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2 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

Smith is pretty lost in space.... Hasn't played T very much, but he and Glow looked light years better last year.... OL has definitely regressed this yr.  Not real impressed with Strausser

I going to put it on a Sophomore slump not coaching

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1 minute ago, SteelCityColt said:


Exactly why I think they don't throw it unless they're sure. But thankfully we got away with it. 

5 of 54 being overturned would lead you to believe plenty of coaches throw it when they shouldn't.... But it's pretty obviously all by league design

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Radio Announcer:  The receiver was wide open, but the ball was underthrown and incomplete.


***brief pause***


Radio Announcer:  The Colts defense continues to play great.


Wait a minute.  You just told me the receiver was wide open.  How is that great defense?

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Just of the small starters sample that we have of Brissett, he isn’t shaping up into the starting QB for ten years type of guy. He is steady Eddie but he leaves a lot to be desired. He is the Flacco type without the deep pass attack. I’d say if we are in shape to pick a QB high in the draft that is in play for us, we have to take one. JB’s game is just too limited I think. 

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9 minutes ago, Jdubu said:

Rock has to improve 

Seems like he is showing growth not unlike most rookie dbs.  He's pretty good as far as staying with his man and being in solid coverage most of the time, stillakes his share of rookie mistakes for sure rho

Ebron has been solid so far.  Was that not a throw?

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