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2023: Week 10 Colts vs Patriots in Germany, November 12, 2023, 9:30 EST


Colts vs Patriots  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

  2. 2. Do you still get pumped up when the Colts play the Patriots?

    • Of course! I am excited whenever the Colts face the Patriots. It is another chance to defeat the Pats.
    • No, the Pats are no longer our rivals.
    • Meh, the Patriots aren't any good.
    • Every football game involving the Colts excites me.
    • Other. (Share your thoughts in the comments )
  3. 3. Bonus Question#1 : Do you think Belichick gets fired if the Patriots lose?

  4. 4. Bonus Question#2: After this game, the Colts will have a bye week. Do you believe that teams that play games outside the United States should have their bye weeks before or after the game?

    • The week before the game
    • The week after the game
    • Either the week before or the week after playing outside the USA (no other time)..
    • Having a game outside the United States should have no bearing on when a team's bye week is scheduled.

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2 minutes ago, stitches said:

Minshew has HORRIBLE pocket awareness.... 

He just immediately panics when he's got a clean pocket.


2 minutes ago, chad72 said:

The problem is Minshew is not confident to play from the pocket because he can’t see well enough. So Belichick keeps the pressure outside as contain so that he will walk into it

100% the issue and BB knows it.


1 minute ago, JColts72 said:

Just a lousy o game calling. Pats can easily win game 10-7.

Just now, richard pallo said:

It’s called out coached again.

The play calling/coaching isn't the problem. It's execution. We're seeing ridiculously clean pockets and wide open WRs. Minshew just can't settle down enough to make the throws he needs to.

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