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  1. Damn, I forgot he was even on the team.
  2. Favorites: Moncrief, Davis, Luck Least favorites: Toler, Freeman, Griff Whalen All time: Peyton, Edge, Bob Sanders
  3. They should've went with the hot hand which was Hassleback. That way if he started stinking it up, you go back to Andrew. It's obvious that he's still injured, and it's showing in his play. He's also shell shocked, and he doesn't look confident at all. With that being said, he still holds the ball too long, stares down wrs, ect.
  4. Nope. Word on the street is that Colt told Griff three times not to snap the ball.
  5. If Luck is going to keep holding onto the ball they might as well put in Hassleback
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