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Colts vs Jaguars Game Day Thread


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7 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

Dang. Where has this oline been.

Took 6 games off or so. 

6 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:


The same place? 


It's not been as bad as you've made out at all, and when it has struggled there's one thing in common the majority of the time... TTT

Uh, yes it has been bad

4 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

Mack is going to have 200 yards rushing. Williams looks like a better compliment to Mack then Wilkins.

Wrong. Mack and Wilkins has been good. Mack and Hines bad. Mack runs wild today and huh, Williams also looks good. Hines 2 yards meh. 

4 minutes ago, bestQBever said:

Wish we got 7 but Vinny's kicks have looked good so far.

His kicks look flush so far today. Hope he has found something or the snaps/holds are better 

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Just now, SteelCityColt said:


Oh yeah for sure, and with cap situation at the time there was no way we could keep him. Just would have liked to see it. Wishes, dreams and all that. 


I believe they re-upped Reggie that year as well and Garcon made it known he wasn't taking a hometown discount

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1 minute ago, Indy_Mike said:

Kenny Moore is a great citizen too....I know for a fact that he spends a lot of time at Riley, and not just for a photo op! Guy is committed and makes a difference!

And yet TY was nominated for Walter Payton, I believe?  Must be some huge work being done by both those guys.  Kudos to them both.

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    • I'm curious if a lot of these NFL players that are gambling and getting caught (and will get caught with the second wave of investigations) are gambling addicts. There are a lot of them that have probably never revealed this addiction in the past, and with gambling being made legal in the U.S. and easier than ever to access on sites like Fanduel and Draftkings, it's so much easier to gamble and become addicted to the point (in Rodgers case) where you make 100s of bets because you are a millionaire.    There's also possible inside information and the possible desperation among rookies and lesser players to make money because they aren't getting paid yet or they aren't good enough to get a payday, that they could easily use info that no one has access to to not only win games, but to possibly rig games slightly in schemes like point shaving. Point shaving happened in college basketball with Stevin Smith at Arizona State when he had to pay back a debt for gambling and wanted to live the high life.    There's just so many things that can be opened up with gambling these days in sports, and if you are addicted, that makes things worse. I'm curious if Rodgers is a gambling addict. If he's making 100s of bets, there's certainly a possibility. 
    • Dear Isiah Rodgers,  You knew what you were doing when your family and team needed you. So with the most sincerity, I have one thing to say….
    • If he bet on the Colts to lose IMO he will never play again.    If he bet on spreads of Colts games IMO he will never play again either.   If he bet on the Colts to win, he might get a chance to play but still I'm not sure.   If he only bet on other games or other  sports he probably will be reinstated at some point(probably next year).   He knew what he was doing. He knew it was against the rules and that's why he used another person's account to place those bets and not his own. He thought he won't get caught. I guess the positive is he's taking responsibility for what he's done, but there will be ton more steps before he convinces the league and an NFL team to give him another shot.    Such a shame for a talented player to waste his career like that  
    • How did this guy come up with Pittman? It is Rodgers who isn't even close to Pittman . Not good but not a huge blow either. He had promise but only played 9 games last season. Ballard will probably roll with the Rooks and go get a vet. If Rodgers bet on us to lose, he may get a lifetime ban. Disturbing.
    • I'm astounded at the number of people here passing harsh judgements and talking about worst cases without having full idea about what exactly he's done.    We could wait until we get enough information to see if he bet on Colts games, whether he used the inside information he'd have known in betting, and how innocent or guilty he was in committing what he did.    I'm sure Colts organization would look at it objectively with complete data than fans would ever know, and they'd take a prudent decision.
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