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    • I really like your commitment to fixing the o-line. If we land Sitton, Norwell and Williams to put in with Kelly and AC, I would evaluate we have more than enough talent to protect Luck. Also like the assortment of offensive weapons you have added.   I get the feeling Williams wont drop to the second, there are few teams towards the end of the draft that could do with oline help. NE and Philly may not have their starting LT's for next year as an example.
    • (First of all, I'm using @Superman 's format, so thanks to him for it)    Team Cap Space: $74,194,402 (after Vinatieri Signing)   Own free agents:  Adam Vinatieri - already signed Rashaan Melvin - 3 years 24M (12 guaranteed) (9M first year this is what Ballard usually does - gets flexibility on the backend of the deal by giving up more guaranteed money at the front end) Jack Mewhort - 1 year 2M Jon Bostic - 1 year 1.5M Pierre Desir - 3 years 4M (2.5M guaranteed, 1.5M hit in the first year) - I'm taking a bit of a calculated risk here. He could be a good piece for our DB core and i'm tying him up by giving him some guaranteed money Barkevious Mingo 1 year, 2M Mike Person - 1 year 800K, he played well when he got a chance for us  Luke Rhodes 1 year 600K Erik Swoope 1 year 600K Chris Milton 1 year 600K Jeremy Vujnovich, 1 year 600K ------------------------------------------------- Total spent: 19.2M (for 2018), Cap Space Left: 55,194,402   Other Teams' Free agents: Andrew Norwell, OG - 5 years, 66M(44M guaranteed, 14M hit first year) all pro guard, I've decided enough is enough. when Luck comes back he will be protected Josh Sitton, OG - 3 years, 22M (12M guaranteed, 7M hit first year) pro bowl guard - see above, I'm fixing the guards position in FA.  Anthony Hitchens, ILB - 4 years, 26M (13M guaranteed, 6M hit first year) - Eberflus gets his Mike to help him in transitioning this defense into 43...  Tyler Eifert, TE - 1 year prove it deal 5M - he's a quality TE and would probably get more(both number and years) were it not for his the last 2 seasons Paul Richardson, WR - 3 years, 20M (10M guaranteed, 6M hit in 2018) Corey Nelson, ILB  2 years 2M(1M guaranteed, 1M hit) - depth ILB piece.  (other depth signings at around minimum salary): 7M (I'm not good evaluating the more marginal talent so I would assume there are some OLine depth signing, some pass-rush depth signing, some safety depth signing, etc.) ------------------------------------------------- Total spent: 46M (for 2018), Cap Space Left: 9,194,402     Trades(before June): John Simon to KC Chiefs for their 4th round pick - IMO Simon is one of the players that's most likely to not fit in our new scheme. I'm projecting a trade here ------------------------------------------------- Savings - 3,281,250 Updated Caps Space left: 12,475.652       Draft: Trade: Jets call and offer their first round pick, second round pick and a fourth round pick for our no.3. Colts accept   1/6(from Jets) Bradley Chubb, EDGE, NC State, 4QBs and Barkley are gone.  start building some pressure on the defense 2/36 Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise state, athletic do-it-all linebacker with speed 2/37(from Jets) Connor Williams, OT, Texas - hopefully teams are indeed not superhigh on him and he slips to the second round. Draft him and put him at RT to begin and then transition him to LT if we have a money crunch on our hands when AC's contract expires 3/67 Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia - a big physical RB, with good vision, who gets yards after contact. Great complement to Marlon Mack and ***** 4/103 Nathan Shepherd, DL, Fort Hays State - big interior disruptor. He's a 'potential' pick, but he killed the senior bowl and was unblockable in 1-on-1 drills vs some very good interior O-linemen  4/104(from Jets) Fred Warner, ILB, BYU - quick sideline to sideline ILB with some coverage skills. Needs to add some weight probably and work on getting rid of blockers 4/122(from Chiefs) Dante Pettis, WR, Washington - I have no idea why he's not ranked higher on draft boards, he has consistently been available around here in simulated mock drafts I've done, I love his speed and the way he attacks the ball in the air. He also has some value in the return game. Has 9 punts returned for TD in his Washington career 5/140 Dominick Sanders, S, Georgia - a well rounded safety good in coverage. Had good year and showed more consistency than in previous years.   6/178 Kylie Fitts, EDGE, Utah - often injured, Fitts didn't have the production his early career suggested(7 sacks junior season). He is a quick and slippery pass-rusher. This is a traits pick with the hope that with health he will develop into a rotational pass-rusher 7/221 Michael Joseph, CB, Dubuque - intriguing small school prospect who held his own at the Senior Bowl. Good developmental prospect.  -------------------------------------------------------------------- 12M spent on draft picks. Cap Space Left: ~0.5M   Depth Chart(bolded are the draft picks, underlined are the FA acquisitions)   I tried addressing the full roster with heavy emphasis on O-line help. I feel like i would feel very comfortable putting Luck behind this O-line. The DB core is very thin but I just couldn't do everything this off-season. LB core needs more work too.    Thoughts?   
    •   Statistically, the success of play action isn't very closely related to the strength of a team's rushing offense.   Take the 2016 Vikings. Adrian Peterson missed most of the season, McKinnon (3rd rounder) and Matt Asiata (UDFA) split carries. They averaged about 3.2 yards/carry. They used play action on 19% of their pass plays, and they averaged 3.2 yards more per pass play when using play action, which was the biggest differential in the league.   The 2016 Steelers only averaged 1.4 yards more per play action pass, and they have one of the best RBs in the league. The 2016 Cowboys only averaged 1.8 yards more per play action pass.
    •   The Pats got Blount for a 7th rounder and a former track star. The Seahawks got Lynch for a 4th and a 5th. You're illustrating why you don't need to spend a first rounder on a RB.
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