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    • "Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see, kay-say-rah-say-rah."   -Anyone?
    • thank you for posting this!!    this is exactly what I was saying probably happened.   now will John Wayland apologize to me and others and admit he was absolutely wrong?
    • He’s the Reggie Wayne of this era. We need a Marvin. I’m very pleased with Pittman though 
    • So IMO, WR1’s need to be able to generate big plays down the field and score. You can measure that best with YPC. If you look at the top WR’s in the league they typically average 15+ YPC. Pittman is currently averaging 10.2 YPC and has a career average of 10.8. His highest YPC in a season is 12.6. He’s also never exceeded more than 6 TDs in a season.   For comparison, here are the YPC and TDs of some of the receivers who are labeled as WR1:   -Tyreek Hill: 2023 15.9 YPC 12 TDs Career YPC: 14.2   -Justin Jefferson  2023: 15.9 YPC 3 TDs (mind you he was IR most of this season) Career YPC: 15.0   -D.K. Metcalf 2023: 16.6 YPC 6 TDs Career: 14.2 YPC   -Jamar Chase 2023: 12.2 YPC 6 TDs (Burrow played hurt and is on IR now) Career: 14.1 YPC     -AJ Brown 2023: 14.4 YPC 7 TDs Career: 16.0 YPC -Mike Evans 2023: 16.6 YPC 10 TDs 15.4 for his career   1,000 yard seasons isn’t an appropriate benchmark anymore because it’s a pass friendly league. What Pittman does is get a lot of receptions for not a lot of yards. There are several receivers who are already over 1,000 yards with less than his 87 catches. Evans is over 1,000 with 66 catches…   You can see it on film though. He isn’t a guy that makes a ton of plays down the field in single coverage. He catches a lot of short stuff across the middle on slants and a decent amount of screen passes. So is he a good receiver? Yes. But elite? No. He really isn’t that much better or worse than Tee Higgins numbers wise, who people overrate a bit. He’s definitely a number 2 but a damn good one. But to win in this league you need to have a guy who can catch the short passes over the middle and also the 60 yard bomb. They also should be able to draw the best corner on the team in coverage.
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