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2017-2018 Indiana Pacers and Everything NBA Thread

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2 hours ago, Jules said:

I am late to the Kyrie drama party with comments. 


I am disappointed as heck over Kyrie. I NEVER saw this coming.........I always thought he and Lebron were "big brother and little brother."




I am literally kinda blind sided by this. This is worse than Kobe/Shaq to me since I knew that was coming when it did since they were both always kinda vocal with needling each other from time to time and alpha males and well it was not a shocker.


This? I was stunned when I heard about this. -omg-I thought these two were comfortable with Lebron as the leader and his young sidekick.


This is going to hurt both the Cavs and Kyrie. We have SEEN Kyrie before btw without Lebron........is he kidding me with this? 


Also to note, Kyrie's mentor and idol has always been Kobe Bryant. But Kyrie needs to realize too, HE IS NO KOBE BRYANT. He is good yes but he needs to chill the hell out here chasing black mamba dreams.


Some think this can be worked out with the Cavs, but I am doubting it. This sounds personal to me. And when as a player you list the Knicks at the moment as a team you would want to play for.......you seriously want OUT.:eek:


Very disappointing. I always liked Kyrie even though his defense is lacking. And I liked the duo of Lebron/Kyrie and thought that this was a legit friendship too and well I was totally fooled by this.


This "could" work for the Cavs if in return they got something good but so far rumors are not looking so positive.


I wish we knew more about the real story behind this but maybe bits and pieces come out eventually. I don't think btw this has to do with Lebron and his decision next offseason. I even heard Kyrie wanted to leave last offseason but said nothing since they had just won the title.


Very disappointing situation overall.

It shocked me too. I never knew Kyrie felt like that.

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So in review..


...we offered Paul George to Golden State for Klay Thompson.....they said no

...we offered Paul George to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving and they said no.


The Cavs offered us Kevin Love for Paul and we said no..

They offered us a 3-way deal with Denver where we would get Gary Harris and a mid-round 1st and the Cavs would get Paul. ......and we said no..


..eventually we got Domatas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo from OKC for Paul.


It comes down to whether you would rather have Sabonis and Oladipo or Harris and protected No.1 draft choice.


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21 hours ago, Jules said:

As for the Paul George situation, yeah this makes no sense to me too that a clean swap could not have been made for Kyrie/PG and everyone would have been happy.:dunno: Especially if Kyrie wanted to leave for a while.

If Kyrie did not speak up sooner and wanted to keep Lebron from getting anything top notch in return then OUCH Kyrie.........ouch.

Cavs turned that down, Paul for Kyrie..we asked for Kyrie..from what I read

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9 minutes ago, RockThatBlue said:

What do the uniforms look like? Any pics yet?


I’m out at dinner, so I can’t embed. But look on the Pacers twitter account as well as wegrowbasketballhere.com

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On ‎8‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 3:02 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

MJ - "Lavar couldn't beat me even if I had one leg" lmao 

Okay this really needs to stop.. now he's talking about Gronk. He clearly is just trying to see how much of the pot he can stir up.. only way to get him quite.. I think he needs to enter the octagon with someone he thinks he could "whoop"

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16 hours ago, RockThatBlue said:

I do too fwiw, it's not just the Rings for me that do it. Kobe was an unreal scoring machine, had lots of 40+ games, several 50+ games, even a few 60+ games, and that 81 point game. I like his killer instinct better too. Not many are ahead of LeBron but I think Kobe is slightly along with Jordan of course, Magic, and Kareem. Bird and LeBron is a toss up and I would rather have Shaq over LeBron if I had to choose between those 2. Shaq was so dominant inside.

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9 minutes ago, RockThatBlue said:
Golden State are reportedly going after Paul George in 2018 "Lacob is going to try and find a way" - via GS writer Tim Kawakami

I don't think its possible, Rock...They have 2 max (one supermax) contract players now.

PG will want $20 mil at least..

Klay and/or Draymond would have to go

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1 hour ago, RockThatBlue said:

Myles Turner thinks the Pacers will make the playoffs.


Hes could be right. Pacers could get in at 42-40 or something like that.

We may not have to win that many to get in the playoffs in the East. Cleveland and Boston are the best teams. The Bucks Wiz and Raptors look to fall in behind. That leaves 3 spots


The Hornets on paper look like they should grab a spot. That leaves us battling with the Heat Sixers Pistions Bulls etc.. for the last couple of spots. 


Cojo Dipo Bogie Thad Myles have the potential to be as good as any 5 they run out. Collison Lance GR3 Sabonis Al aren't  a terrible second unit. The biggest question for me with all the new parts. How long does it take to come together. 

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48 minutes ago, RockThatBlue said:

Agreed. Its not really difficult to make the playoffs in the East. After the Cavs and Celtics (and maybe Washington) the East is very meh.

I'd throw Toronto in there too, and Milwaukee.  But after that, who do you have?  Charlotte?  Atlanta?  Miami? Detroit? All underwhelming teams

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    • I   I think we will definitely see more of Hines being used as a receiver, but I'd guess a goIod deal of that will be out of the backfield. Remember, with Luck and Rivers at QB, Hines had 63 receptions each year.    We lost a solid depth player in Mack (who before injury was playing near a probowl level).     Lindsay is 5'7 190 lbs. A pretty small back with quickness and speed if healthy. He hasn't done anything substantial since 2019.   Ty'Son rushed for a whopping 185 yards last year. He's a bigger guy at 6'0 220 lbs. But after going undrafted, it's not like he set the world on fire.   I like both signings. I won't be shocked if one or both guys make the team, nor will I be shocked if one or both guys don't make the team. Either way, they are good potential depth pieces who will make competition in camp better.   We typically have a decent number of backs in training camp and I'd guess we'll keep 4. Bringing in these 2 guys helps training camp competition.    I'm expecting to see Hines get more catches this year. Mostly because Ryan is the QB. Recent history shows he gets 20 more receptions if he has a qb who knows how to utilize running backs in the passing game (63 receptions with Luck and Rivers, 44 and 40 receptions with Brissett and Wentz).   Recent history also shows Lindsay hasn't been very productive the past 2 years (he was 3rd string in Houston before being cut mid-season and going to Dolphins) , and Ty'Son rushed for 185 yards last year.  I'm not sure where people are getting the notion that Hines is going to somehow be pushed out of the rb room because of either of these signings. 
    • I personally slightly prefer Emmanuel Sanders or Cole Beasley to Julio or TY. They would compliment what we have a little bit better imo.. but really I think ANY of the vets take this offense to the next level. I'm thinking Super Bowl when that happens. A vet WR makes this team as complete as it's been in a while.   I'm all for letting the young guys get a shot at regular play... but you've got to compete and earn it, especially on a win-now team. I'm not too sympathetic in that regards. 
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