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Colts vs Jaguars Game Day Thread


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1 minute ago, Shafty138 said:

Moving the ball, but JB still can't throw a wr open.... They all have to stop and wait to get the ball....

It's called sitting in the open spot of a zone.  All receivers do that.  That's how you get open.  Run through a seam in the zone or sit and wait in an open area.

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8 minutes ago, mahagga73 said:

He's done a good job. Injuries are killing them right now. The starting QB quit at a time they had little time to adjust.  But he has made some mistakes too, like sitting on all that cap money and not spending it on O and D depth. Firing the Oline coach after a highly successful season.  Too many people have overrated this roster.  This is a middle of the road team. 

Correct. Like sitting on that cap money. Ballard doesn’t really deserve praise, he hasn’t proven anything. I’ll give him time, but her certainly doesn’t deserve accolades yet. Reich as well. They had a nice season last year with an all world QB. Jacoby isn’t all world. I’ve watched this team for decades (just remembered my login lol) They are very far away. Remember when they were really good it was still hard and got only 1 chip. 

They are an average team so be it. 


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9 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

He looked unstoppable for a year, and rightfully so.... He def. Lived up to the early hype.... Long term? We'll see.... Pretty sure the rest of the league liked what Ballard did early too, not just fans who grew weary of grigs dumb %

Grigs just became so arrogant after the successful season and killed any hope of regaining respect of the team and then lazy and complacent with that really nice (at first) first draft. The rest of his time was awful and the success of the team got worse only to be capable because of Luck. Grigs definitely deserved to go and probably 2-3 too late. Some of Reichs choices and some of the picks of CB is starting to look questionable at this point. Time will tell. 

6 minutes ago, Btown_Colt said:

I’m curious as to why  Wilkins in inactive and Williams is active. I didn’t think Wilkins had been to bad with the touches he has received.

Wilkins injured 

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