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Coyer Has Been Fired (Merge)

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This needed to happen but I have a feeling Polian is just using Coyer as the fall guy for this pathetic season.

He is.

It was obvious after listening to Polian all year that he was going to be the scapegoat. He has thrown Coyer under the bus all year long without actually naming him. Saying he was "baffled" as to why the defense was so bad and other things. Who hired Coyer?

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That is interesting - particularly since the defense has played well enough to win for the past four games. It's the offense (and last game the special teams) that have been the problem. This would have made more sense after the NO game, or after next weeks game (cringing already).

It does sound like a bit of a sacrificial lamb, which is out of character. It makes one very curious about what's going on behind the screens. The "communication" comment may be particularly telling.

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So much for not making changes until, the season is over.

Clearly...there are disagreements on the staff and the insurgents won out...

Either that..or Caldwell was told..fire him..or clean out your office..

Hopefully Polian was told "Tell Caldwell to 'fire him or clean out your office'" or clean out your office" ;)

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Who hired Coyer?

What is the point of this comment? He hired him, and now he's firing him. That's what managers do. What would people say if he HADN'T been fired - that Polian was refusing to admit he made a mistake because of his ego?

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Clearly..some one feels this talent can play better in another scheme...or with different calls in this scheme

or that some of the picks have not panned out and the D would have been better if they had not had 438 players IR'ed in the last couple of years. There are some guys, which will remain nameless, that I wouldn't have on my practice squad, #50.

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