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Chad Kelly to the Bears?


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Chicago Bears: Potential solution to quarterback problem available




"If Trubisky can’t put it together, the Bears will need to think about replacing him eventually, maybe as soon as 2020.


This is where the recently released Chad Kelly comes into the situation. Considering his legal history and inability to stay on an NFL roster, most would write Kelly off quickly. However, if the Bears are serious about getting the QB position right, then Kelly could potentially be the answer."



I can Bearly believe this.

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5 minutes ago, Indy_Mike said:

Jeopardy 2030


Alex ( still kickin`): Plucked from the Indianapolis Colts practice squad in 2019, this Super Bowl MVP led the Chicago Bears to two Super Bowl Championships in the 2020s.


Contestant: Who is Chad Kelly!






images (9).jpeg

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