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  1. When comparisons of Saquon are on this board (2018 rookie of the year) and predictions of 1200+ yards rushing. I think a take of being very underwhelming is warranted.
  2. Is it a weak take though? This board was literally comparing him to Saquan Barkley... not to mention the Giants bottom tier Oline vs. Colts top Tier Oline. Everyone said he was an upgrade to Mack, in every aspect. I looked past my bias and actively rooted for Taylor (even have him in my main fantasy league) but man he looks more like an UDFA than a 2nd round pick.
  3. Remember when everyone was saying how much better JT was than Mack? I member...
  4. Mack would've been crazy with those holes. Like I said hopefully Mack can mentor him on that.
  5. Don't you bring my boy Mack into your Debbie Downer thread! JK good win yesterday guys. I still follow your team. I obviously wish this year turned out different for Mack but I will root for you guys the rest of the way. JT is a stud just needs to work on his patience, I could see Marlon helping him with that.
  6. Little hack to get it to work is check different random apartment addresses i.e (blah blah blah unit 203) and if it says you are able to get the streaming package then temporarily change a credit card to that address, make the purchase and set it back.
  7. What does sss mean? Also, catch rate is not a reliable stat. Targets count even if the qb throws it away or at the feet of a receiver.
  8. I dont think he struggles with it. He just doesn't get the opportunity. Obviously there is always room for improvement but he is not a liability in the passing game. If you watch those rookie highlights you see they had designed pass plays for him in space and it was very successful.
  9. Right. So that NYJ game was a bad drop but that doesnt mean he cant catch because of one play. I dont know why they decided not to throw to him in space. They did it a handful of times his rookie year and he was dynamic. I wish they would give him opportunities in the passing game, getting him in space and designed screens. See his rookie highlights:
  10. The pick 6 against the Titans Mack wasn't even on the field. It was just a bad throw by Luck.
  11. I only remember the one against the Jets and yeah it was a bad play by Mack what was the other one? He had 1 drop this year and like 3 last year. 2017 he only had 1.
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