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  1. USFfan

    Marlon Mack

    Totally saw that on the 2 point conversion /s
  2. USFfan

    Marlon Mack

    We are talking about 247 carries for Mack over that time, not one game. That's a season's worth of carries for the majority of lead backs. So yes yards per carry is actually the most accurate stat to use for comparison. What stat would you rather use. Suspensions? Off the field issues? Salary? You don't expect him to be a top 15 back based on what? You haven't given any examples except he had a slow first half where he ended up finishing with 174 yds a TD and a game tying 2 point conversion to go to OT.
  3. USFfan

    Marlon Mack

    Since he came back from injury last year he has averaged over 5 yards a carry. That's more than Ezekiel Elliott. So who do you recommend the Colts upgrade him with? Ajayi? LOL He is sitting on the couch for a reason. It's funny that you say "that included a 63 yd TD run" as if that is a bad thing. You could make an argument he could've had more if he didn't run out of field on that TD run. Do you know what other RB had 170+ yards on the ground today? Literally nobody else. You obviously don't like Mack, what isn't obvious is why?
  4. USFfan

    Marlon Mack

    Dude he had 174 yards rushing what is wrong with you? Did Mack sleep with your wife or something?
  5. USFfan

    Marlon Mack

    Thank you! Trust me the kid has heart, talent, and isn't a head case like the few RBs people were hoping would sign here.
  6. Thanks I am a Dolphin fan first and foremost but it is painful. It's nice to root for a team that is actually good. Also, my mom is from Indianapolis, so there's that lol. In regards to Mack, his 4.7 ypc is the same as Elliott last year. He also doesnt have the baggage and *ry of Elliott. Give the a guy chance boys!
  7. New poster here. So I became a Colts fan recently because of Mack (alma mater). I watched every game last year and even went to the Jags game in Jax (ugh). I have been a lurker here and it seems like he is very underappreciated on this board. Is this mentality for the colts fan base overall? Btw it seems like a lot of you guys are forgetting when Mack and Elliott went head to head...
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