that and see what content won the day for you or do I have to manually go back to my posts and find it?

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    2. Nadine


      Your best option is to use the leaderboard page, find a post of yours that's gotten a lot of likes.  The date you last won the day shows of your profile page. If you click that it takes you back to the leaderboard http://forums.colts.com/profile/7623-tknight24/ 


      All of your reputation activity (Given and received) is just below the last won the day link.  Click the community reputation link and you can filter by forum, status update etc http://forums.colts.com/profile/7623-tknight24/

    3. TKnight24


      Thanks Nadine :)


    4. Nadine


      You are welcome.  If you won the day, it may be because you had likes spread across several of your posts or it could be just one really liked post

  5. Forum now declares me as a "Hall of Famer"


    I wanna thank everyone for making this possible, the mods, the members, Verizon my internet provider, thank you all.


    My only request, make sure my Gold Jacket reads "Apple Juice King" across the back ^_^

    1. Synthetic



      Here's your jacket!


      Image result for hall of fame jacket

  6. Happy Birthday to me!!!!


    *Pops bottle of Apple Juice*



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    2. TKnight24


      Thank you ^_^

    3. BrentMc11


      Happy belated Birthday!!  I hope it was fantastic :)  

    4. teganslaw


      Happy belated birthday!

  7. Colts still with a Win come Thursday

    1. Nadine
    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I hope so. I love your optimism. You are like me and think positive a lot. We both had Indy going 10-6 as well. If we beat Pitt on Thursday without Luck we could run the table if Luck is back in 2 weeks.

    3. RockThatBlue


      Love the optimism as well. I'm tired of losing to Pittsburgh.

  8. I think that your topics are scrolling by themselves. I don't know if you have been informed but it makes it hard to read. Sorry if you already know about this.

    1. TKnight24


      Yeah I see that..... not sure what's going wrong. They never use to do that 

    2. Coltsfan1953


      I hope that you can get them fixed. I really like you topics and discussions.


    3. RockThatBlue


      Probably a forum issue. 

  9. And just think, the Colts took Bjoern Werner over Xavier Rhodes 



    1. RockThatBlue


      Rhodes has helped shut down Benjamin and Odell. And we took freakin Werner.

  10. Liking the new layout of the forum, it's been awhile 

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    2. TKnight24


      Hello Gramz. I've been good, just dealing with life. 


      Good to be back on the forum though 

    3. RockThatBlue


      Welcome back TK.

    4. southwest1


      Hey man, long time no hear dude. Glad to see your triumphant return TK. 


      Or as actor McConaughey always says "Alright, alright; alright." :hat:

  11. Super Bowl 51: Vikings vs Colts 


    Kapernick will be traded to the Vikings 


    Colts win Super Bowl 51

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      I would love to see those 2 teams in it. Those are 2 teams I like as a fan, of course I love the Colts. I picked the Packers over the Steelers and Packers to win but after last week the Steelers showed they can really lay a huge fat egg. Packers and Vikings play again later in the season, cant wait for that one in GB.

    2. NFLfan


      I would like that! We get a preview in December. 


      Welcome back!

    3. NFLfan


      I read only the first sentence of your post. No, we are not trading for Kaep. Zimmer won't allow for that. The fan base would not be pleased.


      And of course, I would want the Vikes to win the Super Bowl but I am a Stanford Cardinal fan and would love to see Luck win a Super Bowl one day... but not against the Vikes. :)

  12. Return of the Apple Juice King :shake:

    1. Jules


      Welcome back, glad to see you around again. 

    2. southwest1


      I tip my straw to ya TK or at least I would if I could insert it into this darn plastic, tiny hole anyway.



  13. Dude, where you been?  Hope all is well.

    1. TKnight24


      I'm back now :td:

  14. 1989? I wasn't even thought of in that year Fast forward 5 years, then I'll be able to relate
  15. Glad some of you are confident cause I'm surely not Hard to be looking forward to a team that's allowed 96 points in 2 weeks
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