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    • Things will fall apart if Kelly doesn't play. And we know that we have 2 cornerbacks that mentally will have failures.  Pierce will get a shot or two. I hope one hits.
    • I think he wants a mobile-ish QB like Wentz but settled for statues Rivers and Ryan.  If he was not leading the charge for Young, he may not have many plays that he thinks are a good fit for him.  Frank has had a problem molding plays to the QBs strengths, I agree, but part of the problem is that he hasn't had QBs that have very many strengths.  Young has few strengths being a two game rookie.   Its odd that Frank took out Young on sneaks and put in Dalton.  He must see something about Young (physicality?) that is limiting....which may be either wise or off-base.
    • The problem is for Franks QB system to work, you need an OL that can maul the DL every down and I just don’t see that happening in todays NFL. Plus Frank seems to be the type of mold the QB to fit the system, not mold the system to fit the QB’s strengths. No matter who the QB was over those 5-6 years, it was the same plays, same system and honestly that’s the problem in Carolina. 
    • I agree.  I would say a big commonalty is the play of the QB.  Our last two QBs are now out of the NFL....shows the quality there.  I do think Frank's coaching system is outdated, it happens to coaches, but I also believe that part of the problem is CAR's QB too.  The system seems to work with only a certain type/quality of QB.  And needs two dog WRs, something Frank never had here and doesn't have at CAR.  It is odd that the lack of talent on the offensive side of the ball is common to what we had here too.
    • Bears honestly need to fire clean house and hire Eric B as the HC and allow him to develop Fields.  
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