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  1. We could have signed Jaylon Smith right? He was cut so I assume he'll just get a vet minimum from whoever picks him up. I'm not sure how much that is though...
  2. This. Whether it's right or wrong, the Colts have to pay Nelson. There's no other option. Not paying him is not an option. Trading him is not an option. You have to pay him. I'm personally absolutely fine with Ballard giving Nelson every penny that he wants.
  3. He's also only 230lbs or something crazy. He couldn't play DE in our scheme. I guess he could play SAM but is he good enough off the ball to do that?
  4. I agree with a lot of this but who says Ballard didn't prioritise O-Line in the draft? He didn't take an O-Lineman early in the draft but that's not the same thing at all. If Ballard doesn't feel like any of the OL that were in range would make valuable contributions to the team, he's not going to pick them, and he shouldn't pick them. If he has to choose between a player that will be injured Year One but could be awesome after that, and a bad tackle, he should Dayo every time. People make out that because Ballard didn't a tackle it must mean he didn't want a tackle. I'm sure Ballard would have loved to have taken a franchise left tackle with one of his picks. If that guy doesn't exist, what then? Waste a pick on a bad tackle just because it's a hole on the roster? No... Take a player who you think can contribute to the team and look for a temporary tackle solution elsewhere.
  5. Villanueva has been garbage so far. He got absolutely smoked by Maxx Crosby and Carl Nassib lol.
  6. Is the draft order already randomised or is it randomised just before the draft? Wouldn't mind knowing where I'm picking if it's already set.
  7. For what it's worth, I think Nelson is only down 4 isn't he? The video above said he was #29 last year.
  8. No one would give up anything for Patmon. If the Colts are willing to trade him, they obviously don't want him on the 53. So teams will just wait until he's either cut or put on the PS.
  9. Must have a big arm to complete a pass in Indy! Get him on the squad. He's the next Jacob Eason!
  10. #3 is far higher than I would have expected to rank but I think the two holes that you've identified are the only two holes on the entire unit. Even at those, there are question marks rather than known deficiencies. If Rhodes plays like he did last season, he and Moore could be a solid two at CB. Rock was better than most would have you believe last season, and TJ Carrie played an important rotational role. We've got Tell coming back, and Rodgers, who has flashed in limited snaps (not sure how his training camp has gone). With regards to the D-Line, Buckner will absolutely provide consistent pressure if he is healthy all year. Then it's just a case of Paye, Turay, or Lewis stepping up. If just one of them can provide something off the edge, the pass rush should be at least adequate. The rest of the defensive unit is average at worst and elite at best. People might point to LB3 as another hole but guys like Franklin and Adams are more than sufficient there to fill an extremely limited role on an extremely limited number of snaps. As I said, I'm very surprised to see the Colts at #3, but the pieces are there. If they all click, it could certainly happen. With regards to Rock's work ethic, wouldn't a lack of effort be the exact opposite from what we've seen from him the last couple of years? I don't pay great attention to behind the scenes stuff but he's been a worker up to this point has he not?
  11. It said I was already in the league but I also no longer had access -_- I created another team. I think you should be able to delete the team with the helmet logo and we should be good.
  12. I think we're definitely behind the first three. Not so sure about the second two but probably behind them at the moment too because of the injuries to key players. With a fully healthy squad, we're probably in the 8-12 range and it would take a monumental renaissance from Wentz to rank any higher.
  13. You try making a championship game with Jacoby Brissett and 90 year old Phillip Rivers at QB lol.
  14. Excellent news! If Andrew Luck was still on this team, it would be competing for a Superbowl. That situation was entirely out of Ballard and Reich's hands, and the job that they've done in spite of it has been fantastic. Very happy to see this.
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