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  1. The space that he covers on a play to play basis is incredible. He has the range of movement of a tackle but he plays guard. How can you be that big and that mobile?!
  2. A. It's just 'false equivalence'. B. That wasn't one. C. You implied that signing Robinson would be unnecessary because Campbell is coming back. How is the logical conclusion of that line of thinking not that Campbell's production could at least come close to matching Robinson's?
  3. They weren't Super Bowl contenders this year. If you're relying on Paris Campbell to give you the same production as Allen Robinson, you've led yourself astray somewhere.
  4. It's really tough to project his market. I'd be interested to hear what people here think would be a fair price, whether that's with the Colts or another team.
  5. He'll be expensive for sure but would be worth every penny. Gives Rivers a truly legit number 1, in addition to Pittman and Hilton, and would be invaluable if the next QB ends up being young and/or inexperienced. I think this year's team with Allen Robinson is a Superbowl contender.
  6. I don't see how this isn't the plan for next year. This team won 11 games. Run it back. I'd be ecstatic if they brought (mostly) everyone back, threw a contract at Allen Robinson II, and drafted a tackle and an edge rusher. There'll be options at QB again next year. I don't see any option this year that would be an improvement on Rivers.
  7. I'm very much against moving Nelson to LT. I think he's capable of playing there, but his athleticism is a bug part of what makes him such a great guard. His mobility and agility is a massive plus at guard, but he'd be a fairly average athlete at tackle. The way I see it, we can have an average tackle and an average guard, or an average tackle and superstar guard.
  8. The team declined his option, then he tore his ACL, then his rookie replacement balled out. I'd be extremely surprised if he's back.
  9. Anthony Walker is very underrated imo. The Colts should absolutely want him back, and k think they probably do, but you can only pay a middle linebacker so much, especially when he's the third best one on your team. As he does with every player, I'm sure Ballard has his number for Walker, and I think it will be lower than what other teams are willing to pay him in free agency. I can absolutely see a team giving Walker something like 3/$25, and I don't see Ballard willing to match that. It will be a shame, but I think he'll be playing elsewhere next year.
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