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  1. TKnight24

    Can the Colts win Now ?

    Yes, they can win now. It’s a QB driven league, and the Colts have one of the best QB’s in the NFL What bothered me seeing that video was Reggie backing down at the end when he brought up the “lack” of pass rush the Colts have. Colts had numerous pressures last season, with Sheard I believe leading the way. Just didn’t sack the QB as much. The rush is there, just have to finish The new defense should fix that issue. No more Sheard running in coverage down the sideline with Delanie Walker People really just turn a blind eye to the fact the Colts lead at halftime in a lot of games. Brissett and the offense just couldn’t finish. That won’t be the case with Andrew Luck at the helm
  2. TKnight24

    10 Days

  3. I have Deon Cain winning the #2 spot at WR so about 600 yards and a good 6 or so TD if he’s gonna be a red zone threat like I think he is
  4. TKnight24

    Colts single game tickets

    Never been to a Colts game but I’d imagine you can just go. I use Ticketmaster for the games/events I go to. The link in the OP is more so like preorder/reserve tickets Once that’s over is imagine the rest of the folks will get to choose from the tickets that’s available
  5. TKnight24

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    Could also see Andrew having a similar season to Drew Brees this past year. 23 TD if the offense is really clicking the way we’re hoping for Take the load off Luck
  6. TKnight24

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    Assuming the run game is going well, 36-40ish Ebron & Doyle combine for 12 of those
  7. TKnight24

    Touchdown Music

    Man, it’s a major hit in the U.S. On commercials and all
  8. TKnight24

    Colts single game tickets

    Hopefully a helpful link for those of you who are looking to attend some Colts games this season
  9. TKnight24

    Touchdown Music

    Missed opportunity by @DaveA1102 right there When Marlon Mack scores, “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison is clearly the best option there They have the same initials and everything. It’s perfect
  10. Video #3. Watch as Blue shoots the gap and makes the tackle for loss. Starting MLB right there. Our prayers have been answered
  11. Chester’s footwork looks really good here. Hoping he stays healthy and makes the roster
  12. TKnight24

    Colts Projected OL Rankings PFF

    It won’t be bottom 10 anymore. Can at least say that Unless everyone just gets injured. Like we run a draw play with Mack and he just rolls on the ankles of all 5 linemen as he’s being tackled Offense is supposed to be built around getting the ball out quicker as well. Eagles are proof of that last season, so if the scheme is like that, good to go. But definitely will not be bottom 10
  13. TKnight24

    The Most Underest of Dogs

    Well if you can guarantee a healthy Andrew, none of the division opponents should sweep the Colts