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Colts vs Jaguars Game Day Thread


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Just now, Mr.Debonair said:

Maybe he did listen for the call or look back for it. Both needed better awareness there

That's all on Chester.  Bobby is just trying to block.  He has no idea where the ball is.  On the replay you can see Chester waving his arms to tell everyone to back off, but it was too late.

Or, maybe Bobby just didn't hear him.

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8 minutes ago, WoolMagnet said:

The dude made some plays for us, which has sadly been missed.  That catch in the end zone was BIG.

  Look at the passing stats.  We arent exactly lighting it up.

Like it or not, Johnson is playing well right now.  Thats all i care about at the moment.


im takin it u are a BIG Cain fan.

u need to avoid the kool-aid served at camp and pre-season games.  Production in real games matters.

Listen Linda, I’m no bigger fan of Cain or Johnson or TY. I’m a fan of good players and it’s one part of a game that’s going on. Great players today but my point was from some posts, it’s made to sound like we now have instant pro bowlers here. I’m happy Johnson  and Williams are succeeding here today because it means we win. Cain didn’t produce but Wilkins absolutely did given his limited touches. 

4 minutes ago, Cynjin said:

Why does Rogers have such a hard time tracking and catching punts?

The ST play overall has been crap mostly, under the avg imho (as Vinny hits a extra point to stay perfect ). 

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