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Win or lose this game, we sorely need some semblance of run game. We're just like Denver........a passing offense will only get you so far without a run game to supplement it. Eventually the pass game could hit a brick wall, and we'd be screwed.


It's pretty impressive the passing attack has done as well as it has in spite of no run game.

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    • It's very telling that nobody actually came out and said that Stroud's published test score was inaccurate. Yes there was pushback about the scores, but they all were very general and non-specific. "I've seen published scores that aren't correct", "Those scores miss a lot of context", etc.    And especially when Stroud himself was asked about those scores. Do you remember what his answer was? He didn't dispute any of it. He just said he's not a test-taker, he's a football player.    I think several big time reporters/analysts reported it. I think I first heard it from Zierlein. But can't find the original. Here's Pelissero reporting on it too: https://www.nfl.com/news/2023-nfl-draft-pro-execs-scouts-coaches-rank-and-evaluate-the-qb-class           There have been some suggestions that the Panthers took Bryce Young over Stroud partially because of the S2 test, because they valued it highly.    Yeah, I don't remember if it was reported as players refusing it or their agents not allowing them to take it, but this is what one of the podcasts I listen to reported. Not 100% sure which one it is because I consume a lot of those draft podcasts.    They probably can... not sure if the players would do it. But if the teams knew it in advance they might have better idea of whether development in certain areas is even possible. 
    • I don't think I agree that it's revisionist. Last year, some scores leaked, and then Stroud's scores got aggregated and the story was sensationalized. But all along, there was pushback about the scores -- were they accurate, was there missing context, was there an incomplete leak designed to make people discount Stroud, was someone trying to gain leverage for a trade, etc. There was skepticism from reputable people, and even though it was noted that many teams value the S2 test, I don't think anyone ever expected or predicted that Stroud's draft stock was significantly affected by whatever his score was.    I don't remember reading that he took the test multiple times. That's an interesting variable, if it's true.   There can be value in the test, but like with any other piece of information, how do you apply what's learned to your evaluation process? Like you said, there's a lot of work to figure out how this testing correlates to a player's ability to perform in the NFL, same as with any other datapoint. I don't know if it should be dismissed, but I don't think any team is letting S2 scores rule over their scouting process. Not even for QBs.    I haven't heard that any QBs are refusing to take the test, but I have read that agents are recommending that they don't. I think that's alarmist; Stroud went #2, which is basically what most people expected. Is it established that the scores hurt him? I'd say they did not. But I might not want a player I represent to be subjected to the media/Internet scrutiny, especially since it's clear that players pay attention to what's being said about them, and sometimes react to it.   To the bolded, if a team wants to use S2 results for planning, why can't they draft their QB, and then ask him to take the test? Now there's no pressure, he can test under controlled circumstances, and the team can use the data to help develop their player. 
    • The most important stat is late 20's in defense. Then the eternal test. We can get a sack that puts them in long situations and they quickly pick apart our poor coverage. 
    • To me all this sounds like revisionist history. There were TONS of reports at the time about how much teams valued the S2 test, how some execs were worried about his S2 scores... how he took it MULTIPLE TIMES in attempt to get better score(very far from the assumption that he didn't give full effort).    It's OK if a test doesn't 100% predict performance. It's on those GMs and execs that they put so much weight on it. At the end of the day Stroud is just another datapoint in the dataset of 1000s players that took that test. And the discrepancy between his score and his performance might help further improve the correlation matrix. Maybe the certainty last year wasn't warranted and from now on teams and execs will read more carefully into what that test is saying and what it isn't saying and how much they should value it.    My guess is... the pendulum might swing the other way too much(into completely devaluing the test).    BTW I heard on a podcast that this year's QBs have been refusing to take the test precisely because of how Stroud was treated last year and teams are now * off because that test is not only used for evaluation purposes, but also for planning of future development. 
    • From Albert Breer/SI: https://www.si.com/nfl/2024/02/26/draft-preview-combine-cheat-sheet-questions     A lot of good info in there, but I really noticed that people are stressing how deep they think the draft is at positions that everyone wants the Colts to target. And it makes me think that there will be value on Day 2, at WR and CB especially, and OL. The positions that are probably at more of a premium in the first round will be DT/DE. DT especially lines up with a major roster need for the Colts, and aligns with Ballard's philosophy of building the trenches.   One more snippet:  
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