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  1. What does sss mean? Also, catch rate is not a reliable stat. Targets count even if the qb throws it away or at the feet of a receiver.
  2. I dont think he struggles with it. He just doesn't get the opportunity. Obviously there is always room for improvement but he is not a liability in the passing game. If you watch those rookie highlights you see they had designed pass plays for him in space and it was very successful.
  3. Right. So that NYJ game was a bad drop but that doesnt mean he cant catch because of one play. I dont know why they decided not to throw to him in space. They did it a handful of times his rookie year and he was dynamic. I wish they would give him opportunities in the passing game, getting him in space and designed screens. See his rookie highlights:
  4. The pick 6 against the Titans Mack wasn't even on the field. It was just a bad throw by Luck.
  5. I only remember the one against the Jets and yeah it was a bad play by Mack what was the other one? He had 1 drop this year and like 3 last year. 2017 he only had 1.
  6. Yes I know I am biased. Mack did catch the ball in College and has that ability. The Colts just never throw to him or have designed plays to throw to him. They did in his rookie year and now just never do. It is very difficult to be reliable in the passing game when you hardly ever have the ball thrown to you. Also, Mack is the Colts first 1000 yd rusher since 2007 with Addai. But now it's let him walk? Edit: I forgot Gore had a 1000 yd season in 2017. Point still remains though. The Colts went 10 years without a 1000 yd rusher.
  7. Smh. I hope the front office doesnt think the way you do...
  8. Gillislee was released when Ingram came back. I am not sure what you are trying to argue anymore. Showing me Washington's snaps for NO doesnt tell me anything. Washington is bad at football that's why he is so far down on the depth chart and doesnt play. I am not saying Washington is good... This is a stupid argument Williams is a JAG and was cut so Dwayne Washington could be on the roster, who is also a JAG.
  9. I never said Washington was good or deserved snaps. That is the point lol. Williams couldn't even beat him out of a job. The game you are talking about is week 17 when the Saints already clinched the playoffs so they rested Kamara. The other game he played against Cincy he had 11 carries to Ingrams 13 and Kamaras 12. That game was a blow out
  10. Reread it. It says "New Orleans has been looking for somebody who can take some of the load off of Kamara" it doesnt say they are looking for a player like Kamara. If anything they were replacing Mark Ingram who had a 4 game suspension to start the year. Just admit he got beat out by Dwayne Washington. You said there wasn't a Washington vs. William's conversation on who to keep but that was exactly what it was. They cut Williams to sign Washington. There is a reason he rode the bench when Mack and Wilkins were both back healthy.
  11. McCaffery deserves big money, as does Kamara. Cook is an amazing RB but has crazy injury concerns. Derrick Henry said that Elliott's contract is his floor lol.
  12. The Saints literally cut William's to sign Washington to be Kamaras back up while Ingram was on a 4 game suspension.. "The New Orleans Saints made a change at running back behind Alvin Kamara on Friday, promoting Dwayne Washington from the practice squad to the active roster and cutting Jonathan Williams. Washington, a veteran of two seasons in Detroit, had 110 carries and 12 catches in his two seasons with the Lions. For Washington, the decision represents a chance to make an impression before Mark Ingram returns from a four-game suspension next week. New Orleans has been looking for somebody who can take some of the load off of Kamara, who was given a career-high 31 touches on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons." https://www.nola.com/sports/saints/article_0bf8a4da-9024-5c2c-a10a-04f9c0172fe2.html William's is a JAG (just a guy) there's a reason why no coaching staff (Broncos, Saints, Bills, Colts) have used him except for mostly practice squad. Wilkins is a much better RB.
  13. I am very familiar with him. He was drafted by DET and showed nothing with them, waived then signed with NO. The "scout" you quoted also claimed Mack was a scat back. So maybe he just likes the word... "Scat back with decent size and blazing getaway speed. Mack has plenty of wiggle to bounce from run lane to run lane and make tacklers miss, but he has a penchant for looking to break runs way outside when the interior becomes too trafficked and he won't be able to get away with that against NFL speed. Mack is a complementary runner who can hit big runs against defenses who have been worn down..." Long story short Jonathon Williams is closer to a Jonas Gray than a Chris Carson type. Edit: I will say, the way I define a scat back is a small elusive RB that gets a very small amount of rushes and some catches i.e. Theo Riddick. You're definition might be different.
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